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Investment & installations :: Packaging News

Investment & installations featured on Packaging News. The magazine about industrial, retail and food packaging materials & design news. News from East Westphalia-Lippe. Information about events, sports, politics and business. Norwegian oil and gas investment, a key economic driver, is expected to decline sharply in 2021 after rising less than previously anticipated this year, an

News on investment and equipment installations at packaging manufacturers, packing operations and materials suppliers

Baker Labels is producing digital flexible packaging through its BakPac division, following a £2.5m investment in equipment and factory renovations. 

Carton giant SIG is set to supply one of the largest European greenfield UHT milk projects, spearheaded by Hochwald, one of the largest German dairy cooperatives.

Macsa ID has won a contract with parts supplier TVH after a trial where its CO2 laser marking technology outperformed inkjet printers.

Fabcon Food Systems has supplied bespoke machinery for a European health snack producer Nutradia in a six-figure deal.

Abbey Labels has worked with Dutch press manufacturer MPS Systems to integrate a high-speed die-cutting module on its newest flexo press to increase efficiencies.

Epac UK is looking to service the SME market with its digital print packaging services from its first site in the UK.

Syntegon Technology, formerly Bosch Packaging Technology, has supplied pharmaceuticals packaging machinery to Pharmax Pharmaceuticals in Dubai.

Eurofilms Extrusion has invested in a new type of multi-layer extrusion line to reduce its environmental footprint, following a £1.5m equipment finance deal with HSBC UK.

Irish printing house CUBE has invested in a new Heidelberg die-cutter and folder-gluer.

Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) is opening a new £20m line at its Edmonton factory in North London.

Morrisons fresh produce depot in Rushden, Northamptonshire has installed two automated Brillopak UniPaker crate loading potato cells.

Glossop Cartons is set to expand its Stockport production facility by of over 50% following a six-figure funding package from Lloyds Bank.

Print giant Heidelberg has appointed Matt Galloway, director at Poynton-based digital and litho print specialist Galloways, as the first Heidelberg Assistant open digital platform user in the UK.

Hot beverage supplier Ringtons has automated coffee production at its factory in Newcastle-upon-Tyne with PFM Packaging Machinery.

Flexible packaging specialist ePac UK is to host its Grand Opening of its new Silverstone site on 4 December.


Camper place is being built

Camper place is being built

A guide will probably be added here soon: "Motorhome parking spaces" at the Museumshof in Kleinendorf.

Rahden (WB). SPD, FDP and UfR urged caution when it comes to the city's investment in the new mobile home parking space at the restaurant "Am Museumshof" in Kleinendorf. However, with a narrow majority of 18 to 17 votes, the supporters (CDU and Mayor) ultimately prevailed – similar to the Road Works Committee.

So a good quarter of a million euros will be invested in the project, which is unanimously assessed as having a tourism impact. The background to the discussion was the decision already made to build the square. However, this was made in 2019 on the condition that funds would flow. However, according to Corona, they are no longer available. The city now has to raise the pledged funds of 172,000 euros itself.

In the eyes of the mayor and the CDU parliamentary group, this is not a problem because the funds have already been budgeted for the 2020 budget and are therefore available.

In view of the negative budget forecasts for 2021 and the following years, however, the other groups urged caution and moderation after Mayor Dr. Bert Honsel made a clear commitment to the realization of the new building. "The use of tourism is an important building block for the city," he said. The administration also had talks with the Barre brewery as owner of the neighboring restaurant. According to Honsel, Barre would have invested in the renovation of the building after an assurance was given to the construction of the mobile home space.

"The decision to build was made in front of Corona, provided that funds are received," warned Friedrich Schepsmeier (SPD). He looked to the future and said that the renovation and construction of the secondary school in particular would swallow up millions. "We need this money (for the parking space) elsewhere," he made clear.

Hans-Eckhard Meyer (FDP) also said that if the priority was given to the motorhome park, savings in the sports field in Brullfeld and in the school yard of the elementary school could hardly be understood.

Ulla Thielemann (CDU) spoke out as a Kleinendorfer for the realization of the project: “In the face of Corona, we must not stagnate. There is a huge need for RV sites. This benefits tourism in Rahden, ”she said.

Mayor Honsel emphasized once again that it was necessary to take the time to process all planned Rahden projects and to prioritize them.

Horst-Wilhelm Bruhn (SPD) emphasized the basic attitude of his parliamentary group: "I just said let's put it off for six months and see how it looks with subsidies," he warned, as did his parliamentary group colleague Dorothee Brand: "A little bit of caution hurts not there."

Gundel Schmidt-tschech (UfR) also spoke in favor of prioritizing all projects. "We should make a list."

Guido Peitsmeier (CDU) voted for the realization: “Corona is not the end of the world. All fears are related to 2021. This year we have the money, ”he said. In addition, the project could be ready on time for the autumn vacation if everything went well.

However, all factions agreed that building schools was a top priority. “You can have sleepless nights on June 18. Then we present the school building project and the costs, ”said Mayor Honsel.


Michael Nichau

Camper place is being built

Norway oil firms slash investment plans amid pandemic

Norwegian oil and gas investment, a key economic driver, is expected to decline sharply in 2021 after rising less than previously anticipated this year, an industry survey by the national statistics agency (SSB) showed on Thursday.

The biggest drop will come in the exploration for new reserves and in spending on development plans, while ongoing oilfield construction work continues largely as expected, the data showed.

The closely watched forecasts, based on data from oil companies, show 2020 investment plans have been cut to 180.3 billion Norwegian crowns ($19 billion) from 185.4 billion seen in February, but still up from 177.5 billion in 2019.

Next year, investment in Norway’s oil sector is now projected at 145.6 billion crowns, compared with a forecast of 152 billion three months ago, SSB said.

Oil companies, including Norway’s state-controlled Equinor, have said they intend to reduce both operating and capital spending in order to preserve cash during the downturn.

A planned tax cut currently making its way through parliament could lead companies to sanction more projects however, including the NOAKA, Eldfisk North, Grevling and Lavrans oilfield developments, the statistics agency added.

“Therefore, it is not unlikely that the decline for 2021 will be less severe than what is indicated in this survey,” SSB said.

Norway’s central bank recently cut its key policy interest rate to zero percent for the first time, citing the twin impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and weak oil prices.


Investment & installations :: Packaging News

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