‘I hate colleagues calling junior staff ‘girls’ at work – it’s so demeaning’

A woman was fuming after she’d noticed junior staff in her workplace being called “the girls”, saying that the job was “skilled”, so she was confused why they’d been given such a nickname

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The woman knew she wasn’t being unreasonable, but wanted to share her woes (Stock Image) (

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It can be really demotivating when you feel like you’re not appreciated at work, especially when you’ve worked really hard to get into the position you’re in. One woman was left “irritated” by the fact that certain staff members in her workplace were referring to some people in the workplace as “the girls”, and she found it “demeaning”.

The employee feels frustrated by these small remarks, and can’t understand why the junior staff had earned the problematic nickname simply because their role were “skilled, but less qualified” than her own.

The woman took to Mumsnet to rage about the inequality she was seeing, stating that everyone who does her role is “also female”.

Certain colleagues were being referred to as ‘the girls’ (Stock Image) (


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She wrote: “I’m fairly certain I’m not being unreasonable in getting irritated by this, but does this irk anyone else?

“I started a new job six weeks ago with a new organisation. In our department, there are two types of job roles. My role is highly qualified, the other role is also skilled but less qualified, and supports my role.

“The people that do the other role are collectively called ‘the girls’. For example ‘the girls can do that piece of work’ or ‘give it to the girls to action’. I don’t get it. They are not girls, they are grown women!

“Everyone who does my role is also female. We are all women! So why are they ‘the girls’? In my old organisation we called them by an abbreviation of their job title.”

In the comments, many working women were furious that some colleagues were being called ‘demeaning’ nicknames.

One wrote: “I absolutely can’t stand this sort of sexist infantilising c***.”

“You’re not being unreasonable”, someone reassured. “I work in an all female environment, and my manager consistently refers to us as ‘the girls’, too. As you say, we are all women. If I refer to us as a whole I say ‘the team’ or ‘my team’. We have a male starting with us in September so will be interesting to see what my manager does then!”

“Really minimalises your roles and seniority. So patronising!”, another fumed.

A Mumsnetter raged: “So the (for example) female solicitors are seen as grown-ups, addressed by their name, and the paralegals are collectively known as the girls? Yeah, that’s patronising s****.”

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