One in six Americans earn money in online gig work

More than half of the online gig workers said they wanted to save extra money or cover gaps in their incomes.Roughly six in 10 gig workers said the money they earned has been essential or important for meeting their basic needs

Play to earn play games to earn money

Recently, the development trend of Gamefi platforms with the explosion of Play to earn games such as Axie Infinity, Elemon… is attracting a lot of players and investors. The truth about Play to earn – play games to earn money. What is Play to Earn? Play to earn (P2E) is a new business model of […]

Meta to skill 1 crore small businesses, 2,50,000 creators in India

“India’s not just the largest country for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, it’s also where in many ways, the future of the internet is being shaped. We see this office as an opportunity for us to build a space that does not just house our largest team in the country, but will also be a space that deeply engages with the world outside,” Facebook India (Meta) Vice President and Managing Director Ajit Mohan told reporters here. Get more Small Business News and Business News on Zee Business.