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Fin24 – Business & Finance News | Stock Markets Data | Investing

May 06 2020 21:11

Eskom has used lockdown as an opportunity to do maintenance on some plants, and has managed to reduce the probability of load shedding during the first quarter to three days.

Mar 27 2020 11:11

For official South African government updates on the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and Covid-19, go to

May 07 2020 09:47

The International Monetary Fund approved $739 million in emergency funding for Kenya and $491.5 million for Uganda.

May 07 2020 11:35

US private employers laid off a record 20.236 million workers in April as mandatory business closures in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak savaged the economy.

May 07 2020 05:00

From bicycle culture to electric vehicles, the automotive industry is changing and Covid-19 may be accelerating the pace of change.

May 06 2020 19:58


Indian investment: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Indian investment

Indian investment: Latest News & Videos, Photos about Indian investment

The Economic Times

Indian investment08 May, 2020, 01:24 PM IST


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    “Globally (and in India) investors have almost shut their doors to new tech bets, especially for any rounds higher than $30-$50 million… In emerging markets like India, we expect that prices will continue to be low for at least a year… we’d rather let the markets stabilize and winners play out,” said a top tier fund partner based in the United States.

    INS Magar, which is also an amphibious ship, can carry tanks and armoured personnel carriers for transportation to target beaches. The ship can also carry a strength of 500 fully laden troops for nearly 10 days, in addition to her own crew.

    An investor can invest in gold in different ways such as by buying jewellery, gold coins or bars. Here are five ways to invest in gold.

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    Investment - Best Investment Options | Latest Investments News | Investment Tips - Moneycontrol

    Investment – Best Investment Options | Latest Investments News | Investment Tips – Moneycontrol

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  • This move comes at a time when the bank has reduced its marginal cost of funds-based lending rate (MCLR) across tenures by 15 bps, with effect from May 10

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  • If there is too much gold in your portfolio, you can afford to book some of the gains

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  • Over the past five and 10-year periods, most dividend yield funds have underperformed benchmarks

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  • This method will help Franklin Templeton offload some of its securities faster, says FIFA

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  • Nippon Gilt Sec. – Direct (G)

    SBI Dynamic Bond Fund – Direct (G)

    IDFC Dynamic Bond – Direct (G)

    SBI Dynamic Bond Fund (G)

    Nippon Income Fund (G)

    Best Funds to Buy

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    Explainer | SMART tips to set your financial goals

    Explainer | Make the succession process simpler by following these steps to make a Will

    Explainer | What are co-pay and deductibles in insurance policies?

    Explainer | Why you should focus on residual maturity of fixed income investments

    Under the simplified regime, it is not possible to claim certain deductions and exemptions

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  • Yield is not the same as return. The underlying portfolio of a debt fund is more important

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  • Americans without retirement savings are increasingly moving in with their millennial children.

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    Coronavirus impact | IndiGo has cut salaries, do you think other companies will follow suit?



    Thank you for voting! Post your comments


    Coronavirus impact | IndiGo has cut salaries, do you think other companies will follow suit?



    Thank you for voting! Post your comments

    Even 10-12 years of focused planning and investing will ensure that you are in a sound financial position

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  • Banks may now charge for payments that are linked to credit cards, treating them as cash advances with interest accruing immediately

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  • For first-time investors, it makes sense to start with SIPs in both debt and equity funds

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  • Stretch the investment horizon to more than 10 years, and prospects brighten for optimum returns

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    12 Best Financial Newsletters for Business & Investment News

    12 Best Financial Newsletters for Business & Investment News

    Most of us don’t have time to read The Wall Street Journal cover to cover each morning to stay on top of financial news. And for those looking to learn more about personal finance, the sheer volume of financial podcasts and articles scattered across the Internet raises intimidating questions about where to even begin.

    Fortunately, daily and weekly newsletters can keep you informed without a massive time commitment. You get news, tips, and free education delivered straight to your inbox for a quick read over your coffee.

    Beyond actively checking the best investment news sites, consider these financial newsletters for fast, timely updates.

    • Frequency: Monthly
    • Cost: $199 per year
    • Focus: Stock picks, active investing, and beating the market

    Among the oldest paid stock-picking newsletters, Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor does precisely that: recommend individual stock picks they believe will outperform the market.

    And on average, their picks have done just that since their inception in 2002. And they’d better, given the high subscription cost and low newsletter frequency.

    The monthly newsletter includes two featured picks plus ten “Best Buys Now” they think will outperform the market soon. Previous picks include Netflix, Amazon,, and Marvel before Disney acquired it. They also recommend starter stocks for new investors with minimal money to invest.

    To be clear, the Stock Advisor newsletter is not for passive, buy-and-hold investors. It serves active investors looking for an edge and recommendations to beat the market with timely buy and sell orders. Only consider shelling out the cash if you actually plan to act on their information, though.

    Beyond stock picks, Motley Fool also includes market analysis, trend overviews, and other financial news summaries. Given that the newsletter goes out monthly, it takes a broader perspective than the daily movements and trends reported by daily newsletters.

    • Frequency: Daily
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Stock market news and stock picking

    While Zacks’ website undeniably looks like it hasn’t been updated in over a decade, their daily Profit from the Pros newsletter still provides timely tips and analysis.

    Every day, Zacks’ executive vice president, Kevin Matras, pens a brief note outlining his thoughts about financial markets and the economy at large. Zacks specializes in stock research, and the daily newsletter provides context about broader market trends.

    Noteworthy features include their Bull of the Day and Bear of the Day stock picks. As the names suggest, these individual picks break down one company Zack sees rising soon — and one they foresee falling.

    For stock investors, Zacks Profit from the Pros can make a quick source of information each morning.

    • Frequency: Daily (except Sundays)
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Business and financial news

    Morning Brew is concise, well curated, and — best of all — delivered with humor and wit.

    Morning Brew goes out six days a week, Monday through Saturday, with an optional Sunday Light Roast edition. At the beginning of each daily newsletter, they start with a summary of the most important financial news along with an at-a-glance chart of the previous day’s stock and financial index performance.

    At the end, there are trivia questions, quizzes, clever GIFs, and one-line links to other interesting stories around the web.

    Note that Morning Brew focuses on business and financial news. If you want more granular personal finance tips and advice, look elsewhere.

    Read our full Morning Brew review if you’re still not convinced, but I highly recommend it for its brevity, light tone, and comprehensive approach to financial news.

    • Frequency: Daily (weekdays only)
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Business and financial news

    Following a similar model as Morning Brew, Robinhood Snacks delivers “[t]he 3-minute newsletter with fresh takes on the financial news you need to start your day.” From its light tone to its broad business scope, it occupies the same niche.

    But while Morning Brew only exists as a media company primarily fueled by ad revenue, Robinhood Snacks merely serves as the communication arm of brokerage firm Robinhood, a low-cost commission-free online broker. Robinhood brings the heft of a full investment brokerage with the wit and scrappy attitude of a startup for outstanding financial news summaries.

    • Frequency: Daily (weekdays only)
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Business and tech industry news

    With more of a tech slant than competing newsletters, The Hustle serves up the day’s most significant business, financial, and technology stories in “five minutes or less.”

    It’s 100% free, and like many others, it wears its sense of humor on its sleeve. Expect a startup-driven focus aimed particularly at tech professionals. Beyond the typical high-level business news stories, they also sometimes provide more in-depth coverage of tech companies. But anyone can appreciate the down-to-earth approach to business news and tips and the quick, succinct summaries.

    And the (lack of) price tag, of course.

    • Frequency: Daily (weekdays only)
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Personal finance, saving money, and travel

    Consumer advocate and personal finance expert Clark Howard built his brand around helping people save money.

    That goes for consumer products, of course, including a separate newsletter specifically for retail and restaurant deals. But Clark also offers a newsletter dedicated to saving money on travel along with his standard daily newsletter and weekly Best of Clark newsletter covering personal finance, budgeting, and investing tips.

    Howard keeps the big picture in mind too, with plenty of tips on retirement planning.

    For free personal finance updates and tips, Clark Howard doesn’t disappoint.

    • Frequency: Daily (weekdays only)
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Women’s finance and family issues

    DailyWorth narrows down more to personal and family finance topics, as well as marriage and parenting, rather than the loftier macroeconomic topics covered by Morning Brew and Robinhood Snacks.

    It also delivers a female-centric perspective: DailyWorth is the newsletter arm of women’s financial website HerMoney, created by Jean Chatzky. Beyond being a personal finance blog and newsletter, HerMoney also offers a podcast.

    For women looking for personal finance and family advice written by and for women, DailyWorth makes a reliable daily newsletter.

    • Frequency: Daily (weekdays only)
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Business and financial trends and entrepreneurship

    Like Morning Brew and Robinhood Snacks, The Minority Mindset provides a high-level view of business and financial news. And they do so with an upbeat, casual tone.

    Beyond just daily news summaries, The Minority Mindset aims to help you think differently about money. They know how dysfunctionally the average person approaches their finances. They want you to do better.

    I also like that The Minority Mindset ties those macroeconomic news stories back to you and your wallet. With a more practical, hands-on approach, they don’t want you to lose sight of how business and financial trends affect you personally.

    Plus, they include a fun “Mind Break” that ties together pop culture, business trivia, and inspirational stories about bootstrapping entrepreneurs. What’s not to like?

    • Frequency: Daily (weekdays only)
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Business and financial trends and personal finance

    Financial planner Jill Schlesinger seems to be everywhere all at once.

    She serves as a correspondent for “CBS This Morning” and regularly appears on “Face the Nation.” Schlesinger maintains a daily financial podcast and a weekly blog. Somehow, she also found the time to write a bestselling personal finance book, “The Dumb Things Smart People Do With Their Money.”

    And of course, she sends out a daily newsletter.

    Schlesinger’s newsletter covers everything from broad money moves to make at each phase of your life to money habits to daily financial news and trends. It takes a well-rounded approach to both economic news and personal finance.

    Plus, you get Schlesinger’s outspoken and often entertainingly blunt perspective on money. She keeps it real.

    • Frequency: Daily (weekdays only)
    • Cost: Free or $59.95 annually
    • Focus: Business and financial news

    The pitch: “Understand today’s financial news within 3 minutes. For free.”

    Finimize takes a similar approach to Morning Brew, with quick financial news summaries delivered with a smile. Finimize sends out two of the day’s top news stories in their free newsletter.

    Finimize also offers longer news analyses, more in-depth daily reporting, recorded audio of their content, premium meetups, and other add-ons if you pay an annual fee. They do offer a seven-day free trial to dip your toe in the water.

    Try the free subscription first, and if you like what you find, you can then try out the premium subscription.

    • Frequency: Weekly
    • Cost: Newsletter is free, but an NYT subscription, which allows you to read as much content on the site as you’re willing to pay for, starts around $1 per week (the free account limits the number of articles you can read)
    • Focus: Personal finance, business and financial news

    Like most of The New York Times, their Your Money section and newsletter require a subscription. Whatever your political slant, no one writes quite like The Times.

    From spending habits and saving money to retirement planning, financial news to investing, The Times’ Your Money section helps increase your financial literacy across the board. Unlike the rest of the website, however, Your Money provides more direct advice and tips and less news.

    You can view a certain number of articles for free each month, with different subscription options depending on the volume of content you want to access.

    • Frequency: Some daily, some sent as news breaks
    • Cost: Free
    • Focus: Business and financial news, personal finance

    MarketWatch Bulletin emails important news clips as they develop throughout the day. The email subject is the headline, and the email itself is simply a link to the online article. That keeps them fast and simple to either delete without opening or open and click through.

    Beyond their on-the-fly bulletin, however, they offer a range of newsletters for personal finance, tech news, mutual funds, and a half-dozen other topics. I enjoy their frank, straightforward prose and explanations with no jargon or forced laughs.

    And as someone who spends far too much of their day in their inbox, I appreciate getting the most urgent news at a glance.

    In today’s world, financial headlines change quickly.

    Entrepreneurs and business managers should subscribe to Morning Brew, Robinhood Snacks, or Minority Mindset. Those less interested in high-level business news and keener on personal finance tips should check out Clark Howard, Jill on Money, or DailyWorth.

    Regardless of where you get your financial news, everyone could stand to be just a little more informed about money. With only five minutes a day and any of these newsletters, you can be.

    Do you subscribe to a daily or weekly newsletter? Which one, and why?


    Author: G. Brian Davis

    Wealth & Investing Latest News & Headlines

    Wealth & Investing Latest News & Headlines

    Mr Andrew Naylor, head of ASEAN and public policy at the World Gold Council, shares more…

    MOST (if not all) organisations maintain a code of ethics that serve not only as an external statement of corporate values but also an internal guide to the standards of integrity and professional…

    ONE of the best ways to understand past market cycles is through terminology that may have been popular at one time but is rarely heard today.

    UNFAZED by the market upheaval, Raffles Family Office (RFO), a multi-family office and independent asset manager (IAM), has set its sights on further regional expansion this year.

    MICHEL Andre Heller is looking to lend when credit is tight.

    Mr Samuel Rhee, chief investment officer of Endowus, shares how the investment landscape…

    BILLIONAIRE investor Warren Buffett had to significantly scale down Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting – held on May 2 – to avoid the risk of his hometown of Omaha becoming a Covid-19…

    ACOMPREHENSIVE personal financial plan is akin to a sturdy compass for your future financial health. But most people may not have a financial adviser.

    TRUST in the financial industry remains low more than a decade after the global financial crisis. As the crisis showed, major financial institutions have grown so large and complex that they have…

    GOLD headed for its largest weekly decline in seven weeks as European nations, including the UK, offered cautious signals that they’ve passed through the peak of the novel coronavirus outbreak and…


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