‘Work begins in your heart’ – anewscafe.com

‘Work begins in your heart’ – anewscafe.com

Northern California’s Premier Online News Magazine. Featuring news for Redding, Red Bluff, Chico, Mt. Shasta, Anderson, Cottonwood, Shasta County, and Tehama County. Price: (as of – Details) Save time and money! Discover which online business is a perfect match for Rehabilitation center’s program is run by professional manga artist. Recent weeks have been a call to action for companies who have been resting on statements without action.

Gloria Kimbwala has been a part of the Redding community for the last three years, but my first introduction to her was only last week. During a June 5 protest for black equality at Redding’s City Hall, Gloria delivered an impromptu speech that was both raw and powerful.

Trained as a software engineer, Gloria now works in the tech industry to develop diversity, inclusion and belonging. As part of a company that deals with economic empowerment, Gloria says she looks at life through the lens of how creating belonging and inclusion can benefit people economically. Having had opportunities to work with the United Nations, she chooses to hold herself to the UN’s sustainable development goals. Gloria moved to Redding to be closer to family and currently splits her time between Redding, San Francisco and Amsterdam. I interviewed her by phone about her newest personal project, Read Against Racism.

Can you tell me about the Read Against Racism fundraiser you just started for the Shasta Library Foundation? Particularly why you chose this cause?

Professionally, I do a lot of work with unconscious bias and how to be an ally. Here in Shasta County, we need to find ways for the whole community to move forward. That will require a foundation for the micro conversations that need to happen. One of the ways to make significant change is through literature. I am working with the Shasta Library Foundation to get common anti-racism literature for both children and adults into every branch of the Shasta Public Libraries and on permanent display.

What prompted you to develop the Read Against Racism fundraiser locally?

I’ve been working with a group of people to find restorative justice solutions for our community. There is no point in me going all over the world to teach inclusion if my home does not feel like a JUST place to live, with a strong sense of belonging. Lately, since George Floyd’s death, I have become even more vocal about Black Lives Matter and about creating more change in my local community. At the end of the day this is where my kids live and where I live.

What books about anti-racism will be bought for Shasta Public Libraries with this funding?

The Shasta Library Foundation and I talked about including books that are currently on the New York Times best seller list, all of which I recommend. If you look at the Read Against Racism page on the Shasta Public Library site, you will see many more books are also being purchased for the project. I like to leave it up to the hands of the demographic that is doing the work so it has been up to the Shasta Library Foundation to choose the books for each library.

Can you talk about your experience working with the Shasta Library Foundation on this project?

Shasta Library Foundation has been really helpful to doing this work. It’s gone from just an idea, to them saying ‘we’re going to do this’ and figuring out the cost. I learned that the Shasta County Library is one of the most underfunded libraries per capita. When you start to look at the quality of the programs they put out, they do a lot of work for being as underfunded as they are. I hope this project will also be a way to highlight some of the work that they do for the community. They are a really good organization and my boys spend a lot of time at the library.

What do you think our local community needs to understand about the work of anti-racism?

It would be beneficial if the community understands that racism is not only a black person problem it’s a white person problem. People often say that Redding isn’t diverse but Redding was diverse before it was ever called Redding. We live on indigenous land and there’s lots of indigenous people here. It just doesn’t feel diverse because there is not enough amplification of diverse people’s voices.

A good starting point to have insight into the problems our area faces is to watch the documentary 13th and then watch American Son or When They See Us. When you see these things, you realize you don’t want any child to go through that kind of system. It brings a more human lens to the problem.

The people of Redding want to do what’s right, it’s just figuring out how to do it and where to start. I like to say that the work begins in your heart and then in your home and then in your community. The hardest part is definitely doing it in your community. It’s a long and difficult process and it’s going to take a while. You’re going to make mistakes and you’re going to have to forgive yourself. When you know better, you do better.

Gloria recommends that readers utilize the resources Justice in June, as well as this compilation of Scaffolded Anti-Racist Resources. You can contribute to the Read Against Racism fundraiser here.

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Author: By Annelise Pierce
June 14, 2020

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    Japanese prison offers manga background work program, artwork offered online【Pics】

    Japanese prison offers manga background work program, artwork offered online【Pics】

    Rehabilitation center’s program is run by professional manga artist.

    Creating a manga involves more than just plopping your protagonist and supporting cast into an empty white void, but not everyone with a knack for drawing characters has the time or talent for background artwork. Those looking for help, though, can turn to website Mangaka Honpo.

    Mangaka Honpo offers a wide variety of illustrated background art, with everything from castles and shrines to classrooms and train stations. It also has a selection of vehicle interiors and exteriors for cars, motorcycles, and ambulances, all offered at prices as low as 330 yen (US$3.10). And while Mangaka Honpo isn’t the only website in Japan to offer manga background art, it’s the only site where all of the artwork is drawn by prison inmates.

    Pictured above is the Mine Rehabilitation Program Center, a real-world prison which opened in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 2007. The facility houses first-time convicts for less serious crimes (no convicted murderers, for example), and has a variety of prison work programs which inmates participate in. Many of these, such as woodworking, printing, clothing making, and metalworking, are similar to those in other correctional institutions in Japan, but one that’s unique to the Mine Rehabilitation Program Center is manga background artwork.

    The program is overseen by professional manga artist Ryo Sonoba. Given the circumstances, many of the program participants don’t have any preexisting interest in or affinity for illustration, and Sonoba admits that newcomers’ early progress is often slow, with many submissions being something that the inmate obviously gave up on half-way through. However, with time many of them come to see meaning in sticking with a drawing through to its completion, and this before/after comparison of one inmate’s work after three months in the program is honestly impressive, even if it was produced by tracing a photo reference.

    With stock backgrounds, there’s sometimes a tendency to draw them in a very basic perspective, like the backdrop for a stage play, sacrificing dynamism for ease of pasting character artwork over it. However, the data Mangaka Honpo supplies purchasers with allows the artwork to be broken up into layers, meaning that additions can be slid between parts of Mangaka Honpo’s art, such as putting a character between a chair and desk in a conference room background, which allows for more varied angles.

    Mangaka Honpo, which currently has more than 100 background available, and roughly another 200 drawn and waiting to be uploaded to the site, can be found here.

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    Experts Advise on the Work Still to Be Done

    Experts Advise on the Work Still to Be Done

    Since the police killing of George Floyd, companies across all industries have made statements to express support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Though all contained some semblance of support and were written to ensure audiences of righteous beliefs, many lacked accompanying actions to illustrate genuine intent for change.

    In response, Tara Donaldson, editor in chief of Sourcing Journal, wrote: “When the statements supporting the movement and disavowing racism are, more often than not, crafted by brands’ white ceo’s, reviewed by their white colleagues and blessed by a white h.r. or p.r. department, you will not get the message right.”

    “Overnight activism,” Donaldson pointed out, is not enough and it has become pivotal for companies to deliver more than a promise. So, what should you do? Experts say, more is more. Here, WWD asks leading experts how they have been advising companies to respond.

    Elton Ndoma-Ogar, director of diversity and inclusion for the Americas and Asia at AlixPartners

    “Without question, the events of the last several months have placed a global spotlight on the social injustices toward the Black/African-American community. As companies grapple with the need to deliver on strategic objectives in an extremely difficult business environment, they must also place a focused effort on dismantling the long history of systemic racism and its impact on the Black community. To achieve meaningful results, the approach needs to be genuine.

    “Four specific actions that companies can take to make a difference:

    Antony Karabus, chief executive officer at HRC Advisory

    “The events of the past weeks have come at the worst possible time for retailers as they have been working extremely hard to get stores ready and safe for customers to return to stores and are now trying to recover some of the losses of the last three months. The rioting, property damage, etc. are likely to give customers another reason to be nervous to return to stores especially on the streets.

    “However, this issue of unjust and unequal treatment of minorities in the country has been a reality and a simmering cauldron for as long as all of us can remember. We recommend that retailers limit public pronouncements to expressing support and solidarity with those communities that have been unjustly treated and now need to focus on protecting their property, ensure their employees are safe and compensated for the time they aren’t able to work as a result of their stores being closed due to the riots and damage and do everything they can to ensure a safe environment for their customers to return to their stores and then do what they can to reduce the unequal treatment in the communities in which they operate.”

    Dr. Laura Hamill, organizational psychologist, cofounder and chief science officer at Limeade, and author of “Take Care.”

    “Right now is a time where employers need to, first and foremost, focus inward — truly listen to employees and make sure employees feel cared for and supported. Communicate early and often — acknowledge what is going on and be as authentic and transparent as possible with your people.

    “Do people need time off or time to reflect? Create space for people to voice their concerns and seek help. Leaders should also solicit feedback via meaningful one-on-one conversations with employees — and then use this feedback to drive change and inform approaches. Reflect on where as a company you can do more. Recognize areas of strength and areas for growth across your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts. People want to know what their company stands for.

    “From there, any external-facing communication should reflect what’s happening internally. Make sure whatever you are saying on the outside is true and aligned with what’s happening internally. The closer aligned these two elements are the more genuine it will be.”

    Robert Foehl, executive in residence for business law and ethics at Ohio University’s online Masters of Business Administration program

    “A company’s stance on a social issue must be calibrated with the company’s expressed values. Those values serve as the company’s guide star, especially during trying circumstances. Once that calibration has occurred, the company should communicate that stance publicly, making it clear that tangible actions supporting those words are forthcoming.

    “Companies must seek the guidance of their stakeholders — employees, customers, suppliers, owners and the communities that affect and are affected by the company. Such collaboration will bring differing perspectives, experiences and viewpoints, that should be heard, acknowledged and harmonized. The goal of this collaboration is a tangible action plan for the company that demonstrates its commitment to the stance taken on the social issue and its core values.

    “The company should communicate this action plan publicly and actuate it with appropriate resources and accountability mechanisms to ensure successful implementation. Finally, the results of implementing the plan should be evaluated by the company and its stakeholders. To help foster trust and accountability, the company should publish those results, along with any corresponding action plans in order to show a continuing commitment to the social issue and company values.”

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