“Small Business Digital Alliance” that provides access to e-commerce tools

Washington — The Small Business Administration (SBA) and Business Forward Inc., a non-profit organization that works with small business leaders to support policies that promote US economic competitiveness, announce the launch of a small business digital alliance. Did.

A public-private co-sponsor, the Small Business Digital Alliance connects SMEs with technology resources to start and expand their e-commerce business. The new initiative will include a series of free briefings and training to help small businesses access and use these digital tools to enter new markets, find diverse talent, improve operations and raise funds. Is also included.

“The global economy is becoming more and more digital, especially in the process of a pandemic, and SMEs have been pivoting and adapting by adopting technology at an incredibly high rate. With the new Small Business Digital Alliance. Through the deal with BusinessForward, SBA will help more small businesses accelerate their online and social media strategies, strengthen their businesses in ecommerce and engage with their current customers. ”SBA Administrator Isabel. Casillas Guzman said in a statement on Friday. As she gains access to the high-speed Internet, the SBA is ready for entrepreneurs to “innovate and leverage technology to take advantage of new opportunities to start, operate, grow and be resilient.” He added that he would work to ensure that.

Alliances help entrepreneurs expand their networks beyond the development of technical skills and access to tools. Specifically, according to a press release announcing the alliance, SBA and Business Forward will bring together business, government and economic development leaders through the alliance, allowing small business owners to “fully harness the power of technology. To promote growth. ”

According to the release, collaboration between the Small and Medium Business Administration and Business Forward through the Small Business Digital Alliance creates access to competitive opportunities and is at a disadvantage for small businesses, especially historically poorly serviced. Prioritize lowering barriers to entry from the community.

“In today’s economy, small businesses are attracting customers online, opening new markets, developing new products and earning capital, especially when small businesses partner with the community. We have tools and services. Business Forward President Jim Doyle said in a statement: “Free digital tools from local technology incubators in the community, VC firms, university labs, training programs, and global companies. By leveraging it, SMEs are more likely to succeed.

“Collaboration is very important. SBDA helps SMEs and their communities work together to achieve and maintain a significant amount for success.”

According to the Small and Medium Business Administration, the list of members of the Small Business Digital Alliance will be released in the coming weeks. Companies interested in supporting small businesses with training, insights and free digital tools can become part of the Small Business Digital Alliance by sending an email to info @ smallbusinessdigitalalliance.com.

For more information on the Small Business Digital Alliance, please visit: www.smallbusinessdigitalalliance.com.. For more information on Business Forward, please visit: www.businessforward.org.. For more information about the US Small and Medium Business Administration, please visit: www.sba.gov..

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