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Fine Art & Photo Canvas & Giclee Printing | Framing & Finishing

Custom art and fine art photography printing service specializing in the archival / giclee process. Print on paper, canvas or metal. Professional art reproductions with custom finishing and framing options along with an easy online ordering process and volume discounts. Sometimes freelancers juggle multiple projects at a time. Freelancers also tend to work with other freelancers on one project for a big client. A calorie deficit is the shortage of energy that results due to the expenditure of more energy than you consume from food. Creating a calorie deficit is fundamental when it comes to weight loss. The food we eat each day helps us in obtaining energy in the shape of calories. The consumption of these calories […] More Skip navigation

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    5 Online Services That Can Make Your Freelance Work Easier

    5 Online Services That Can Make Your Freelance Work Easier

    Sometimes freelancers juggle multiple projects at a time. Freelancers also tend to work with other freelancers on one project for a big client. This is why they need to use different online tools to organize tasks and communicate with other project team members.  

    There are various types of productivity tools available for employees in the modern era. With multiple kinds of work-related tools like workflow management systems, company-system automation, and many more prolific widgets, the quality of employees’ work, client satisfaction, long-term sustainable results, and enhanced employee productivity can be greatly enhanced. 

    Here are five online services freelancers can use to make their work easier and organized:  

  • Google Hangouts 
  • What is Google hangouts? It’s one of the latest social video communication services available online. It provides a very high interactivity level and allows a large audience to participate in a live video chat session. The idea behind Hangouts is that a group of people can have their conversation online without needing to go to a physical location to meet and—as the name implies—hang out. These features are vital for freelancers because they work remotely and only meet with their employers or other team members online.  

    Many people also use Hangouts for teleconferencing, whether it be at work or at home. You can even use it as a live broadcasting tool for conferences, allowing people to watch and hear the discussions while still going about their regular daily activities.  

  • Basecamp 
  • The good thing about Basecamp is its ability to provide collaboration features, allowing you to work with your team members and anyone who has access to the internet. When using a web-based application to manage projects, you can access the project components from anywhere.  

    Another significant advantage of using Basecamp for project management is that it effectively manages time. You can easily track the hours you spent working on each project. You could also see the progress of its completion. Even though you may be spending more than the expected time working on a specific project, you could use this tool to determine if you need to give your team a break or stop working for a while. 

    In addition, you can also check your team’s working status progress. You could even be more specific in monitoring each team member’s performance as they go about meeting your deadlines. This helps you assess whether the members of your team are performing well or not. 

  • Notion 
  • Notion is a web-based workspace that allows you to write, collaborate, and get organized in one place, helping you take notes, add projects, and more. Many people also refer to Notion as an ‘internal wiki’ that enables team members and individuals to collaborate, plan projects and objectives, and take out all the clutter they leave behind. 

    With Notion, you don’t have to worry about forgetting or taking things back out of your to-do list as the system automatically keeps track of everything. The service makes it easier to stay organized, but it also enables the person to work faster.  

  • Calendly 
  • If you want to stay organized, you should use Calendly. It isn’t just another online calendar that shows you when someone’s available next week or the date of your next meeting. Its purpose is to eliminate the tedious back-and-forth involved when setting appointments, scheduling meetings, or arranging events. 

    Another relevant feature is the ability to schedule events on your calendar using email or text messages. As long as you have an internet connection, you could execute this feature. It will allow you to interact with your clients and get the word out about what’s going on with your business without the hassle of waiting on hold or making individual calls. 

    Perhaps the biggest and most prominent benefit of Calendly is its integration into Google Calendar. Once you’ve installed Calendly in your email, you can easily see when someone’s scheduled to come in for an event. You can also see a reminder or a notification to see what’s new in your company. You can even invite people to go to Calendly to know what you’re doing. 

  • Trello 
  • Trello is essentially about taking the basic Kanban tooling process and managing a diverse range of projects. You can create a project that starts as a simple one-off item, or you can take it up a notch to a project that’s multi-step or has multiple pages. There are even some project types available for customization, such as food, backlog, and calendar. 

    Trello offers features like the project manager that allows you to create multiple user boards, assign tasks to the boards, and then see what’s on each board. You can have various boards organized together or separated, for instance, if you want to keep a board on your ‘to-do’ list when you need to be more productive. 

    Trello also offers some advanced project management features, such as assigning team members and tasks, and prioritizing and assigning them based on their importance. It will also give you the ability to earmark individual tasks according to their urgency so that you can get them done quickly. For projects that span multiple days, Trello will let you mark certain tasks as complete or schedule them based on their length. 


    Internet-based productivity tools are a great way for the organization to achieve multiple benefits in the business arena. They are a simple but effective way of improving freelancing work, customer satisfaction, business profitability, and overall productivity. These online tools also help freelancers coordinate their work and participate with other people working on the same project.  


    Author: Thomas Oppong

    Calorie Deficit Calculator (For Guaranteed Weight Loss) – Fitstinct

    Calorie Deficit Calculator (For Guaranteed Weight Loss) – Fitstinct

    The food we eat each day helps us in obtaining energy in the shape of calories. The consumption of these calories is essential for the proper functioning of the body. However, most of us intake much more calories than we consume each day. As a result, a calorie surplus is created, which is stored in the form of fats.

    So, the question arises how to lose the extra weight and fats? The answer is by creating a calorie deficit. This deficit is created by eating lesser calories compared to the consumption requirement of the body. Once you are successful in creating the calorie deficit, the body starts using the stored fat as fuel to fulfil the energy requirement of the body. This stored fat is the extra fat that is stored throughout your body. When your body consumes this stored fat as energy, you begin to lose weight.

    Losing weight is simple when it comes to the calorie deficit. All you have to do is intake lesser calories than your body is consuming to cause a calorie deficit. When you have lesser calories than required to maintain your weight, you will be able to lose weight.

    According to research, you will need to create a calorie deficit of around 3500 calories every week to lose one pound of fat.

    Say, for instance, your BMR depending on your age, weight, and height is 1800 calories which when combined with the physical activities may result in a TDEE of 2400 calories. In order to maintain your weight, you will have to intake 2400 calories daily.  While to lose weight, you will have to eat lesser calories, and in order to gain weight you will have to eat more. On the other hand, you can also create a calorie deficit by exercising more.

    Our calorie deficit calculator is the sure-fire way to get rid of those flabs. Our calculator will provide you with all the crucial data that you’d require to succeed in your fitness challenge. All you have to do is feed your details into our calorie deficit calculator, and you will get all the below results in a matter of seconds.

  • BMR
  • TDEE
  • Deficit Calories
  • Daily Calories
  • No. of Days To Reach Your Goal
  • Target date
  • You can use this calculator to create and then maintain your energy deficit while on the fat loss journey.

    The large calorie deficit, which is equal to or greater than 25% below maintenance, is the fastest rate of fat loss, which makes you slim down in a matter of weeks. It makes you feel motivated, and as a result, you are able to stick to your weight loss journey for longer. It also minimizes your chances of eating too much as the larger size of deficit give you a larger margin for error as well.  However, a large calorie deficit can reduce your physical performance stamina as well as makes you vulnerable to illnesses. The larger deficit may also result in lower energy levels due to which you won’t be able to exercise as often. May result in feeling of deprivation, which can encourage binge eating.

    The medium calorie deficit, which is equal to 15-25% below maintenance, is a moderate way to fat loss that proves to be a strong and sustainable motivation. It provides you with more room for food choices, which makes the hunger pangs manageable. The training progress is usually slower but sustainable.

    The small energy deficit, which is equal to or lesser than 15% below maintenance, is the easiest way to diet by making some simple lifestyle changes like giving up soda and using a standing workstation. The hunger levels are low to non-existent making dieting all the easier and sustainable. Reduces the chances of mood swings and help you in regular exercising. However, the rate of fat loss isn’t fast.

    You can use the macro counting approach to create a calorie deficit and lose the extra pounds in a healthy manner. You can also adjust the macro calculator according to your weight loss goals to optimise your daily macronutrient requirements. You can read all about the macronutrients and macro calculator here.

    You would be looking for healthier ways to create this calorie deficit of 20% to 35% of your current maintenance level per day to lose fat while preserving mass. The good news is that you don’t have to starve yourself with any crash diets. You can use the following healthier ways to create this calorie deficit for losing the extra pounds.

    Try to make healthy choices when it comes to taking the calories each day. The best way to do so is by controlling the portions of your food. Divide the food you eat at a tie into three portions, eat just a single portion while put the remaining two portions back. While choosing your snacks, go for healthier, low-calorie foods. In this way, you will be able to create a calorie deficit successfully.

    Try to be more active throughout the day so that you can burn more calories as compared to your calorie intake. Try to include an exercise in your routine while also increasing your non-exercise physical movement. By increasing the calorie expenditure of your body while keeping the calorie consumption constant, you will be successful in creating the calorie deficit you are looking for.

    Resistance band training comes with several concerns and questions as it is a relatively newer and unique training. Being a fitness enthusiast who is into weight lifting, we assure you that band training has significant benefits when compared to its free weight counterparts. Let’s take you through some of the benefits of band training about healthy lifestyle:

    The lightweight of these bands makes them portable. You can combine this portability with unlimited resistance capacity as well as the ability to apply it in multiple force vectors to train anywhere powerfully.

    It is the most cost-effective form of resistance training considering the unlimited exercise options it provides, which makes it the best choice to achieve your fitness goals without much investment.

    These bands create lesser joint compression as they aren’t completely gravity-dependent as is the case free weights as you can train using them using horizontal and rotational forces as well. Also, you can bring in different patterns of movement to train the muscles which make the bands joint-friendly method.

    The key to achieving fitness goals is staying consistent without making any excuses, and the resistance bands are best at that as they provide outstanding workout options that can accommodate practically anywhere and anytime all this while training at any intensity and just about any movement. So, exactly what would be your excuse to skip the workout?

    These are just a few of the great advantages that these amazing bands can provide you while keeping you motivated towards your fitness goals. The variety of workout possible with these resistance bands as well as their joint-friendly feature makes them the most effective workout tool.

    It isn’t important what method you use to acquire the energy deficit you are looking for, what matters is that you align your calorie deficit with your goal weight to produce sustainable results.


    Author: Written by Fitness Instinct

    Homepage | OhioLINK

    Homepage | OhioLINK

    A new issue of OhioLINK’s Summit Magazine is available. Find feature articles on OhioLINK initiatives, updates on resources and services, and news about members and staff.

    Library organizations and responsibilities have evolved, yet the ILS still focuses primarily on the acquisition, management, and delivery of objects. Our needs have outpaced existing offerings. We must shift our focus from collections to users. In this white paper, OhioLINK’s Library Advisory Council envisions moving beyond next-generation library systems to enable users’ research, learning, and teaching.

    The OhioLINK ETD Center provides the largest open access collection of theses and dissertations in the world, according to Google Scholar.

    OhioLINK continues to work remotely, however, we are available, as usual, through phone and email. Be assured that we will promptly respond to your needs and support you as you support your students.

    Students and faculty are able to borrow books for the fall semester. User-initiated borrowing resumed for participating libraries on August 10th. The best place to get the most accurate local information will be at your own institution’s library.

    Lending between OhioLINK and SearchOhio (public libraries) has also resumed. Please check with your local public library for more information.

    Looking for print lending and e-resources FAQs for OhioLINK librarians? Please visit Library Reopening Resources on Ostaff or contact


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