What is Travel Therapy and How Does it Work?

What is Travel Therapy and How Does it Work?

What is Travel Therapy? Travel therapy, contract therapy, contract therapist, traveling therapist, travel physical therapy (Travel PT), travel occupational therapy (Travel OT), travel speech therapy (Travel SLP) — these are some terms you may have heard floating around, and you’re wondering, what does that mean? The answer is, it could mean a variety of things,… Microsoft Office 2016 Product Key Working 100% is here. You can easily activate any version of microsoft office using working product key of MS office 2016. The Maine Department of Transportation will replace culverts under the Crooked Brook Bridge starting July 6. The second part of 2020 will likely see growth in these three furniture stocks that are making work-from-home more comfortable. July 3, 2020July 3, 2020badoo fake profile

Travel therapy, contract therapy, contract therapist, traveling therapist, travel physical therapy (Travel PT), travel occupational therapy (Travel OT), travel speech therapy (Travel SLP) — these are some terms you may have heard floating around, and you’re wondering, what does that mean?

The answer is, it could mean a variety of things, but in most cases it means that a therapist (PT, OT, SLP, PTA, COTA) chooses to travel to different locations within the US for short term, contract work. This could be locally, within one state, or across state lines in any of the 50 US states.

In some cases, it could refer to working internationally, but this is not common and involves completely different steps than finding travel/contract work within the US. We are going to focus on travel therapy within the US only, as this is what is most feasible for US therapists, and it’s the focus of our Travel Therapy Mentor website.

In a nutshell, therapists (PT, OT, SLP, PTA, COTA) work with a recruiter at a travel therapy staffing agency, to search for short term jobs they’d like to apply to within the US. They have a phone interview to see if the job is a good fit, and if they’re chosen for the job, they move to the new location temporarily to work there for a short term contract.

A typical contract length is 13 weeks, or 3 months. But, it all depends on the facility’s needs and what you’re looking for. Some contracts could last just a few weeks, up to a year. In terms of finding short term housing, the staffing company can help you set up housing, or you can choose to set up housing on your own. Some travelers also choose to travel by RV.

The travel therapy staffing agency gets paid by the facility, they take a commission, and then you get paid weekly. You get paid an hourly rate, plus a stipend (also referred to as per diem) for housing and meals/incidentals (as long as you meet the appropriate guidelines for maintaining a Tax Home). You can also receive benefits from the staffing company, just like at a perm job, while you’re on contract with them. Remember, you’re an employee of the staffing company while on contract, not the facility itself.

When your contract is over, you can move on to another contract, or you could always return back home and work locally again.

The facilities might need short term/travel workers for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Someone quit suddenly, and they need someone to fill in temporarily while they try to find a new permanent employee
  • Someone is away temporarily (for example on a maternity/paternity leave)
  • They have a temporary increase in caseload, for example some places that have higher needs during different seasons (think: Snow Birds in winter)
  • They’re having trouble finding a permanent employee or haven’t had a permanent employee for a while (for example rural areas or less desirable areas that don’t have a large pool of therapists in the area)
  • There are lots of benefits to travel therapy and reasons why therapists might choose this route, including:

  • You get paid higher as a travel therapist
  • You get to explore different areas of the country
  • You can try a variety of settings without committing to the job permanently
  • Yes, and no. There are 3 main factors to consider when searching for travel therapy jobs: location, setting, and pay. The more picky you are on one of these factors, the less picky you can be on the others.

    You are at the mercy of the jobs available at a given time throughout the US. So you can say you really want to go to this state, but you can’t always choose exactly the city. Often, you won’t see any jobs in a particular city at a particular time, so you’ll have to look more at the whole state or a whole region. Plus, the more picky you’re being about the exact location, you won’t be able to be so picky on the setting and the pay.

    On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a certain setting, for example outpatient or pediatrics, you will have to be more flexible on location and pay.

    If you’re looking to make the absolute most money possible, you may have to be lenient on the setting and/or location available to find it!

    Sometimes, you hit the “travel therapy jackpot” and get your absolute top pick on location, setting AND high pay! But it’s hard to come by all 3. So remember, flexibility is key!

    First, you’ll want to find reliable recruiters at reliable staffing companies to work with. They help you find the jobs and can make or break your experience with travel therapy! We recommend working with at least 3 recruiters to open up more job options. To learn more about why this is, check out this article.

  • You can contact us for recommendations for recruiters and companies that we know and trust, based on our 5+ years of experience and interviewing dozens of different companies to compare and contrast!
  • Next, you’ll want to consider in which states you’d like to work. You have to be licensed in every state in which you work, and it’s usually recommended that you get 2-3 state licenses up front so you’ll already have the license in hand before applying for jobs. In most cases, you have to apply individually to each state via their local state board website, but for PT’s and PTA’s you may be eligible for the PT Compact.

  • Check out this article to learn more about the PT Compact, how it works, and if you’re eligible!
  • Once you’re set up with some recruiters and are working on getting your state licenses, the recruiters will help you search for jobs and submit your application for you.

  • To learn more about getting started, check out our Ultimate Guide to Getting Started as a Travel Therapist
  • This is the first article in our Mini Series titled Travel Therapy 101: The Basics

    Stay tuned for our upcoming articles and videos/podcasts in the series where we will cover:

  • Travel Therapy Pay 101
  • Travel Therapy Housing 101
  • Travel Therapy Licensing 101
  • Travel Therapy Recruiters 101
  • Understanding Tax Homes for Travelers
  • You can also find more detailed information on any of these topics via the links to other articles throughout this post, or by visiting our Educational Videos & Articles section!

    Please send us a message if you have questions about travel therapy, or fill out this form to find out the recruiters and companies we recommend for you!

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    Maine DOT plans Danforth bridge work

    Maine DOT plans Danforth bridge work


    (Natalie Williams | BDN)

    (Natalie Williams | BDN)

    DANFORTH, Maine — The Maine Department of Transportation will replace culverts under the Crooked Brook Bridge starting July 6.

    The bridge carries Route 1 traffic over Crooked Brook and is located just north of the Brookton Township/Danforth line. The estimated cost of the project is $359,484, according to the Maine DOT. 

    “Crews will replace culverts with a precast concrete box in order to bring the water crossing up to current standards,” said Paul Merrill, the department’s public information officer.  

    During construction, crews will close one lane of traffic and use traffic lights to control a single-lane traffic pattern. The contractor on this project is LIMC out of Kennebunk.

    Work is scheduled to end Aug. 19.

    Source: thecounty.me

    Author: Joseph Cyr • July 3, 2020

    3 Furniture Stocks Making Work-From-Home More Comfortable

    3 Furniture Stocks Making Work-From-Home More Comfortable

    Over the past three months, many of us have been shut away at home due to the novel coronavirus. In turn, we’ve been increasingly relying on companies that make the stay-at-home life easier. Therefore, today, I’ll look at three furniture stocks that are making work-from-home more comfortable.

    According to recent survey that ran between April 1-15 and led by Erik Brynjolfsson of MIT:

    “The fraction of workers who switched to working from home is about 34.1%. In addition, 14.6% reporting they were already working from home pre-COVID-19. This suggests nearly half the workforce is now working from home….”

    Moreover, with the number of new coronavirus cases increases, many Americans may continue to spend more time at home this summer. That said, it may not be such a bad idea to kick back and relax in a comfortable sofa. After all, staycation is the new vacation. Or you may want to get a new chair for your home office, especially if your employer may be reimbursing part of the cost. And how about shopping for a comfortable bed for a good-night’s sleep after a long-day’s work at the new home office?

    Overall, equity markets have rallied off their March lows. Yet, over the past several days, broader markets have become quite volatile again. And in the second half of the year, investors are likely to reward decent performance amid the chaos caused by the pandemic; Especially if a potential second wave becomes more prolonged and pronounced.

    Therefore, furniture retailers may be a segment to do further due diligence for potentially including in long-term portfolios. With that in mind, here are three furniture stocks making work-from-home more comfortable:

  • La-Z-Boy (NYSE:LZB)
  • Sleep Number (NASDAQ:SNBR)
  • I believe many investors may feel comfortable owning these shares for the long run. So, let’s take a closer look at them.

    Hot Furniture Stocks: HNI (HNI)

    Iowa-headquartered HNI describes itself as “a leading global provider and designer of office furniture and the nation’s leading manufacturer and marketer of hearth products.”

    The company released first-quarter earnings in late April, where it reported lower organic revenue by 2.5% year-over-year. This weakness was due to the office furniture segment, which was down 4.3% YOY. And overall, office furniture contributes about three quarters of total revenues. On the other hand, though, the hearth products segment was up 2.6% YOY — while annual revenues are around $2.2 billion.

    Additionally, on June 1, management provided an update on Q2 order trends.  Accordingly,

  • Domestic Workplace Furnishings were down 35% YOY;
  • eCommerce was up 206% YOY;
  • Residential Building Products were down 10% YOY.
  • In turn, company CEO Jeff Lorenger said:

    “Recovery to pre-pandemic levels will take some time, but recent order trends are encouraging given the conditions. We generated positive order growth in building products during May as builders worked through their backlogs… Domestic orders in workplace furnishings have stabilized and are generally showing week-over-week improvement. We expect this trend to continue as the economy improves and businesses begin to open. Our e-Commerce business continues to generate strong growth, primarily from a spike in home office demand.”

    Year-to-date, HNI shares are down about 21.6%, flirting with $30. The current price supports a dividend yield of 4%, while the trailing price-earnings (P/E) ratio is 14.8 and price-sale (P/S) ratio is 0.56. So, collectively, I believe the stock deserves your attention as one of the furniture stocks making work from home more comfortable. I’d consider buying, especially if the price goes toward $25.

    Hot Furniture Stocks: La-Z-Boy (LZB)

    Michigan-based La-Z-Boy is one of the world’s leading residential furniture producers. Many of you are probably familiar with their recliners, chairs, sleeper sofas among other pieces of home furniture. In fact, the group is one of the most-recognized brands in the industry.

    Moreover, on June 23, it reported fiscal 2020 fourth-quarter and year-end results. For fiscal 2020, consolidated sales decreased 2.4% YOY to $1.70 billion — “reflecting ten months of strength and two months of dramatic temporary impact from the COVID-19 pandemic,” according to the company. For the year, the company reported net income of $77.5 million, or $1.66 per share.

    Additionally, during Q4, consolidated sales also decreased 19.1% YOY to $367.3 million. Also, quarterly net income was $2.3 million, or 5 cents per share. And adjusted for one-time gains and costs, earnings came to 49 cents per share.

    On that note, CEO Kurt Darrow highlighted:

    “Our fourth quarter started with a 20.4% increase in written same-store sales for the entire La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries network in February, and we experienced other examples of strength across our vast network of distribution. However, the trajectory of sales and earnings growth for the last two months of the year were significantly impacted by COVID-19 and mandated retail closures across North America.”

    The company divides revenue into four main segments:

  • Upholstery segment (largest segment, about 58.5% of revenue);
  • Casegoods segment (about 5% of revenue);
  • Retail segment sales (largest segment, about 32% of revenue);
  • Corporate and other (about 4.5% of revenue).
  • Overall, YTD, LZB stock is down about 14% — hovering at $27. The current price supports a dividend yield of 1.96%, and in Q4, the retailer returned $14.5 million to shareholders through share purchases and dividends. Also, the trailing P/E ratio of 16.3 and P/S ratio of 0.74 puts the company on my radar of furniture stocks making work from home more comfortable.

    That said, I’d buy the dips.

    Hot Furniture Stocks: Sleep Number (SNBR)

    Minnesota-based Sleep Number designs, manufactures and sells a line of Sleep Number beds, as well as bases and bedding accessories. The group describes its mission as “to improve lives by individualizing sleep experiences.” That said, you may be familiar with the company as maker of adjustable mattress systems.

    In late April, the group released strong Q1 results. Quarterly net sales increased 11% to $473 million, and diluted EPS grew 70% to a record $1.36.

    Sleep Number’s sales are mostly retail based (i.e., 92% of revenue), while the rest is mostly online and phone. Therefore, when the lockdown kicked in, weekly sales decreased by 80% as the company closed 80% of its stores.

    On that note, CEO Shelly Ibach said:

    “We expect the existing government-mandated closures to continue to place meaningful pressure on sales through May and to a lesser extent, into June, followed by a gradual recovery in the back half of the year.”

    The quarterly announcement also highlighted some dramatic cost-saving steps the retailer took, such as halting share buybacks, furloughing 40% of its workers and reducing executive compensation. Management also decreased 2020 planned capital expenditures to approximately $35 million versus previous plan of $60 million, with $10 million incurred in the first quarter.

    Moreover, YTD, SNBR shares are down about 15.1% — sitting just under $42. The trailing P/E ratio of 12.7 and P/S ratio of 0.7 may also interest long-term shareholders who may believe consumers will pay more attention to their health, including the quality of sleep.

    The group is expected to report Q2 earnings in late July. Therefore, you may want to see the fundamental metrics and performance before you hit the “buy” button. Earlier in March, the company withdrew its fiscal 2020 financial guidance due to the pandemic. Collectively, I regard Sleep Number as one of the furniture stocks to add to portfolios — especially if there is any further price weakness toward the $35-level in the second half of the year.

    Tezcan Gecgil has worked in investment management for over two decades in the U.S. and U.K. In addition to formal higher education in the field, she has also completed all 3 levels of the Chartered Market Technician (CMT) examination. Her passion is for options trading based on technical analysis of fundamentally strong companies. She especially enjoys setting up weekly covered calls for income generation. As of this writing, Tezcan did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

    Source: investorplace.com

    Author: By Tezcan Gecgil, InvestorPlace Contributor

    5 online hookup internet sites that really work – Dreamtouchtravels

    5 online hookup internet sites that really work – Dreamtouchtravels

    5 online hookup internet sites that really work

    Mar 24, 2020, 8:50 pm*

    In this and age of internet dating, there are literally hundreds of online hookup sites for you to choose from day. However, if you’re busy or travel usually, dating is both initial and final thing on your thoughts. The maximum amount of that it’s supposed to be fun and stress-free for everyone as you may crave intimacy, even finding the time to swipe on a profile can be tough–and isn’t the whole point of casual dating?

    Enter the question that is age-old Do online hookup web sites actually work? From just exactly what we’ve discovered, this will depend on the webpage you utilize if the type is offered by it of relationship options you’re looking (if any at all). Than others if you are aware of the different sites and what they offer, certain sites will perform better for you.

    How do you know which online hookup sites really work? Well, to begin with, the list is checked by you below. After skimming a Not safer for is badoo real anybody amount dating internet site reviews we’ve compiled a summary of the websites almost certainly to truly get you laid.

    InstantHookups allows you to browse for just what you would like by catering pages centered on your filters that are select. Specify high or quick, slim or dense, toned or curvy, blond, brunette, redhead, green-eyed, blue-eyed, long-haired, short-haired…the list continues on. You could get certain on intimate passions such as for instance submissive, dominant, kinky, vanilla, and much more InstantHookups. And since your website takes benefit of GPS-based AutoMatch, your matches that are potential just a couple of ticks away.

    Along with casual online dating services in the us, Canada, as well as the great britain, Xpress provides users to be able to boost their social interaction skills AKA “game” by firmly taking quizzes, playing online flash games, reading advice columns, and interacting within niche communities.

    Deciding on a more approach that is forward SoNaughty encourages users to “express your sexual desires without the anxiety about judgment or embarrassment, meet open-minded and intimately adventurous peers, and discover the absolute hottest intercourse you will ever have. ” When you would you like to slice the bullshit and acquire right to the eXXXcitement, SoNaughty will support your research for enjoyable.

    AFF has become the most well-known hookup that is online, also it hosts the world’s biggest online intercourse and swinger community. Not merely is linking with individuals in your area super simple, but users also get usage of several thousand articles and member blogs specialized in intercourse, dating, and much more.

    If you’re selecting online hookup sites like Craigslist, you would like GetItOn. GetItOn makes it super readily available what you would like by simply making the enrollment procedure incredibly detailed. I suppose they reside by the motto you should just do it yourself if you’re going to do something right. GetItOn dem0nstrates that by having people offer every information regarding their dream sex-life before also letting them flick through possible matches. Which saves your time into the run that is long as your dating profile makes what you’re looking clear.


    The day-to-day Dot may get a repayment relating to acquisitions of services or products showcased in this specific article. View here for more information.

    Marisa Losciale focuses on NSFW culture, sound gear, and photography. A previous editorial and picture manager for Spoon University at SUNY brand brand New Paltz, her work happens to be featured when you look at the Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies, Post-Trash, this new Paltz Oracle, in addition to Legislative Gazette.

    Movie of Bretman Rock saying the N-word resurfaces

    Uncover the depths of the sexual appetite with one of these cam that is fetish

    Twitch users come in awe after streamer attempts to return donations

    Former Playboy Playmate uploaded Instagram that is strange video death

    Whether shopping for a fresh wife or just a night out together when it comes to symphony, an escalating quantity of older Canadians are turning to online dating sites.

    “we have always been finding more each day seniors are receiving online, which is one of several quickest demographics looking at technology, ” states Jennifer Cairns, co-founder of eGurus, a technology tutoring business for individuals over 55.

    Cairns is hosting a workshop a few weeks in Victoria to help people navigate dating that is online. Looking for love as being a senior? Cairns provides these tips that are useful

    Everyone you meet will likely not become a great match, it a little more anonymous than the everyday email you use with your family and friends so you want to keep.

    A great deal for the old-fashioned relationship internet sites like eHarmony and a great amount of Fish, are actually providing to the over 55 demographic, whereas five years ago it absolutely wasn’t a part of the people they’d fundamentally target.

    There are certain websites that are dating seniors, such as for instance Senior Friend Finder, Senior Match and Senior People Meet.

    Read the print that is fine registering. That you can decide if you want to continue if you have a free trial, put a reminder in your calendar so.

    Most of the time with compensated websites it really is a automated renewal. Investigate whether the option is had by you to choose away.

    Honesty could be the policy that is best. You can get a far greater response having a photograph on the internet and websites recommend having action shots.

    Make fully sure your profile is up to date and start to become certain regarding the passions and hobbies. It is hard to share with you ourselves, therefore pose a question to your friends for help.

    Additionally, do not add an excessive amount of information that is personal since this may hand out your target, as an example.

    If you do opt to fulfill somebody, use your street smarts. Meet in an area that is public do not inform them your geographical area.

    You’ve gotn’t actually met them yet, which means you must be mindful of these protection dangers. The big thing is to hear your gut.

    Cairns’ online workshop that is dating seniors will need spot at 1:00 p.m. PT on Tuesday at Silver Threads in Victoria.

    To know the interview that is full Jennifer Cairns, tune in to the audio labelled internet dating for seniors

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    Author: Mattu McLand

    What is Travel Therapy and How Does it Work?

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