GameStop made a TikTok contest for employees where the prize is more hours to work

GameStop made a TikTok contest for employees where the prize is more hours to work

GameStop promoted a TikTok dance contest to managers that included the chance to win more hours for people to work during Black Friday. It has since been pulled. You’ll often find that the contractors who are the busiest provide the highest quality work and have built a great reputation. When you need to wait awhile before you could talk to a certain builder, that’s an excellent sign that their work is top notch. Quality Article Tips for Busy Webmasters Pathophysiology Lecture & Lab, BIOL 1030, is an online Pathophysiology class focusing on the mechanisms of Diseases. Prerequisites required. It’s often asked by beginners how to work from home and earn money? This article provides you with the correct solution to such questions.

GameStop holds an annual conference for its employees, and this year’s event includes a rather unnerving TikTok challenge: make the best dance video, and your store can win the privilege of letting employees work for extra hours during Black Friday.

The contest, spotted by TheGamer, has since been pulled from GameStop’s website after the promotion received media attention and press inquiries. GameStop did not respond to The Verge’s requests for comment or clarification.

For the contest, GameStop asked employees to upload a video to TikTok showing them dancing to a brief song. The contest is meant for “store leaders,” and the company encourages them to get other employees to help. “Be creative, rope in your team, and have fun with it!” the page read before it was removed.

GameStop wanted teams to record themselves to a song and dance that was already blowing up on TikTok. The one they picked, the #redwinechallenge, has more than 32.3 million views. Here’s GameStop’s event team showing how the dance is done:

It sounds as though there was only meant to be a single winner. They would have received two Amazon Echo devices, a $100 Visa gift card, and “10 additional labor hours” for use during the week of Black Friday. GameStop doesn’t clarify what “labor hours” are, but Kotaku explains that it’s basically budget for the store to have someone work extra hours during what’s certain to be a very busy week.

“Imagine what you could do with all those prizes!” the GameStop page read.

Companies holding deeply embarrassing internal events is nothing to be surprised by, but GameStop’s offer of “labor hours” as a prize puts a fairly dark twist on the contest — the company was asking people to dance for the chance at winning the ability to get paid to do more work. It’s not a great look, and a better option would certainly be to properly staff stores on Black Friday so that extra “labor hours” isn’t an appealing perk in the first place.


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Finding The Best Water Heater Contractor Can Be Easy By Following These Tips - Selected Articles Online

Finding The Best Water Heater Contractor Can Be Easy By Following These Tips – Selected Articles Online

Updated Nov 04, 2020

Water heater contractors rarely just appear when you are searching for an excellent one. To understand what exactly are you want requires somewhat of work and some careful research on your part. If you are not sure what you want, you will never be in a position to find a licensed water heater installation contractor who can do what you need. Use this list of methods to find the right contractor for your job today.

Make sure to examine all of the capabilities from the various potential contractual staff before settling on which one to utilize. You need to look around at water heater installation contractors to see if they can finish projects at certain times and within budget. To ensure your contractor is handling the job properly, request regular updates. Be sure to carefully examine the portfolios of all contractor candidates; if any fail to produce examples of their work, eliminate them from consideration.

After you work with a licensed water heater installation contractor, you should keep checking the work progress to effectively ensure the project runs efficiently. Speaking with former clients before hiring a contractor should yield some valuable opinions. So long as the references from the people you talk to are positive, then go ahead and hire the water heater service provider. If speaking to references alone doesn’t tell you enough about the water heater service provider, look online for reviews posted by former clients.

A valued water heater installation contractor will do all in their power to provide great results. Water heater contractors that are effective will keep their promises and make sure to deliver on time. Ensure you have

given your water heater service provider a cool environment to do the work in, with little disturbances. How your water heater service provider plans to handle liability issues is something that needs to be figured out.

Do not assume low prices mean poor work when water heater installation contractors start bidding. First, see if the cost of materials quoted by the low bidder is realistic. The labor cost is also a crucial factor to put into consideration in determining the cost of the project. Establish a legally binding contract only after the pricing is reasonable.

Each community has their own set of policies and building codes that should be met. Make an effort to make sure that the local water heater installation contractor you hire is knowledgeable about your local building code. If your water heater service provider is up-to-date on your community’s regulations, it will likely be much easier to finish your job on time and with little difficulty. Challenge each potential contractor to demonstrate knowledge of your local building code by asking what he would do in a few hypothetical scenarios.

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Pathophysiology Lecture & Lab – BIOL 1030 – Online Pathophysiology

Pathophysiology Lecture & Lab – BIOL 1030 – Online Pathophysiology

  • BIOL 1030 is a four-credit lecture/lab online pathophysiology course. This course  focuses on the changes in cellular and systemic physiology that occur in prevalent or important medical conditions. At the cellular level we will cover the responses to tissue injury, abnormal cell growth and the immune system. From there we will investigate the physiological basis of problems associated with most of the major organ systems. In each case we will discuss the effect upon whole body homeostasis. This course will build on prior knowledge of anatomy and physiology as we explore body functions in altered health conditions.
  • Explain the concept, classification, etiology of disease states and imbalances. 

  • Analyze how health deviations alter normal physiology. 

  • Describe the alterations in cells, tissues, and organs that occur with disease and how they affect the body functions.
  • Describe the clinical manifestations of diseases and the most commonly used tests and procedures to diagnose them. 

  • Discuss the most frequent complications of diseases and their prognosis.
  • Set the pathophysiological foundation for treatments.
  • One semester of college-level anatomy (ANAT 1005)
  • One semester of college-level physiology (PHSL 1010)
  • One semester of college-level medical terminology (MEDT 1000)

    * Please note these prerequisites are highly suggested and support course preparedness and success. We recommend having completed the listed prerequisites before enrolling and within the past seven years.

All exams are taken online. Major exams are required to be proctored online through ProctorU. For instructions on how to take your exams online, visit UNE Online’s ProctorU site. Please note exams must also be proctored with the UNE-approved external webcam.


Students will conduct four dissection experiments utilizing an at-home lab kit purchased in your course and organized by topic. These dissections will focus on foundational anatomy and physiology, identifying normal anatomical structures and functions in order to reinforce course learning.

Tuition & Fees


  • Credits: 4
  • Tuition: $1,440
  • Registration: $30
  • Total: $1,470*

*Total payment is due in full at the time of registration. The cost of the materials is not included in this total.

  • Mandatory External Webcam and Whiteboard for Proctored Exams
    • SPHP courses require the use of the UNE-approved external webcam for all proctored exams.The UNE-approved whiteboard is optional dependent on the course. (Webcam & Whiteboard Ordering Information)
  • Textbook
    • Grossman SP, C. Porth’s Pathophysiology: Concepts of altered health states. 9th ed. Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2014.
    • Lab Materials
      • All lab materials are purchased through your course. Please be aware that costs vary for each course and can range from $100- $500+.
      • As a Reminder

        Complete at Your Own Pace within 16 weeks

        24/7 Online Registration

        Courses Typically Begin Every Two to Three Weeks

        Working at the pace typical for a four-semester hour course, the average student will complete this online course in approximately 16 weeks. Many students have elected an online course for the sake of flexibility. Since the course is self-paced, you may be able to complete the course in less than 16 weeks.

        You may enroll for a course at any time through our self-service registration portal. You will need to enable Flash in your browser first (here are step-by-step instructions). Payment is needed in full at the time of registration.

        You must be registered for your class by 12:00 noon EST the Monday before the class starts. Your official start date is the date that the course opens and you will have 16 weeks from that date to complete your course.


        If you have any questions about Pathophysiology Lecture & Lab registration, the coursework, or course requirements, please reach out to one of our student service advisors at the email or phone number below.

        *To register, you will need to enable Flash in your browser first (here are step-by-step instructions). For additional registration assistance please review our course registration tutorial.

        If you intend to use VA Benefits or Military Tuition Assistance, please do not use the self-registration portal. Please call (855) 325-0894 to be directed to the appropriate office for assistance or view our Veteran Benefits page for more info.


        Your Science Prerequisites Student Service Advisor Team


        Work From Home Jobs For Beginners

        Work From Home Jobs For Beginners

        It is very difficult to find a stay at a home job when you are a fresher. So, this article will answer the question most beginners ask in the current situation, i.e. how to get a stay at home job?

        Here are a few jobs, which you can opt for a part-time stay at home jobs. If these work well for you, you can work as a full-time employee as well.

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        ideas for stay at home jobsOnline tutors are a go-to in the COVID situation. It is one of the best option available for people who wants to work remotely and has no prior experience. A bachelor’s degree and good marks are the only two things which are needed. A website like, ESL tutoring, course hero, teach away, allows you to teach a specific subject you are a pro in. Also, you can get a minimum payment of $16 per hour, which is great especially when you are looking for work from home jobs for beginners.

        stay at home jobs indeedA data entry job is one of the best jobs you can work for staying at home. You get to learn a lot of technological skills. Platforms like speak write, quicktate, clickworker can help you find the perfect data entry job.

        If you are interested to work in a customer service department, the role of a chat agent must be best suited. It allows you to virtually assist the customers with a query they have for the company you work in. Chat agent platforms Needle, Chatshop, and Arise can assisst you for a good work from home job.

        A role of a search engine evaluator is one of the most flexible jobs. It allows you to evaluate the search results following the regulations of the company you work for. Appen, Lionbridge, and Zerochaos are the go-to websites for this role.

        stay at home jobs hiringA job as researchers helps you a lot, especially when you want to opt for further studies. Different companies have different requirements but the basic one is data collection. Additionally, you can look for these postings in Expert123, wonder, and JustAnswer.

        stay at home jobs that pay welAn interest in writing blogs, with a strong command of English and vocabulary is all you need to become a content writer. Subsequently, this stay at home job can pay you in six figures if the recruiters are impressed by your writing style. You just have to pitch for the role in companies like Contenta, Upworthy, babble, dailyworth, and

        There is a lot of jobs in the sales department which are posted for beginners. If you are interested in sales, Hilton Hotels, Work solutions, American express, skyes are some options you must look at.

        stay at home jobs onlineThis is one of the most preferred jobs as it allows you to assist customers in almost all the fields and at the same time does not require to work at the site. There is a lot of flexibility and the job is sustainable as well. Virtual Office VA, Timeetc, fancyhands are some of the platforms which allow you to work as a virtual assistant.

        For the above-mentioned roles, a lot of experience is not needed and it is perfect for work from home jobs for beginners. Skills which can satisfy sales and marketing jobs are enough.

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        Everyone has some skills like strong communication, writing skills, fast with typing, strong vocabulary, technological skill, and many more. Therefore, if the skills are portrayed with a proper example, it will never be difficult for you to get a verified stay at home job, as every company needs fresh talent.

        Pro Tip: Do not lose patience while getting rejections from companies and continue the job search. Also, do not just look for permanent roles, an internship or a part-time job is better than being unemployed.


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        GameStop made a TikTok contest for employees where the prize is more hours to work

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