Historic regulation is coming for cryptocurrencies in Europe

Historic regulation is coming for cryptocurrencies in Europe

Regional regulators are readying a pan-Europe framework to support the long-term growth of digital assets. By Shaurya Malwa THE EU IS READYING A FRAMEWORK FOR Cryptocurrencies latest news and history organized by date that contains 1000000+ news archives. Click here to read what world was saying about cryptocurrencies. #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #invest
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By Shaurya Malwa


  • The EU is in the final stages of an “historic” proposal for cryptocurrency regulation.
  • It aims to jumpstart growth in crypto-related business activities and stablecoin usage.
  • The proposal has targeted a release in September.

The European Commission, the legislative body of the European Union, is in the final stages of a proposal for the region’s first cryptocurrency and digital finance framework, according to a report by financial news outlet IFC Review.

Successful passage of the law and its subsequent adoption would provide for an optimal legal environment for crypto firms to build their business and add to the European economy, the report noted.

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The Commission has spent the last year holding consultations with experts and defining cryptocurrencies. Some of these include recognizing digital currencies—both crypto assets like Bitcoin and stablecoins—as financial instruments and introducing a framework for blockchain-based tech platforms.

Bruno Schneider–Le Saout, the chairman of the crypto advocacy body European Blocktech Federation, noted the qualification of crypto-assets as financial instruments placed the asset class within the extensive set of European and national legal instruments that regulate the region’s trillion-dollar financial market.France calls for EU-wide crypto regulation French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has called for an EU-wide “common framework” governing cryptocurrencies, according to Reuters.  Speaking before 28 European leaders at Helsinki, Le Maire…NewsCoinsBen MunsterSep 13, 20191 min read 

He further called the forthcoming legislation as “historic,” considering the vast opportunities it opens for businesses and entrepreneurs to build digital finance applications.

“The new legislation will provide legal certainty, which is needed both for crypto-assets that are not covered by existing EU financial services legislation and for the application of DLT in financial services and the tokenization of traditional financial instruments,” said Schneider–Le Saout.

The legislation also detailed a plan to create a single market for cryptocurrencies so they can be sold across all European countries. This is similar to the introduction of the Euro in 1999, which created a unified currency for all Union members at the time.Head of EU blockchain unit: Crypto has “enormous potential”Does the EU think blockchain has a future? The head of the European Union (EU) blockchain unit—which is tasked with improving the situation of entrepreneurs in the EU—certainly thinks so. He g…NewsCoinsTim CopelandApr 16, 20193 min read 

Such an arrangement—for cryptocurrencies—would be made around five aspects: Overall scope, subject matter and definitions, requirements for crypto-asset service providers, requirements on issuers of stablecoins, and supervision of those issuers, the report said.

The legislation comes as Commission vice president Valdis Dombrovskis stated in June that the lack of legal certainty around cryptocurrencies impeded growth and business opportunities for the region.BTC Price 

He said at the time, “This is a good chance for Europe to strengthen its international standing and to become a global standard-setter, with European companies leading new technologies for digital finance.”

Meanwhile, the current proposal is targeting a rollout in the third quarter of this year. However, delays can be expected due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the report noted.


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How to CORRECTLY Invest in Cryptocurrencies | Beginners Guide 2021

How to CORRECTLY Invest in Cryptocurrencies | Beginners Guide 2021

✘Disclaimer: This video represents my personal opinion that are for educational purposes only and do not necessarily constitute facts in any way. Therefore no posts represent investment advice. Trade and Invest at your own risk.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH/USD May Decline as Bulls and Bears Struggle for Price Possession above $280 Support

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction: BCH/USD May Decline as Bulls and Bears Struggle for Price Possession above $280 Support

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction – August 22, 2020
BCH/USD is in a sideways move below the $320 resistance. The bulls are to jump the two hurdles at $320 and $340 as price continues the range-bound movement. In the BCH/BTC, the coin is also in a sideways move, as price fluctuates between levels Ƀ0.024000 and Ƀ0.027000.

BCH/USD Market

Key Levels:
Resistance Levels: $280, $320, $340
Support Levels: $200, $160, $120

Since August 1, Bitcoin Cash as been fluctuating between levels $280 and $320. Buyers were unable to break the $320 resistance. Likewise, bears were also unable to break the support at $280. The crypto has been range-bound in the last three weeks. If price rebounds above $280 support, the momentum will propel price to retest the $320 resistance. The market will resume uptrend once the $320 price level is breached. Alternatively, Sideways move will continue between $280 and $320 if the $320 resistances remain unbroken. Meanwhile, price is above the $280 support. Nevertheless, the price action is showing bearish signals at the time of writing

Bitcoin Cash Indicator Analysis
There are indications that the downward move may resume. The price has broken below the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA. This indicates that BCH will further depreciate. The coin is at level 47 of the Relative Strength period 14. The market is in the downtrend zone and may likely fall.

In the BCH/BTC chart, the market is in a sideways trend. The coin is fluctuating between levels Ƀ0.024000 Ƀ0.027000. Since on May, the price has not broken the key levels of the sideways trend. In the meantime, the coin is below 20% range of the daily stochastic. The market is approaching the oversold region.

Remember, all trading carries risk. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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Chart Logic – Technical Analysis Handbook: The Comprehensive Guide to Trading Cryptocurrencies and Tools to Outperform Your Basic Buy and Hold Investor

Chart Logic – Technical Analysis Handbook: The Comprehensive Guide to Trading Cryptocurrencies and Tools to Outperform Your Basic Buy and Hold Investor

Chart Logic - Technical Analysis Handbook: The Comprehensive Guide to Trading Cryptocurrencies and Tools to Outperform Your Basic Buy and Hold Investor

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Historic regulation is coming for cryptocurrencies in Europe

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