INX 推出 SEC 注册证券型代币和加密货币交易平台

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INX 数字公司创建了一个平台,旨在允许交易证券交易委员会注册的证券代币以及各种加密货币。

该产品被称为 INX One,将对散户和机构投资者开放,还将为寻求通过证券代币发行筹集资金的发行人提供服务。

2021 年,INX 是第一家完成在美国证券交易委员会 (SEC) 注册的证券型代发行的公司,其 INX 代币发行从 7,200 多名投资者那里筹集了 8500 万美元。

“By combining our security token trading platform with our cryptocurrency trading platform and primary offering services, INX is pioneering a new era of digital asset investing for both primary and secondary markets that benefits everyone – not just a select few,” company CEO Shy Datika said in a statement.

Datika, along with Deputy CEO Itai Avneri, told CoinDesk that INX is focused on developing a platform that offers individuals and institutional investors ease of access to crypto and security token offerings. The firm stressed that regulatory supervision and transparency with clients is crucial for the success of the platform and industry. INX will not be listing any speculative tokens, the executives added.

In May, the company named Galaxy Digital veteran Renata Szkoda as chief financial officer. INX has built a roster of TradFi and fintech individuals to combine expertise moving forward, Datika told CoinDesk. The company’s board includes David Weild, former vice chairman of Nasdaq, and Thomas K. Lewis, former CEO of a predecessor company to TD Ameritrade.

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CoinDesk - 未知

Michael Bellusci 是 CoinDesk 的加密支付记者。

CoinDesk - 未知

Michael Bellusci 是 CoinDesk 的加密支付记者。