Work at home blog articles to help online workers

Work at home blog articles to help online workers

Read our published blog articles that helps aspiring work from home professionals to stay motivated Business English worksheets for various learners. We have many lesson plans focused on contemporary topics, such as agile project management or e-commerce. Learning how to build wealth fast online, without any capital investment is a relatively hassle free process if you have the right set of skills and a sufficien North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem warns that scam artists are taking advantage of the current unemployment crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic t You are here: Home / News / EYE 2020 Online: Work in Times of Crisis (and afterwards…)

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woman eating healthy lunch

Note to freelancers: don’t give up on that healthy work from home lunch just yet. We know it’s a tough…


Business English Lesson Plans

Business English Lesson Plans

This surveillance lesson plan looks into the topic of employee monitoring software and questions the use of this technology raises. Students will do some word formation tasks, learn new vocabulary and have plenty of opportunities to discuss.

This communication lesson plan is based on a short video presenting how miscommunication happens and how we can avoid it. The worksheet includes vocabulary tasks, listening comprehension and speaking practice.

Thanks to this ESL lesson plan your students will learn some useful vocabulary, study verb patterns and watch a video about tips for working from home.

Teach your students some basic functional language for online meetings that they need to know. Later practise that in real-life situations and have some fun watching a comedy sketch.

Teach your B1 students some formal and informal email language and give them some tips on writing effectively with our ESL lesson plan on writing emails.

This productivity lesson plan is based on two short videos in which Charles Duhigg presents his ideas for boosting work productivity.

This decision-making lesson plan is based on the concept of FOBO – fear of a better option. In this lesson, your students will learn new vocabulary, discover some decision-making strategies and talk about their own experiences.

This flipped lesson plan will make your students aware of such a phenomenon as workplace ghosting and introduce them to the world of statistics.

What’s your idea for your first lesson with your adult students? Check out what we do on our first Business English lesson with new students.

Our cashless society lesson plan will engage your students into a discussion on the future of money while teaching them some new money-related vocabulary.

Use our stress management lesson plan to teach phrases with the word stress and discuss how to cope with workplace stress and how it affects your life.

This Business English lesson plan looks at the modern office spaces and the cool office amenities we have. It focuses mainly on practising speaking skills.


How To Build Wealth By Having An Online Business? 5 Secrets Of Generating Income On The Internet!

How To Build Wealth By Having An Online Business? 5 Secrets Of Generating Income On The Internet!

Learning how to build wealth fast online, without any capital investment is a relatively hassle free process if you have the right set of skills and a sufficient amount of free time.Especially if you are budding entrepreneur, starting an online business is a much more beneficial endeavour compared to investing in infrastructure for commercial purposes. A business that operates online also has a much wider customer reach and can deliver services to any part of the world via the Internet. All you need to have is a computer set up and running, and you can start using your skills to build wealth fast. To top it all, as you setup and run your online business you can work from any location while pursuing your hobbies and passions.Read on to find the best ideas for building wealth online, which actually work!

Top five online business ideas for building wealth without huge investments:

Start a blog catering to a niche topic or set up a company to provide writing services

Passionate about artisan food and know the intricacies of canning and pickling meats, vegetables or have a unique insight into a new cryptocurreny? Then you already have the foundation for creating a blog dedicated to the skills and techniques related to these niche topics. With the demand for artisanal food and information about cryptocurrencies such as Libra at an all time high, a blog in these niche segments will bring in large amount of followers.  As your followers increase you start earning off your blog. However, the cautionary note here is that the process of building a blog and getting a good amount of visitors per day can take up to a year. So when setting up a niche blog, ensure that you have the amount of time and effort to keep it running even when it is not generating revenue.

Content whether it is written or in the form of an image or a video is vital for the success of a blog. So if you are creating a niche blog,be prepared to write and publish your own posts. If you are passionate about the subject you are focusing on you can build your writing skills and polish them on the job. However, try to avoid creating every bit of content yourself.  So invite your friends or family to contribute as guest bloggers, and this will also help bring in more traffic.

Once up and running a niche blog benefits from a custom domain which brings with it a certain amount of legitimacy and it also allows you more freedom to run advertisements and earn revenue from them.Advertisements on a blog can pertain to aligned products to eBooks and more. However, before investing in a custom domain it pays to check if your blog is on track to becoming popular. If you blog is not doing as well as expected, consider switching to another niche or expanding your current one.

Monetizing a blog with the aid of sponsored posts is another way to earn money. With several companies paying money for a sponsored blog post that promotes a product or service, bloggers who run popular blogs can earn several thousand dollars per month.

Another way to ensure that your writing skills bring in the right amount of money is by tying up with other people and creating a company. As part of a team you can cover a variety of different topics such food, fashion, luxury watches and provide a wide range of content writing services. With various people handling different types of writing in a company the creation of newsletters, academic content and press releases happens easily and you can get the most money for your writing skills.

As the demand for unique content for blogs, social media posts and websites increases a company providing stellar written content can quickly enhance their reputation online.  Participating in the formation and running of such a company will also allow you and your partners to directly deal with clients from different countries.

Finally as you set up a company you need to be aware that crafting a successful and attractive script for videos that are going to be used as an Instagram story or placed on YouTube, again calls for writing skills. As the use of video for marketing online and on mobile devices is growing and shows no signs of slowing down, online companies are increasingly including script writing services as part of their portfolio, and so should you.

Start online courses and tutoring

Driven to spread knowledge and have the right qualifications and experience as a teacher? Then going online is one way to reach a wider audience and train students from the comfort of your home. Experience in teaching subjects like high school level English, Math and Science can be leveraged online and you can earna substantial amount per hour. Even if you have computer skills or if you are an experienced graphic designer without teaching experience, setting up courses and offering them online allows you to create a business that caters to people worldwide. While making a website to showcase course materials that you have created allows you to charge prospective clients and students money to access them.

One major benefit of creating courses for tutoring companies is that you sell them on various sites like Udemy, and cater to those who are looking to learn the basics of web development or how to become an expert in digital marketing. Udemy while taking a percentage of the course fee provides you with access to hundreds of prospective buyers/students and ensures that your work is showcased on a global platform.

Create an eBook for Amazon Kindle

Got something to say about programming languages or have a great idea for a novel? Then it is about time you considered showcasing your knowledge in the form of an eBook.  Especially if you are a budding writer creating an eBook allows you to build wealth with minimum investment and also improve your writing skills. However, writing an e-book can become a long drawn out and tedious process if you are not passionate about the subject that you are focusing on. So whether your eBook focuses on a fictional world with fantasy and mystery or is set in a coffee shop, you need to be passionate about the characters and the subject.

Additionally you need to popularize an eBook before it is made available on Amazon Kindle or just as it is launched. To help popularize their offering, several authors start writing an eBook by publishing chapters on sites such as LiveJournal and getting feedback about ideas and plots. Building an audience for your eBook is therefore as important as the writing process, and you can even use the feedback you receive on published chapters to improve your work. Self-publishing an eBook on Amazon and ensuring that is popular within the first few weeks will automatically bring it to the attention of the site. As a result Amazon will ensure that your eBook is listed well ahead of others and you can hike the price for each digital copy. Once you have learnt the secrets behind self-publishing a successful eBook on Amazon you even write about your experience in an eBook and make money from it.

Go online with an E-commerce Site and do drop shipping

In a fast paced digital age, where a large amount of shopping is done online, it is no surprise that the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and drop-shipping are becoming popular ways to earn on the Internet. Before utilizing the FBA service or dropshipping, it is vital that you compare the two and see which meets your needs. If you are starting out in the E-commerce space drop-shipping is by far the easier option as it allows you to easily resell products manufactured by companies that you have tied up with. One you create a partnership with a company you can start your online reselling business on platforms such as Amazon, without actually stocking any inventory. Instead once the order for a product is placed on your online store on Amazon, the customer details are routed to the manufacturer. The manufacturer is then responsible for packing and shipping the product to the buyers. The reseller in this scenario earns the commission on the products sold, without having to make a huge investment in infrastructure or maintaining/storing inventory at warehouses run by Amazon.

Set up a social media marketing agency

The days when social media was used to showcase interesting stuff that you did through the day and places you visited have long since died out. Instead social media accounts are havens for companies who are looking to market their products to a targeted audience. So if you already have an extensive social media presence on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube with thousands of followers, then creating a social media marketing agency can become a profitable business. A social media marketing agency will allow you to promote products related to cooking, weight loss and more on your existing accounts, while you earn revenue per post. Additionally, you can also use your experience in creating social media accounts and attracting followers to help companies who want to create a successful and robust social media presence.

As a social media marketing agency can be setup from the comfort of your home and run on servers online, you can work at your convenience and build wealth without holding down a regular 9-5 job. Importantly running a social media marketing agency provides inexhaustible opportunities to travel, dine out and have fun while recording your activities in the form of photos and videos that earn money.

Setting up a social media marketing agency is currently one of the top ways to earn money online because most companies whether they are large or small, have not concentrated on building a strong social media presence over the years. Therefore companies that want to break out of conventional methods of marketing and make use of the latest social media marketing trends, often look for agencies that can handle the task. By opening a social media and internet marketing firm that can handle the ever-changing rules of social media websites and effortlessly promote services and products, you can earn an average of $10,000 to $60,000 per month.

Tips for setting up a social media marketing agency

Create Instagram stories that are 15 seconds long in vertical video format to promote products and services

Tie up with Vloggers running popular vlogs or YouTube Channels

Building wealth fast whether it is done online, in a brick and mortar store or office requires a number of specific skills. If you have the skills necessary to set up a blog, write an eBook or start a social media marketing agency then you already have the building blocks necessary for earning money online. In addition to using your skills,it is also helpful to partner with a team of dedicated people who have similar goals. With the right skills, and team in place you can start working towards financial freedom while having a decent work life balance. Diversifying your online business portfolio with multiple entrepreneurial ventures picked from our list above is a smart way to build wealth using the Internet. If one of your online business ventures does not work out, just switch to another on our list.


Bogus work at home online job offer uses Bismarck address

Bogus work at home online job offer uses Bismarck address

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem warns that scam artists are taking advantage of the current unemployment crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic to create bogus websites offering phony “work from home” opportunities.

One recently reported scam website uses a street address in Bismarck, according to information provided by Stenehjem’s office. The fake business, Nimcare Insurance ( claims to be located in downtown Bismarck. There is no such company in Bismarck – or anywhere else in North Dakota. The business is a sham.

In the work from home scam, the unsuspecting victim clicks on a link in a spam email or online ad, completes the “application” and is quickly offered a job. The job titles vary, but often include “quality control” or “inventory inspection” duties. The most common is a “re-shipping” scam where the victim is “hired” to pick up returned merchandise from UPS/Fed Ex, inspect it, and create a new shipping label. In fact, the victims are being used to receive and ship stolen or counterfeit merchandise, and become an unwitting accomplice to a crime.

Other common work from home scams include the “mystery shopper” and the “car wrap” scams, where the victim receives a check along with instructions on what to do with the check to complete the transaction. The checks are counterfeit. Days or weeks after cashing the check, it will bounce. Any money the victim kept now disappears and is gone. On top of that, the victim may be on the hook for paying the bank back for the fake check. Victims report that because they received a check up front, they did not realize it was a scam until it was too late.

The “fake business website” scam has been around for many years. It is common for scam artists to use fake websites to trick people into making online payments for advertised deals on items that do not exist. The scammers add a fake street address or use the actual address of an unsuspecting business to make it appear there is a physical location associated with the website. According to Stenehjem, fake business websites are becoming more common.

“Never assume a business website and business address you are unfamiliar with are legitimate or you could become the next scam victim and lose your money,” said Stenehjem.

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EYE 2020 Online: Work in Times of Crisis (and afterwards...)

EYE 2020 Online: Work in Times of Crisis (and afterwards…)

The European Youth Event (EYE2020) is the major event at the European Parliament (EP) aiming to stimulate and involve active citizenship amongst young Europeans. It takes place every two years, but unfortunately, this year has been postponed due to the ongoing COVID19 outbreak.

In its stead, the European Parliament has organised a special online edition, with a variety of activities in digital format!

Among the various topics dealt with, the session on 14 May on work today and after COVID-19 was particularly engaging. A number of stimulating questions were raised, including:

  • What impact does COVID-19 have on our work?
  • Could the present situation be the right opportunity to redefine the way we work?
  • Can this crisis lead to a lasting culture change for teleworking solutions and more flexibility such as a reduction in working hours?
  • Are we taking a step back and reconsidering what we consider to be meaningful jobs?

The speakers: Katarina Barley, Vice-President at European Parliament; –Miklós Antal, a researcher at MTA-ELTE Lendület New Vision Research Group and Erik Roebroek, Founder of Meaningful Work; moderated by Monika Kiss, a Policy Analyst at European Parliamentary Research Service – tried to reflect on this questions.

The debate was split into two parts. The first part was focused on the current situation and possible solutions, while the second focused more on the ways to assess and learn from the crisis from a future perspective.

Katarina Barley, was first to take the floor as she explained the impact of the crisis on the workers and supports from the European Parliament. She pointed out that many workers lost their jobs and many others are teleworking. Thus, a collective and prompt response is demanded. Many measures have to be taken by governments at national level as they are beyond the competence of European Parliament (EP). Despite this limitation, the EP is coordinating and supporting all member states with very important means and financial support, especially the part of the economy and the sectors most hit by the crisis. Another tangible impact of the outbreak is the border closure, which blocks workers from easily travelling from one European country to another. Similarly, it makes it difficult for companies to send and receive goods. From this side, the European Commission made a commendable effort and reduced many restrictions. Finally, the European Parliament compensates workers’ hourly reductions, in order to reduce layoffs and allow reintegration once the crisis is over.

In exploring the idea that the crisis could lead us to rethink our approach to flexibility, Miklós Antal, highlighted that there are different types of working-time reductions. The time reduction we are experiencing right now is a “supportive” one, as it is supported by the States or by the EU Institutions. Whereas, it is interesting to also consider a permanent reduction. Studies by Miklos’s group research proved that reduced working time has the potential to solve many EU issues. For instance, work-life balance, environmental issues, and even the economic perspective can benefit in terms of productivity, growth and profits. In times of crisis, often there is a mutation on what is perceived as important for the community. For example, if we usually reward scarce skills in the labour market, in times of crisis, we can shift toward the utility concept instead. Therefore, is very difficult to forecast if the more blurred boundaries between work-life and non-work-life will have a positive or negative effect, as the response is very subjective. Surely, it is much more important to question ourselves on how to transform the current situation and take from it positive outcomes.

By entering the core of the topic, Erik Roebroek, shifted the attention to the meaningfulness of work. He pointed out that crises lead to many re-evaluations of professions, and people who remain excluded might start to ask themselves about the meaning of work. This question could raise awareness of work as a simple tool to achieve a greater sense of collectivity and thus might lead to general demotivation, which is undesirable.

Deepening the benefits of working time reduction, Miklós explained the consistent link, in the current economic system, between growth and unemployment. Considering that we are aware of negative environmental effects derived from continuous growth, the question that arises is:

Do we choose growth, which is environmentally unsustainable, or no-growth, which is socially unsustainable?

According to Miklós, we should choose the reductions in working time as it allows us to conserve high employment without effective growth. Currently, we are transferring the benefit of productivity growth into more consumption, but for many people, it doesn’t bring additional wellbeing. Thus, we consume more but nothing appears in the wellbeing indicator, so the consequential question that comes to mind is whether it is possible to transform the productivity growth with more free time. For 100 years, economists have considered this vision as promising, but until now nothing has been done. Indeed, this could be the right time to reflect on how to shift towards this perspective.

Katarina Barley underscored that global development has an impact on people’s lives and the role of politicians should be to try to combine this development so that everyone benefits from it. Rhetorically, she asked why the benefits of digitisation, for example, must always go to the state, entrepreneur, or shareholders rather than workers. Therefore she stressed the importance to bring collective values back to the centre, as these can be considered more important than profit.

Finally, the debate concluded with Miklós’ perspective on the future. He highlighted that there are still many barriers in the system. To give an example, many jobs today are dependent on general overconsumption. For instance, the laborers that take flights multiple times per year are supporting the workers who are working in the airline industry, and so on. Hence, if we move in this direction, we need to be ready to face many disruptions and minimise them. Otherwise, there could be a chain reaction resulting in a dramatic loss of not just jobs, but also livelihoods.

A measured response focused on long term economic, social and environmental sustainability is desirable.

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

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Work at home blog articles to help online workers

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