Norfolk will be the first city in Hampton Roads to restart jury trials. Here’s how they’ll work.

Norfolk will be the first city in Hampton Roads to restart jury trials. Here’s how they’ll work.

Only four courts in the state have been approved to bring jurors back. Norfolk’s will have to wear masks, sit six feet apart and deliberate in the courtroom. More than a quarter of Alabama households are headed by single mothers. Half are struggling to survive. Wednesday September 16, 2020: Don’t miss this FREE Live Broadcast Opportunity Presentation. (1099 Sales Position) You get your own FREE website and… Just How Online Dating Sites Can Perhaps Work For Your Needs To tell the truth, i am a skeptic with regards to online dating sites. Am we likely to think i could find “The One” on a software like Tinder? Just how many Tinder swipes are essential for me personally to get love that is […] Menu The Spartans were scheduled to play three home games this season, but those contests will be switched because work at Spartan Stadium isn’t complete.

Instead of being in a box as usual, jurors will be spaced out in the courtroom when jury trials resume in Norfolk. (City photo)

Instead of being in a box as usual, jurors will be spaced out in the courtroom when jury trials resume in Norfolk. (City photo)

NORFOLK — The jury is in again.

Norfolk is holding jury trials once more, almost exactly six months after the coronavirus pandemic forced local judges to shut them down.

The Norfolk Circuit Court is one of four places in Virginia that has won approval from the state Supreme Court to restart jury trials. Until then, the high court had, starting in mid-May, banned all lower courts from conducting them.

Norfolk’s judges had stopped jury trials — and in fact, had almost entirely shut down the courthouse — two months earlier, in mid-March. By late July, Chief Judge Mary Jane Hall was petitioning the state Supreme Court to let Norfolk’s judges restart jury trials.

“By enforcing a prolonged suspension of jury trials…the courts of Virginia find themselves in the unfortunate position of sanctioning deprivations of basic rights that our nation’s founders listed in the Declaration of Independence more than 200 years ago,” Hall wrote in submitting an eight-page plan to the Supreme Court.

That plan requires potential jurors wear a face mask and stay six feet apart while in the courthouse. Court officials will schedule potential jurors to arrive in groups of 30 about every two hours, give them regular breaks to wash their hands, and have them wait in groups of no more than 15.

That means jurors will no longer sit in jury boxes, but in seats that are six feet apart. And when they deliberate, jurors will no longer huddle up in a smaller side room, but try to hash out a verdict in an otherwise empty courtroom. The court clerk’s office said the first jury trial is set for Sept. 22.

Jury trials are some of the final cogs in the criminal justice system to start moving again, as the pandemic continues to spread. Norfolk’s judges have already begun hearing several other types of hearings, including plea agreements, sentencings, and even bench trials — trials in which a judge hears the evidence and gives a verdict.

But jury trials are much tougher to do safely in the midst of a pandemic. They require court officials to call in and round up dozens — if not hundreds — of people, traditionally something that’s happened all at the same time. Then they crowd them into one room where, if there are enough people, they sit cheek-by-jowl, waiting to be ushered into a nearby courtroom and questioned by a judge and lawyers. And if and when they are put on a jury, they again are sitting side-by-side with people, their fellow jurors, for hours or even days at a time.

The other three courts that the Supreme Court has allowed to restart jury trials are in Alleghany, Henrico and Stafford counties.

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Author: Jonathan Edwards

Raising kids with little support, underemployed or out of work. Single moms hit hard by COVID-19

Raising kids with little support, underemployed or out of work. Single moms hit hard by COVID-19

Jimmysa Thomas was in panic mode.

COVID-19 robbed a month of the day care worker’s wages in March. Behind on rent, the single mother of five was on the verge of losing the two-bedroom house she shared with three toddlers and two children younger than 10. 

By July, it became clear it was impossible to stay.   

“I couldn’t pay all my bills. I didn’t know how I was going to make ends meet. At that point, I knew I had to look for something else or me and my kids would be homeless,” she said.  

Like more than half of all single parents, Thomas receives little to no child support. As far as finances go, she was on her own.  

Searching for a new place to live amid a health crisis had its obvious challenges. For starters, most rental offices were closed. Four weeks later, she moved her children to a cheaper townhouse with an extra bedroom. Then virtual instruction began. Thomas had to figure out how to juggle work, school and child care. At every turn, a new obstacle arose.  

“I have my nervous breakdowns. My anxiety is probably three times worse because I try to keep it together and do so much at one time,” she said. “I’m all that they have to depend on.” 

Almost a quarter of U.S. children are raised by single parents. Thomas is one of 15 million American women and 4.5 million Black women who are sole providers and caretakers for their families.  

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many have seen their responsibilities increase and their earnings decline. They are among the hardest hit by its economic fallout. 

As fall approaches and uncertainty about the future grows, single mothers are grappling with poverty, job losses, hunger, illness, underemployment and unstable housing.  

Single mothers of color face the most desperate circumstances. Nearly 2 in 5 families headed by Black and Hispanic women live in poverty compared with 28% of white women. Native American women face the highest rates at 43%.  

According to census data, more than a quarter of Alabama households are headed by single mothers. Half are struggling to survive. 

Before the pandemic, Thomas could get her children off to school and day care before 8 a.m., giving her enough time to relieve a coworker on the opening shift. Now, her two school-aged children are required to log in to their online classrooms at the same time she clocks in. Her 4-year-old can’t complete the day’s lessons without her. 

After weeks of frustration and late starts, Thomas decided to transfer all five children to the day care where she works. She pays half of the tuition costs for her two oldest children while local nonprofit Family Guidance Center covers the remainder of their fees. It’s been a major help, but challenges remain. 

“Not only do I have to help 13 virtual students, I also have to help my own two kids,” said Thomas, who coaches cheerleading for her son’s peewee football team during the week. After school and practice, which resumed in June, she barely has time to cook most nights.  

There are days when Marquetta Johnson feels so burnt out she wishes she could climb back into bed before noon. The demands of virtual learning forced Johnson, a self-employed Montgomery realtor, to dramatically decrease her working hours. She has seven children, though only four currently live with her. Three are in school, and her youngest are in kindergarten and second grade.   

Between the hours of 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., one of the children uses Johnson’s work computer to complete their lessons. She uses her cell phone as needed.  

But, “how much can you really do from a phone?” she asks. “It limits you.” Now, work starts when school stops. Johnson’s hours have dropped from eight a day to just three.  

Most days it’s a job just to keep her youngest on task.  

“Trying to have them sit in front of a computer for so long, it frustrates them as well. Especially my kindergartner, his attention span is short,” Johnson said.  

Parents fear their children may fall behind if they can’t adapt. Some have created informal “learning pods,” pooling their money between a handful of mothers to pay for additional tutoring if they can afford it.

More:Six months into pandemic, educational inequalities likely to be wider for some students

Taujuanna Ware is the founder of the Single Mom Network, a platform where women share resources and trade advice on everything from managing finances to staying sane. Ware hails from Tallassee but is based in Atlanta where she runs a marketing company as well. Before the pandemic, things were going great for her business, now she says she’s scraping, too. 

As a single mother she has also struggled with balancing self-employment and Zoom schooling for her 14-year-old son.  

“I’m not smarter than a fifth-grader,” Ware said referencing the television game show, “I know he’s going to need a tutor on a couple things, so now I’ll have to find that extra income to pay for it.” 

The CARES Act doled out $1,200 in cash grants to adults earning less than $99,000 a year with $500 for each child under 17 years old. But critics say the one-time payments were not enough to keep out-of-work families afloat, many who were already living paycheck-to-paycheck.   

Since the $600 bonus added to unemployment payments through the act expired on July 25, Stephanie Tiller expects things will get worse. Tiller, who raised a son on her own after giving birth as a teen, is a Chattanooga-based host on Ware’s Single Mom Life podcast. She wonders how mothers receiving payments as small as $100 to $300 a week can survive.  

“That’s the normal cost of child care. It leaves little funds for bills or food,” Tiller said. “Now you have to ask people for help. A lot of single parents are not used to that.” 

Social isolation, financial stress and virtual schooling have left many parents at their wits end.  

“The mental side of it has torn these women apart. That anxiety will send you into depression. You ask some of these parents, it would probably hurt your soul to know they feel for real,” she said.  

At the end of August, Montgomery Public Schools announced its plans to reopen facilities in October. Parents will choose whether their child returns to school or continues with online instruction. Some single mothers remain fearful.

More:MPS prepares to open schools to students in October, asks families to complete survey

Thomas, the day care employee, said she felt her son learned best face-to-face and would send him back next month.  

Despite the difficulties, she has managed to weather the storm. 

“I have a roof over [my children’s] heads. I don’t have as many bills as I had in the other house. I feel like I’ve come a long way,” said Thomas.  

Contact Montgomery Advertiser reporter Safiya Charles at (334) 240-0121 or


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Author: Added by Bridget M McManus

Just How Online Dating Sites Can Perhaps Work For Your Needs

Just How Online Dating Sites Can Perhaps Work For Your Needs

Just How Online Dating Sites Can Perhaps Work For Your Needs

To tell the truth, i am a skeptic with regards to online dating sites. Am we likely to think i could find “The One” on a software like Tinder? Just how many Tinder swipes are essential for me personally to get love that is true?

Flippancy apart, we understand not everybody might rely on soulmates and even wedding for instance, but whatever your intent, do you really end up wondering if online dating even works? We’m sure I Really do.

Therefore does it certainly work? Could I find my husband to be, my real love? I invested days gone by months that are few an array of studies on online dating sites and wedding to see just what i possibly could find.

According to online dating sites literary works, dating solutions can not actually enhance relationship results. On internet dating sites like Match, which enable users to produce their particular relationship decisions, daters have a problem fulfilling the right lovers. Research has revealed that they’re struggling to make selections that are successful.

This may be because, as people, we have a tendency to maybe maybe maybe not really know what we want. Or perhaps the undeniable fact that these websites provide too choices that are many. Studies have shown that having way too many alternatives overwhelms us, and certainly will cause us to help make either bad decisions or no choice after all. An extra reason is the fact that online dating sites uses side-by-side comparisons. In the place of centering on just just how compatible we think one partner that is potential to us, we perform joint evaluations, that make us prioritize characteristics that do not actually matter to relationship success.

Algorithmic matching services like eHarmony and OkCupid do not fare better. Studies have shown no proof algorithm-based matching being effective. These algorithms give attention to searchable characteristics that are not predictive of relationship success (calculated by durable relationships and satisfaction). Searchable traits comprise of these effortlessly extracted from a man or woman’s profile, such as for instance age, faith, income level and competition. Just What actually issues are not these shallow, surface-level characteristics, but instead exactly exactly how a couple interact.

John Gottman, a renown specialist on marital stability and relationship success, has unearthed that in predicting relationships that are happy just how partners resolve disputes and whether or eastmeeteast mobile not they display good affect towards the other person matters many. Their research tips to interactions, affect and behavior due to the fact indicators of relationship results, in place of searchable characteristics that these online online dating services use for matching.

The number that is sheer of whom use internet dating services has recently improved dating leads. It is figures game. With many singles online — 11 % for the population that is US of 2013 to be precise — the likelihood of meeting somebody and developing a fruitful relationship has grown. The working platform and scale set off by these online dating services have now been a huge advantage for singles, particularly people that have typically smaller internet sites.

Gian Gonzaga, senior manager of research and development at eHarmony, described it because, “Imagine being in a club and exactly how difficult it could be to locate five individuals you may interact with. In the event that you really match those people at first, you are upping your probability of meeting someone. We place individuals seriously trying to find a relationship within one spot, in the time that is same. And so I think it is both the medium and it’s really the scale. And a matchmaker just understands so people that are many but you can find eight million or ten million users on eHarmony. “

Internet dating sites inherently attract singles who’re looking for relationships; along with the expansive amount of users, even based on opportunity, these websites might find a lot of flourishing relationship formations.

Perception additionally plays an integral part in determining relationship outcomes. Whenever we think a dating website can accurately match us with this many suitable partner, our probability of realizing success increases. Christian Rudder, the co-founder of this OkCupid that is popular regarding the users of their web site to explore the influence of perception. In his experiment, he took bad matches, people who matched by 30 %, and told them they matched by 90 per cent. Whenever users thought these were a 90 % match, they certainly were almost certainly going to contact as well as like one another.

To fight the findings that argue otherwise, i have show up with a listing of suggestions and insights for the time that is next begin pressing and swiping. This list had been put together after a sweep that is extensive of findings on online dating sites.

Here is exactly how online dating sites could function better for you personally:

? as soon as you meet somebody you are searching for, quickly go your conversations offline. On the web communication can enable the growth of closeness and attraction a lot better than conventional relationship if it is accompanied by a fast change to interaction that is face-to-face.

? never judge entirely centered on surface-level factors such as for instance appearance –these characteristics usually do not anticipate relationship satisfaction or success that is long-term.

? Evaluate prospective partners separately. It is possible to get sucked into comparing several individuals on these websites. Side-by-side comparisons lead to prioritization of unimportant characteristics whereas separate evaluations permit you to more carefully think of whether each partner is really a fit that is good.

? while you have more experience with internet dating, think about the last and study from mishaps. More experience with internet dating happens to be discovered to be predictive of relational success whenever daters have the ability to think on and adjust their dating techniques.

? Self-disclosure leads to greater success that is relational it improves intimacy and satisfaction. Self-disclosure can enhance closeness through the sharing of private information. It gives users with an increase of information regarding their prospective lovers, making it possible for better decision-making.

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Author: JohnMiller83

5 Tools That Can Make Online Education Work

5 Tools That Can Make Online Education Work

September 15, 2020

Online education is the flexible “always there” option that has saved the day, saved the global learning process from a rapid collapse. In times of uncertainty, it helped people continue their routine life with several adjustments. To keep it rolling and to use everything online education has to offer, it is important to use the tools that enhance the process of digital learning. Here are some of the most recognized tech tools that will help you enjoy distance education and use its potential to the fullest.


TED is already known all around the globe as a platform that offers “ideas worth sharing.” It is a goldmine of innovative ideas and impressive discoveries. In its own right, TED can be used to make online education a better version of the traditional education everyone is used to. However, the platform offers even more than that: TED-Ed. The latter is a project TED has developed to celebrate the ideas students and teachers come up with all around the world. With the help of this platform, teachers can create engaging, interactive lessons to keep their students busy and interested in education despite the lack of face-to-face communication they usually get in class. Teachers can use the platform to create video lessons, much like the talks that get delivered on TED. This innovative tool is what makes online education an equally good alternative, rather than a questionable substitution for regular education.


Canva is an excellent design platform that empowers both students and teachers when it comes to online education. There are hundreds of designs and templates on the platform, all of which can be used for free to create digital learning materials and engaging content pieces. Teachers can use it to create visually appealing and well-structured lesson plans, worksheets, and class schedules. At the same time, students can use the platform when coming up with creative presentations, leaflets, booklets, storyboards, and other pieces that can earn them extra points in the classroom. Suppose you have a project to deliver, some ideas you need to present and prove in front of the class. Using Canva for this will help you make your content engaging and entertaining, especially if you have to present the project online with all of your fellow students, not even being able to see you properly.


This one is a great planning tool that can be of great help in distance education. The transition from regular class education to online education has been quite a challenge in the midst of a global pandemic. Many people found it hard to get organized and structured in their work and studies. After all, everything comes down to self-discipline with the current situation. Luckily, Trello is one of the tools that have empowered online education by bringing structure and clarity into the process. It also gives a chance to prioritize tasks, see how many things are still left to do, and have many things that have already been taken care of. Trello is a little helper in the world of academia, much like academic writing services where one can say, do my paper and have a professional writer help them out with their assignments.


Mental health and its impact on education, students, and educators have been underestimated for a long time. However, recent events have proved just how important but, at the same time, fragile it is. That is why it is crucial to use technology to improve the mental health of everyone who is involved in online education. Calm is a great option for that. It is a mindfulness tool that offers meditation sessions and exercises to people of different ages as well as special programs tailored for students from pre-K through high school. What makes this tool even better is that it is free for teachers when using it in their educational process. Mindfulness has proved itself to be life-saving in uncertain times, and this tool does just that. It teaches people how to understand and use mindfulness to be more productive and relaxed in their daily life.


Pocket is a real find for online learners. It is even more relevant if you are in the middle of some research and need a storage platform to save all the interesting and useful articles you manage to dig up. With this tool, you can make something like bookmarks, save links, and categorize them by keywords to be able to find them when you actually have some free time to read. It is an excellent option if you tend to stumble upon some interesting books and articles and don’t have the time to read them but don’t want to lose them either. It is one of the tools that can make distance learning structured and organized.

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Author: By Special GuestMaria Norris

H.S. football: Deptford will hit the road as work on Spartan Stadium continues

H.S. football: Deptford will hit the road as work on Spartan Stadium continues

With its home digs still not ready for play, the Deptford High School football team will hit the road for the upcoming season.

The $2 million reconstruction project at the school that consists of a multi-sport turf field and an eight-lane track at Joe Corbi & Jim Hawkins Spartan Stadium isn’t fully complete, according to Deptford Athletic Director Irv McFarland III.

The Spartans were scheduled to play home games against Salem (Oct. 2), Kingsway (Oct. 23) and Glassboro (Oct. 30).

“The goal is to try to get it done in time to play the Glassboro game on our home field, but it might take a little longer,” McFarland said. “If that’s the case, all the (football) games will be on the road.”

The turf field will also be home to the Spartans’ boys and girls soccer and field hockey teams. McFarland said those squads will be able to play home games, competing on adjacent grass fields on campus.

The artificial turf surface for the field is in place, but work is still being completed on the track. The project began in December.

Tom McGurk is a regional sports reporter for the Courier-Post and The Daily Journal, covering South Jersey sports for over 30 years. If you have a sports story that needs to be told, contact him at (856) 486-2420 or email Follow him on Twitter at @McGurkSports. Help support local journalism with a Courier-Post subscription. 


Norfolk will be the first city in Hampton Roads to restart jury trials. Here’s how they’ll work.

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