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Published On Jul 14 2021 11:45AM IST

If you have a collection of old notes, they can be auctioned online.

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Earn by selling old currency notes online. Here's how you can

Are you fond of collecting currency notes or coins? Then here’s a chance of earning lakhs of rupees just by sitting at home. Several websites are auctioning antique notes and coins.

Here we reveal some features of currency notes that will make you immediately check all new and old notes that you own.

Any note of 1, 2, 10, 100, 500, 2000 and 200 that has only one speciality can be auctioned on an online auction.

If you have a collection of notes and there is any currency note with the series number 786 on it, it can be auctioned on the eBay website and you can have a chance of winning a prize for your note.

Auction of rare and antique Indian currency notes is done on eBay and is also bidding for old notes.

A common man can participate in the bid. Participating people have received up to Rs 3 lakh in a bid for 786 digit notes.

For a fun fact, Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan had carried a badge number 786 in the film Coolie, which is considered an auspicious number in Islam.

Wanting to sell a special 786 digit note, one doesn’t have to leave home as it can be done through many online websites such as eBay and Click India. These websites keep finding such special notes and conduct auctions.

A link to sell such notes directly on WhatsApp can also be found on the ClickIndia site.

For an online auction, you will have to click the photo of the 786 digit currency note with you. Then, you can register yourself as a seller on the bidding website. Then the photo has to be uploaded to the site.

After all the process has been done, interested people who want to buy will contact you directly.

After fixing the desired price, you can sell your antique note to the buyer.

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