Workshop Solutions Tradesman’s Work Cart

Workshop Solutions Tradesman's Work Cart

I just got this one for my birthday and put it right to work.Workshop Solutions Tradesman’s Work Cart Products used: Workshop Solutions Tradesman’s Wo Online casinos give you plenty of opportunities to earn extra money through slots. They offer deposit bonuses, no deposit bonus, and free spins. Leader board races are promotions that gaming sites provide to generate extra funds. These competitions see you accumulate points through slots and compete for prizes. The following guide covers the basics of […] More Online Insider | Recently Spotify introduced a working from anywhere program which announced on Friday (12/2/2021) to follow previous giant-tech…

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How Do Online Slots Leader Board Races Work?

How Do Online Slots Leader Board Races Work?

Online casinos give you plenty of opportunities to earn extra money through slots. They offer deposit bonuses, no deposit bonus, and free spins.

Leader board races are promotions that gaming sites provide to generate extra funds. These competitions see you accumulate points through slots and compete for prizes.

The following guide covers the basics of slots leader board races, how you can join them, and what to do to win more prize money.

Slots leader board contests aren’t overly difficult to understand. You can quickly pick up the basics on these competitions by reading about the aspects discussed below.

But bear in mind that each real money online casino sets their own rules, so make sure you read everything before entering to make sure you understand how to play and have a chance to win.

Each leader board event features a prize pool. The prize pool will offer varying degrees of payouts from top to bottom.

Here’s an example on how one of these payout structures works:

  • 1st place – $500
  • 2nd place – $300
  • 3rd place – $200
  • 4th place – $150
  • 5th place – $100
  • 6th-10th places – $50
  • Total prize pool = $1,500
  • Not surprisingly, the top finishers receive the bulk of the prize funds. However, you can still pick up money even by finishing in one of the lower qualifying spots.

    Aside from earning prize money, the goal of any slots leader board race is to rack up points. The methods for how you earn points will vary from one competition to the next.

    For Example:

    A leader board race may award points simply based on loyalty points earned. The player who collects the most loyalty points — and, subsequently, the most money—will win the top payout.

    Of course, these contests can feature more in-depth rules as well. You should always read the rules behind any competition before blindly guessing on the scoring and structure.

    Some leader board races only award points through specific games. For example, you might have to play a certain slot (e.g. Lucha Libre) or games from one developer like Betsoft.

    This stipulation won’t be a problem if you know about it beforehand. With that said, you definitely want to check if a leader board event is restricted to a certain game(s).

    A slots leader board race can run for a few days or even multiple months. Those who rank in the qualifying spots at the end of the timeframe will collect payouts.

    Therefore, you need to know when each event begins and ends. This knowledge lets you properly plan out when to play more slots to rank higher on the leader board.

    Both slots tournaments and leader board contests feature leader board rankings and are similar in other respects. As a result, the two are easily confused.

    A slots tournament is a short-term event that lasts for one day or less. It also scores players based on how much money they win, rather than by loyalty points or some other means.

    Slots tournaments are also more likely to revolve around a specific game. For example, a tourney might be based entirely on Rival Gaming’s Golden Gorilla.

    Online slots tournaments are available in much greater quantity too. Most mobile casinos run several of these tourneys every day.

    A leader board competition, in contrast, is a unique promotion that happens once in a while. An online casino may only feature a few of these contests every year. It will also put more marketing efforts behind these events.

    Leader board contests tend to last longer than tournaments as well. They usually take place for at least one week at a minimum.

    These races typically offer bigger payouts than tourneys too. Their prize pools are often worth thousands of dollars compared to just a few hundred dollars for a tournament.

    The biggest challenge is to participating in slots leader board races is actually finding them. Not every mobile casino features these contests.

    When you find a casino that has them, though, then you’re good to go. You just need to complete the following simple steps to begin playing towards the prize money.

    You must have an account an online casino before playing in their leader board races. Therefore, you need to complete registration.

    You also probably want to input a bonus code at this point. Such codes qualify you for the relevant welcome bonus.

    After signing up, you’ll need to make a deposit so that you can play real money slots. Most gaming sites provide a variety of banking options, such as Neteller, Skrill, Visa, Mastercard, and Bitcoin.

    You must opt into the promotion before becoming eligible to earn leader board points. The opt-in button should be somewhere in your account area.

    After joining a competition, you’ll be able to earn points. Then, you should be sure to opt in so that your play actually moves you up the leader board.

    The final step to getting involved with leader board races is to play slots and enjoy yourself. You’ll collect points while spinning the reels.

    These competitions generally reward those with the highest playing volume. Provided you’re in the mood to play a high volume, then you’ll have a better chance at earning prize money.

    Playing volume is the biggest key to slots leader board success. However, you can also improve your chances of earning prizes through other means. Here are some tips that’ll increase your odds of collecting a payout.

    Not every leader board is a great proposition. Some competitions feature tiny prize pools that don’t make them worth the effort.

    You likely don’t want to play in a month-long competition where the prize pool is worth just $200. If it’s worth $2,000, on the other hand, then you’ll get more value out of the event.

    Each leader board race can have different rules from the next. You should thoroughly understand these rules so that you have the best possible chance of winning money.

    This is just one example of the intricacies involves with leader board contests. Therefore, you want to carefully read the rules before jumping into a race.

    Leader board contests can be expensive, especially if you’re set on winning prize money. You should consider your bankroll amount and if you’re capable of earning a payout beforehand.

    You might not have a realistic shot at making any money with a $40 bankroll. Assuming you have $200, though, then you’ll have a better chance at finishing in a qualifying position.

    Leader board races present an interesting way to enjoy online slots. They give you the ability to accumulate points and move up towards payouts.

    If you want to participate in leader board promotions, then you’ll need to first find an online casino that offers them. Some gaming sites hold these races every so often.

    You certainly want to read the rules before participating in a leader board race. Many events deliver points based on how many loyalty points you rack up. However, other contests vary on the scoring and other rules.

    One key is to only play in events that you can afford. Assuming you have the bankroll to play numerous spins and chase prizes, then you’ll find these competitions to be much more entertaining.

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    Spotify Joins Top-Tech Company to Work From Anywhere

    Spotify Joins Top-Tech Company to Work From Anywhere

    Online Insider | Recently Spotify introduced a working from anywhere program which announced on Friday (12/2/2021) to follow previous giant-tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce.

    The tech sectors now triggered WFH lifestyle over the course of the pandemic to work remotely as they have cutting edge technology to cover all they required in terms of the resources. It proves that globalization and digitalization drive the future of work and what it will look like for a couple of years to be more flexible workplace.

    Spotify will let thousands of their employees around the globe work from anywhere they’d like even after the office re-opening. As reported by Statista, Spotify has 4,405 in 2019.

    Even not every industry is able to offer this kind of flexibility at least till now on, but the tech companies have triggered the WFH lifestyle and sooner or later all sectors will follow in the right time because due to the changing of times and technological advances, it cannot be halted or even resisted

    The basic gist outlined on Spotify’s HR blog is this: With a manager’s approval, Spotify-ers can mix and match their schedules to work entirely from home, entirely from the office, or some combination of those two.

    Below is the announcement of the Spotify new program for introducing working from anywhere as reportedly from Spotify website:

    We have been discussing the future of work and what it will look like for a couple of years, and have always concluded that globalization and digitalization are drivers for a more flexible workplace, that is better for both the company and our people.

    Then 2020 came. Overnight, we were forced to work from home, which was in and of itself a litmus test of our culture and values, and even though we are not yet on the other side of this pandemic, or the racial and social challenges that the last year has shed light on, we are proud to say that Spotify’s culture stands strong. The events of the past year have accelerated my and the Executive Team’s thinking about the future and we believe that the time to start transitioning into becoming a flexible/distributed-first company is NOW and we’re pleased to introduce our Work From Anywhere program for all employees.

  • Work isn’t something you come to the office for, it’s something you do
  • Effectiveness can’t be measured by the number of hours people spend in an office – instead, giving people the freedom to choose where they work will boost the effectiveness
  • Giving our people more flexibility will support better work-life balance and help tap into new talent pools while keeping our existing band members
  • Operating as a distributed organization will produce better and more efficient ways of working through the more intentional use of communication and collaboration practices, processes, and tools.
  • Starting this summer we’ll be offering more flexibility to employees by introducing My Work Mode as well as flexibility when it comes to working location.  

  • My Work Mode – our employees will be able to work full time from home, from the office, or a combination of the two. The exact mix of home and office work mode is a decision each employee and their manager make together.  
  • Location choices – we will also introduce more flexibility when it comes to what country and city each employee work from (with some limitations to address time zone difficulties, and regional entity laws in the initial rollout of this program). Here, our employees have the same “My Work Mode” flexibility, and if someone chooses a location that is not near a Spotify office, we will support them with a co-working space membership if they want to work from an office.
  • Having a flexible approach is a great advantage and jewel in our Talent Attraction crown, as we found with our global Flexible Public Holiday benefit that we launched in 2017 and our Employee Incentive Mix, launched in 2019. 

    We also realize it’s likely to have an impact on our in-office culture, which we’re proud of but listening to our employees and embracing the need for change, and finding our way of making adaptations is definitely the way to continue to evolve our culture for the long-term. We will be sharing more about this as we go.

    Flexible working culture is built on trust, communication, collaboration, and connection, and acknowledging that we’re all individuals, with different needs and rituals gives us the right frame of mind to let go of a few chosen truths and instead find what’s right for our business and our people. We have considered labor law, tax, and insurance readiness for our workforce to be ‘working from anywhere’ – whether that’s working from home, in a café, hotel lounge, or a co-working space. And, not forgetting the investment required to make sure the safety and growth of our people.

    Part of our DNA has always been controlled chaos. So, in the spirit of this, we’re trying this out knowing that there are likely to be some adjustments to make along the way. By experimenting and unlocking all talent we also enable diversity and inclusion and making new jobs and markets available.

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