Jets trade LB Jordan Willis to 49ers

Jets trade LB Jordan Willis to 49ers

The Jets are expected to be active sellers at the trade deadline. Despite angering China, hawks in Indian PM Modi’s government are keen to forge closer trade ties with Taiwan: Bloomberg Here are some trades that should be explored by teams looking to dump salary and teams needing a boost for playoff push The Chicago Bears are 5-1 and rolling. Yet, it seems as if no one is taking them seriously quite yet. Could a trade or two help their cause? We’ll answer all of that and more in this week’s mailbag. Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 10/22/20.

The 0-6 Jets made their second trade in the past few days when they dealt reserve outside linebacker Jordan Willis to the 49ers Wednesday, according to a source.

General manager Joe Douglas, who moved veteran defensive lineman Steve McLendon to the Buccaneers last weekend, is expected to be an active seller before the Nov. 3 trade deadline.

The Jets will get San Francisco’s 2022 sixth-round pick in exchange for Willis and Gang Green’s 2021 seventh-rounder.

Willis, who played just two games this season, had one fumble recovery in 46 snaps. He didn’t play in the past three games. The Jets have had promising edge production from John Franklin-Myers and undrafted rookie Bryce Huff in recent weeks.

Willis had one sack, two quarterback hits and seven combined tackles in 11 games for the Jets.


Author: Manish Mehta

India reportedly considers Taiwan trade talks, angering China

India reportedly considers Taiwan trade talks, angering China

Support is growing within India’s government to formally start talks on a trade deal with Taiwan as both democracies see relations with China deteriorate.

Taiwan has sought trade talks with India for several years, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has been reluctant to move ahead because it would involve a messy fight with China once any pact is registered at the World Trade Organization, according to a senior Indian government official who asked not be named, citing rules for speaking with the media.

Yet over the past few months the hawks in India who want to start trade talks are getting the upper hand, the official said. A trade deal with Taiwan would help India’s goal of seeking greater investments in technology and electronics, the official said, adding that it’s unclear when a final decision would be made on whether to start talks.

Earlier this month, Modi’s government gave approval to firms including Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, Wistron Corp. and Pegatron Corp. as he looks to attract investment worth more than 10.5 trillion rupees ($143 billion) for smartphone production over five years.

Indian Commerce Ministry spokesman Yogesh Baweja didn’t immediately respond to a request seeking comment. Taiwan’s top trade negotiator, John Deng, didn’t immediately respond to emails seeking comment.

Any formal talks with India would amount to a big win for Taiwan, which has struggled to begin trade negotiations with most major economies due to pressure from China. Like most countries, India doesn’t formally recognize Taiwan, with the two governments maintaining unofficial diplomatic missions in the form of “representative offices.”

India and Taiwan in 2018 signed an updated bilateral investment agreement in a bid to further expand economic ties. Trade between them grew 18% to $7.2 billion in 2019, according to India’s Department of Commerce.

India “should remain committed to the One China principle and approach Taiwan-related issues prudently and properly,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told a daily briefing in Beijing on Tuesday. “There is only one China in the world and Taiwan is an inalienable part of China. One China Principle is a universal consensus of the international community, India included.”

President Tsai Ing-wen’s administration has raised its profile in India in recent weeks after China issued a statement telling Indian media outlets not to refer to Taiwan as a country when reporting on its Oct. 10 National Day celebrations. Twitter users in India lambasted China and its ambassador to New Delhi, Sun Weidong, while heaping praise on Taiwan and making the hashtag #TaiwanNationalDay go viral.

Indian public sentiment toward China has fallen in the wake of deadly border clashes between the two neighbors starting in May. Modi’s government has since banned dozens of Chinese apps including TikTok, while also speaking with Japan, Australia and the U.S. about creating alternative supply chains to diversify away from China in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. India has seen more than 7.5 million infections and 115,000 deaths from Covid-19.

China’s Insistence That Taiwan Isn’t a Country Starts Backfiring

That displeasure with China, as well as Taiwan’s successful handling of the pandemic, is translating into a soft power opportunity for Tsai. Taiwan’s 24 million have seen fewer than 600 infections and only seven deaths.

“We have to think about the way for democracies, for like-minded countries, to work further together,” Taiwan foreign minister Joseph Wu said during an interview last week on the television network India Today. “We have traditional good relations with the United States, with Japan, and we want to develop closer ties with India as well.”

Tsai, who was voted into a second term in a January landslide, has sought to capitalize on the wave of interest in Taiwan among Indians online. On October 11, she thanked Indian Twitter users who had sent national day greetings. Two days later she went viral again, posting photos of her visiting the Taj Mahal.

On October 15, Tsai tweeted a photo of Indian food accompanied by a cup of masala chai, which some Twitter users saw as a possible reference to the so-called Milk Tea Alliance that has united activists from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and elsewhere against Chinese nationalism. All three tweets received more than 40,000 likes each and thousands of friendly messages from Indian accounts.

China’s Communist Party, which claims Taiwan as its territory despite having never ruled it, has pushed back against the Tsai administration’s overtures to India.

“We urge relevant Indian media to adhere to the correct position with regard to the significant core interests of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” Ji Rong, a spokesperson for China’s embassy in New Delhi, said in a statement on Friday. Indian media, Ji continued, “should not provide ‘Taiwan independence’ forces a platform, so as to avoid sending the wrong message.”

Sana Hashmi, a fellow at Taipei-based National Chengchi University and author of “China’s Approach Towards Territorial Disputes: Lessons and Prospects,” said it makes sense for India to align with Taiwan economically.

“Increasingly there seems to be an awareness not just among Indians but even in other nations about how China has dictated relationships in the region,” said Hashmi, who has penned op-eds in Taiwanese and Indian media encouraging closer ties between the two democracies. “And it’s not like China is going to give any concessions to India or Taiwan for toeing its line.”


2020 NFL Trade Deadline: Potential matches teams that need a boost should be exploring

2020 NFL Trade Deadline: Potential matches teams that need a boost should be exploring

The trade deadline in the NFL, even in the best of times, is a tricky proposition. The league is still slow to embrace the process, in general, owners tend to be stuck in their ways and the groupthink about how difficult it is to integrate a new player into such complex and nuanced systems (spare me) still runs rampant.

Throw in the mumbo jumbo about “not wanting to hurt the on-field product” for teams that already stink, and the usual risk aversion that many owners and general managers harbor, and all the false hope teams talk themselves into about that late playoff run they might go on, and it makes for a bleak climate. Add in a pandemic with new challenges to adding players to rosters and longer delays with onboarding players and it’s even easier for teams to talk themselves out of what really needs to be done. 

But I can’t help but wonder, with revenues already down in 2020 and with the 2021 season also far from certain, and with the cap staying flat at best next year, if some owners might embrace saving millions in salary at a time when in most places only a handful of fans, at most, can actually attend games. I wonder if the fact that two GMs have already been fired in-season, with at least five others on some degree of a hot seat, might prompt them to try to preserve their jobs potentially by getting a jump start on a rebulld by the deadline (proving their worth by how much salary they can shed and how many draft picks they can accrue).

Maybe, just maybe, we get a few meaningful transactions at the end of the month, when that deadline comes up the Tuesday after Week 8. If anything, parity is out the window this season with a cluster of teams with four or more wins (13) and another nine who have been hapless (1 win or fewer). So we can always hope for a decent amount of action, and as always expect to see the usual suspects trying to get better before the deadline (Patriots, Eagles, Ravens, 49ers, Seahawks).

Here’s a look at some potential trade matches that I would be exploring if my team needed a boost before the deadline:

Both are former Ravens first round picks who did not work out. Both are still young and cheap and, more to the point, speedy and athletic. Baltimore has no secondary option in the passing game beyond the Big 2 (tight end Mark Andrews and receiver Hollywood Brown). Jets GM Joe Douglas spent years with the Ravens and they have strong relationships. He badly needs picks and Perriman is on a one-year deal. The Falcons have not got Hurst going much, they fired everyone already and while giving back Hurst for a lot less than you gave up to get him is less than ideal … well, so is going 2-13 over your first five games each of the last three seasons. I’d inquire about Irv Smith from the Vikings as well.

They were sniffing around him and Jadeveon Clowney all off-season but couldn’t make anything work. Hard to afford those big one-year salaries with their cap situations. But $6.5M for half a season? Why not. The Vikings are a mess and need to shed salary, fast, and the defense is god awful with this pass rusher there. John Schneider is never afraid to be bold and Ngakoue would be highly motivated as a pending free agent.

Yeah, he’s already been there and it didn’t go great. But familiarity is more vital than ever with the Covid climate the NFL is operating in, they know his warts and know what he does best and they badly need some element of speed in the passing game. The Texans are looking to shed salary and Houston executive Jack Easterby has deep Patriots ties (even if he left on less than ideal terms).  Trading a two for Mohamed Sanu a year ago backfired, but the need is still acute.

They need a boost at linebacker but expect to get much healthier after their bye at offensive line and wide receiver. The NFC Least is sitting there for the taking and GM Howie Roseman is all about that trade action. Yeah Cummingham just signed a new deal and sure, the Eagles have some cap stuff to sort through, but maybe they sort out a creative means to get it done. Having him able to run around and help in pass coverage would be huge.

This just might not be their year with all of the injuries. The offense may be able to survive all it has lost, but no Nick Bosa or Solomon Thomas, after already trading DeForest Buckner is too much to overcome. Having Mercilus off the edge might be just what they need to get back to the playoffs. He isn’t as impactful as he once was but a change of scenery and scheme might help do the trick. They went big for Emanuel Sanders a year ago. Maybe Carlos Dunlap would work, too, if the Bengals will actually acknowledge that the trade deadline exists on the NFL calendar this year (and there is a good chance they won’t).

Losing Vita Vea is huge. Massive. He is like a one-man zip code who can do it all. Eat up people in the run game. Collapse the pocket. It’s been a while since we’ve seen that from Atkins, but the pedigree is there and he has had very little around him in recent years in Cincy. Again, I don’t think Mike Brown will do this, even for guys who have made it clear they want out, but he definitely should. And the Bucs are in Super Bowl or bust mode with Tom Brady and the defense has been leading the way thus far.


Author: Jason La Canfora

Bears Mailbag: Trade deadline activity, future quarterback solutions and how to fix the running game

Bears Mailbag: Trade deadline activity, future quarterback solutions and how to fix the running game

Another week and another win for the Chicago Bears in Week 6. Despite kicking off Week 7 in first place, it appears there’s more doubt about this team than there was coming into the season. Football Outsiders is currently giving them a 76.4 percent chance to make the playoffs, yet talks of them being the “worst 5-1 team in NFL history” persist.

The good news? They’ve got another stiff three games ahead that will undoubtedly test them in new ways. That should serve as yet another “temperature check” in terms of how “real” this Bears team truly is. For my money, they’re pretty real. Even if they are winning ugly and barely getting by on the scoreboard each week.

With that being said, there’s plenty of questions heading into Week 7. The trade deadline is rapidly approaching and it wouldn’t be Bears talk if there weren’t quarterback questions.

Why do so many bears fans want to fire everyone and start from scratch with a 5-1 team and an elite defense?

Phil, I’ve sat here to start the week and wondered the same thing myself. The Bears are 5-1, yet if you listened to sports radio or jumped on Twitter, you’d think they were sitting at 1-5.

I get it. They haven’t been overly impressive so far and they’re just getting by in order to win games. I also understand that advanced metrics (to a certain extent) have shown to this point that this current run for the Bears isn’t likely to be sustainable. Even so, they are in first place and have a 5-0 conference record to top it off. Even if they went 5-5 the rest out of the way, that should absolutely land them a Wild Card spot, due in part to their hot start within the NFC.

Clearly the offense is an issue and if they want to win meaningful games in January, it needs to be a heck of a lot better. But even so, they are 5-1. Ultimately, I think if the Bears were scoring 30 points-per-game and their defense was giving up 27 points-per-game, most would be impressed because it’s an offensive league. Since the script has been flipped, the perception is different. They just went 2-1 in a tough stretch of games and have another trio of hard matchups starting Monday night. I would guess if they go 2-1 in those games, people will be forced to believe in a team with a high strength of victory and a 7-2 overall record. Really, the goal should be getting into the bye week at 7-3.

With all of that being said, the Bears sure do seem to play better being underdogs. For as annoying as this must be for fans, I’m not sure the team shares the same feelings. Motivation from outside noise might be the team’s biggest driver so far in 2020.

Do the Bears continue to ride with Coward at LG, give Bars a shot, or look in free agency/trade?

I would guess that general manager Ryan Pace will at least look into short-term trade options but as we’ve seen in years past, NFL trades are not nearly as likely to come by as deadlines like Major League Baseball. My best guess is that they’ll end up rolling with what they have for another week or two before calling in a more proven veteran. In my opinion, Rashaad Coward didn’t look remotely improved from last year. Alex Bars also struggled badly against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when he came in for James Daniels.

Pace doesn’t really strike me as the type of general manager that will go out and make much of a move unless a good deal comes along. This is still a team tight against the cap in the near future and also a team that will finally have a full slate of draft picks for the first time in years. Although as of this morning, Quinton Spain was released from the Buffalo Bills and he’s someone that makes quite a bit of sense for the Bears at the right price. So if they were to make a move, he would probably make the most sense as of right now.

I think the Bears are unlikely to make a trade but the recent release of Spain could be a blessing in disguise when it comes to an impactful move in terms of a free agent move.

How on earth do the Bears solve their run game problems?

The question Bears fans have asking themselves since 2018, which coincidentally (or not) lines up with the start of the Matt Nagy era in Chicago.

We saw earlier in the year that the Bears are indeed capable of running the ball effectively. Even though part of that was against a pair of bad defenses. Another piece was that they still had Tarik Cohen and James Daniels healthy and the last part is well, they were actually being creative.

Since Week 1, we’ve seen very little creativity from the run game. In recent weeks, Cordarrelle Patterson has even stopped getting the ball out of the backfield as much. On top of all of that, this offensive staff is almost refusing to run anything but inside zone. In the first two weeks, they ran more outside zone and it was effective.

They’ve also run much more out of the shotgun, which is a simple causation of having Nick Foles behind center.

All in all, I’m not sure much can be done about their running game in the short-term. They’d be best suited to start mixing things up again, running more outside, using different players except for David Montgomery (including calling up Lamar Miller) and running less predictably out of the shotgun. Even so, this offensive line is just not good enough. Long story short, I don’t think there is any magic fix coming in this year.

Would you look at trading away Anthony Miller and maybe bringing in someone like Jamison Crowder or Will Fuller?

Anthony Miller has become quite the popular topic of conversation amongst Bears fans over the past few weeks and rightfully so. To put it lightly, the former second rounder has been dreadful for the majority of the season.

Not only does Miller lack simple details as a route runner, he’s dropping passes. On Sunday afternoon, he took a first down off the board with his lack of awareness on third down. All in all, his play is not what you’d expect from a former second round pick, yet here we are.

I would guess Miller has minimal trade value right now but if they were able to add a better fit at receiver than could actually be coached, I’d be all for it. With that being said, I think if Miller is going to be moved, it’ll happen in the off-season and likely not be a player-for-player type deal. Probably more of a mid-to-late round pick type scenario. The Bears cannot be happy with what they’ve received from Miller since being drafted, though.

I’d also add that they’ll need to add at least one, if not two receivers this off-season and that’s with the expectation that they somehow retain Robinson for 2021 and hopefully beyond.

Is it possible the reason Robinson isn’t re-signed is because Nagy wants more speed on the outside? Bears get almost no YAC. Is this holding back what Nagy wants to do?

I would personally be shocked if that were the case.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Allen Robinson is the Bears’ best offensive player and it’s not even close. He doesn’t possess great speed and he’s not overly athletic but he’s a reliable target and has become one of the best receivers in the league, despite hideous quarterback play for the majority of his career.

The reason Robinson hasn’t been extended yet has everything to do with money. Whether it’s coming down to overall money or how that cash will be dispersed out over the life of the deal, that’s the hold up. It has nothing to do with fit or lack of ability.

Whether or not the Bears get an extension done remains to be seen. But make no mistake, if the money lines up, they’ll make it happen.

Seriously, where do we go in terms of QB? There’s a chance Zach Wilson plays himself into the early-mid first round and seeing as Lance and Fields are likely gone by the time we pick, does it even make sense to draft him at day 20-25? We still need a SS and probably OL help.

That’s a great question and one that continues to get murkier and murkier the more games this team win.

Going into the season, many had the Bears slotted as under an eight-win team. Yet here we are heading into Week 7 and they are already over half way there. Obviously that’s a good thing but it also makes projecting their future quarterback situation much tougher. With that being said, I do believe there are four first-round caliber quarterbacks in this upcoming draft class. Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, Trey Lance, and BYU’s Zach Wilson.

Lawrence and Fields are both going top-five and there’s an argument to be made that another quarterback could go within the first 20 picks as well. With that being said, the likelihood of all four going before the Bears pick (likely early-to-mid 20’s at this point) are slim to none.

Conventional wisdom tells me that both Lance and Wilson will be more realistic targets. But as you’ve pointed out, the Bears have plenty of other needs to fill, including the offensive line and offensive weapons overall.

Only time will tell on that but don’t be surprised if they try to acquire someone already in the league with some upside still left, which will bring me to my next question below.

Thinking alot about offseason… Do you think Chicago will be in the Sam Darnold trade talks?

I think a lot of that is going to come down to asking price. At this point, you can probably put the New York Giants in that same boat with Daniel Jones. While both Sam Darnold and Jones make sense to a certain extent, my guess is that both teams will still be asking for decently high picks (third-round or better) for either one of these young quarterbacks.

The other aspect of this is: Does someone like Dak Prescott or even Derek Carr become available this off-season? Carr would have to be a trade target but maybe Prescott somehow, some way hits the free agent market.

The Bears are going to have their pick of a few options. I think a lot of it comes down to how close they view themselves going into the off-season and maybe more important, where they end up drafting at and how much they love the third and fourth options in this upcoming draft class.

As we’ve known for a while now, the Bears don’t have their long-term quarterback currently on the roster. Now the question is when and how they’ll address that lingering question.

I’d ask you if water is wet but apparently there seems to be some sort of controversy behind that age old question. So, I’ll simply answer this by saying, yes. To be completely fair, I think most of the national media will take the Los Angeles Rams at home. I mean, they did open as 6.5 point favorites, which seems extremely high to me but as the Chicago Tribune’s Brad Biggs pointed out last week, Las Vegas is simply not high on the Bears this year.


Author: Aaron Leming

Linebacker trade target for the Eagles?

Linebacker trade target for the Eagles?

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links …

2020 NFL Trade Deadline: Potential matches teams that need a boost should be exploring – CBS Sports
Eagles – Zach Cunningham. They need a boost at linebacker but expect to get much healthier after their bye at offensive line and wide receiver. The NFC Least is sitting there for the taking and GM Howie Roseman is all about that trade action. Yeah Cummingham just signed a new deal and sure, the Eagles have some cap stuff to sort through, but maybe they sort out a creative means to get it done. Having him able to run around and help in pass coverage would be huge. [BLG Note: Can’t see the Eagles taking on this contract but maybe they’ll look for linebacker help elsewhere.]

Weapon X Mailbag: What’s the Eagles’ endgame with Jalen Hurts? – BGN
Do you really, truly take a quarterback on Day 2 to be soley that type of backup? It just doesn’t feel right to me. On top of the short-term injury issues with Wentz missing time, there’s obviously a long-term component as well. If Carson Wentz yet again doesn’t finish the season or suffers a catastrophic injury, the Eagles want a quarterback they believe can be a legit QB1 for them under center. Call it Russell Wilson guilt, but the prospect of passing on a quarterback of Hurts’ caliber, whatever the Eagles consider that to be, was too much for this front office.

Eagles-Ravens Aftermath + Giants Preview + NFL Picks – BGN Radio
Jimmy Kempski and Brandon Lee Gowton work through their weekly Wentz confidence index, give their takeaways from the Eagles loss to the Ravens, ask for more Jalen Hurts, ask if the Eagles will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, preview the Giants, make their NFL Picks & more! Powered by SB Nation and Bleeding Green Nation.

Eagles vs. Giants: Five matchups to watch – PhillyVoice
As you can see, Daniel Jones has had at least one turnover in every game he has played, with the lone exception being a Week 16 game against the Football Team. The Eagles have the second-worst turnover differential in the NFL, at -7, and only five teams in the NFL have fewer takeaways. They must find a way to take the ball away from an offense that is extremely prone to coughing it up.

Game Preview – NYG at PHI – Iggles Blitz
I’ll be interested to see what the Eagles do at RB and TE. Boston Scott is the top RB. Richard Rodgers is the top TE. Scott had a big day against the Giants last year, but that was playing behind a good OL. The Giants D is better this year and the Eagles OL isn’t nearly as good. You have to feed RBs so it will be interesting to see how Scott, Corey Clement and Jason Huntley are used. With DeSean on one side and Travis Fulgham on the other, the Eagles actually have a pair of playmaking receivers. If the line can give Carson Wentz time, he should have chances to make plays. That could be fun to watch. The Giants won’t blitz as much as the Ravens or Steelers. That should help the OL.

The Eagles’ decision to activate Alshon Jeffery is inexcusable – Inquirer
Alshon Jeffery has yet to play in a game for the Eagles this season, and, at this point, it’s fair to speculate whether he ever will. Most Eagles fans would be quite all right with that. It’s a wonder Howie Roseman continues to welcome the daily reminder of one of his worst contracts, and, perhaps more embarrassing, the inexplicable wasting of a roster spot for seven weeks. While the Eagles have lost young prospects, such as tight end Noah Togiai and defensive end Casey Toohill, to the waiver wire, and established reserves, such as cornerback Rasul Douglas, all while becoming the most injured team in the NFL, Jeffery has languished on the 53-man roster.

A four-win NFC East champ? How it could happen, plus predictions from our staff – ESPN
The Eagles have been ripped apart by injuries each of the past three seasons, but even for them, this is ridiculous. Quarterback Carson Wentz and center Jason Kelce were the only original members of the offense on the field by the end of Sunday’s loss to the Baltimore Ravens. It will be a struggle every week, but with Prescott lost for the season, the Eagles have the clear-cut top QB in the division in Wentz, as well as a Super Bowl winning coach in Doug Pederson and some mettle-tested veterans. That should be enough to clean up in the remainder of their divisional games. Predicted finish: 6-9-1.

Ranking all 32 NFL starting quarterbacks after Week 6 of the 2020 season – PFF
17. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles. Wentz opened the season up in a funk that looked terminal at times. He looked as though he could barely throw a football, and even though he was making solid decisions and reads, you wouldn’t know it by where the ball was ending up. However, he pulled himself out of the tailspin somewhere in the middle of the 49ers game, and since that point, his PFF grade has been around 20 grading points higher, even if the wins haven’t yet followed. Wentz has been dealing with his team’s massive injury crisis — which hasn’t helped — but if he continues his improved play, he will likely claw his way back up the rankings.

A gulpful of good news on the injury front means … –
The Eagles have been throwing it down the field, even with Jackson playing just 34 percent of the snaps. He’s played in just three games with 10 catches for 120 yards, hardly the numbers we all expected. Jackson has increased his level of participation in practice for a few weeks now – he was a “full participant” in the team’s walkthrough practice on Wednesday, but where he is, physically? That’s really the question. How confident is Jackson in opening up and knowing that his hamstring will be fine? The Eagles aren’t practicing this week, per se, so it will be hard for Jackson to know how his hamstring will respond in a game situation until, you know, he’s in a game situation. But having him on the field for however many reps he can give the offense will make the Giants account for his speed and deep-threat ability. It also would take some pressure away from wide receiver Travis Fulgham and provide quarterback Carson Wentz another outside threat. New York’s top cornerback is James Bradberry, who is playing at a Pro Bowl level. The Eagles can send out Jackson and Fulgham and use Greg Ward inside; then incorporate John Hightower and his speed for more outside pressure on the secondary. And it could have a chance to succeed in part because…

Eagles-Giants cheat sheet: picks, predictions, key matchups, injuries and more – The Athletic
Kapadia: I’ve seen progress from Wentz the past two weeks and thought Fulgham played well again last week. With Johnson back, I expect the Eagles to be able to move the ball. And their defensive line should dominate this matchup. It could be ugly in the first half but eventually the Eagles pull away. Eagles 27, Giants 17.

The real difference between the Eagles and Cowboys – NBCSP
“Why is that? Because what Andy Reid and his program stand for is the opposite of what the Cowboys stand for. The Cowboys are a star system. It’s all about building around individuals first and collecting talent, collecting great players. Andy has always been about building a team. And over the long haul, it’s a team sport, and one of the greatest examples of that is what’s happened with the Eagles and the Cowboys over the last 10 years. The Cowboys stand for everything that’s wrong with the NFL.”

2020 Fantasy Football Rankings: Quarterbacks for Week 7 – Fake Teams
18) Carson Wentz — Wentz has been getting it done for fantasy purposes with some scrappy play.

Giants at Eagles: 5 questions with Bleeding Green Nation – Big Blue View
There isn’t a whole lot that diehard New York Giants fans don’t know about the Philadelphia Eagles. They know the Eagles have beaten the Giants roughly a gazillion times in a row. They know classy Eagles fans love rubbing the noses of Giants fans in that losing streak. They know the NFC East stinks as a whole. They know there are certain Eagles’ players whose names they would like to forget. Anything else? Let’s turn to Bleeding Green Nation’s Brandon Lee Gowton for this week’s ‘5 questions’ to find out.

Week 7 offers opportunity to all 4 NFC East teams – Hogs Haven
Week 7 is guaranteed to be the first week of the 2020 season in which an NFC East division team doesn’t lose to a non-divisional opponent. The reason is that the four teams play each other, with the Giants @ Eagles kicking off the week on Thursday Night Football. The Cowboys will travel to Washington for a Sunday afternoon matchup. I thought it might be useful to use a decision tree format to look at what the possible outcomes are for the division standings come Sunday night. There are only four.

How confident are you in the Dallas Cowboys at the moment? – Blogging The Boys
As you can see, Cowboys fans are at their lowest point of confidence in the team all season with an 8% level. They are actually the third-lowest among SB Nation communities (Jacksonville Jaguars fans sit at 7% while New York Jets fans are at 6%). It should again be said that Cowboys fans were expecting a very successful season so there is more room for drop-off, but even considering that, they have stumbled a significant ways down. The thing about the Cowboys right now isn’t just that they’re losing or even that they’re getting embarrassed in humiliating fashion. They seem to be a broken organization and are at the point where reports of discontent are already emerging between the players and coaches only six games into the Mike McCarthy era. That is as red of a flag as there can be.

Report: Seahawks sign Mychal Kendricks to their practice squad – Field Gulls
The Seahawks went through their bye week with an open spot on the practice squad and didn’t immediately fill it upon returning to the building on Monday. By Wednesday morning they had, however, with ESPN’s Adam Schefter reporting Mychal Kendricks was returning to Seattle as a member of the practice squad.

SB Nation NFL Expert Picks, Week 7: Russell Wilson vs. Kyler Murray is must-see TV – SB Nation
What do we really know through the first six weeks of the young NFL season? Russell Wilson looks like the MVP, Derrick Henry is making power backs cool again, the Steelers’ young talent seems to have rejuvenated Ben Roethlisberger, the Chicago Bears keep finding a way to win despite having one of the league’s worst offenses, and the NFC East is terrible. We’re about to learn what’s real and what isn’t as the league heads into Week 7 and suddenly closes in on the halfway point of the regular season.

The real death toll from the pandemic in America may already be 300,000 – Vox
The official Covid-19 mortality figures might be dramatically underestimating the real death toll of the pandemic in the US, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). From late January to early October, nearly 300,000 “excess deaths” occurred in America, the report authors estimate. That’s about a third more than the 216,025 coronavirus deaths the US reported in the same period.

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Jets trade LB Jordan Willis to 49ers

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