Deutsche Investment expands German residential portfolio

Deutsche Investment expands German residential portfolio

Deutsche Investment has invested €12.5m to buy further residential properties in Germany’s capital.

The real estate fund manager, on behalf of a single account mandate managed with with EB Group, has bought the two Belle Époque buildings in Berlin from German investment entity.

The buildings are located in the borough of Neukölln and benefit from their central location inside the rapid transit circle line.

The properties are divide into 60 residential and 6 commercial units and Deutsche Investment said the almost fully assets have the potential for infill development.

Michael Krzyzanek, managing director for portfolio management at Deutsche Investment, said: “This latest acquisition once again highlights the value-add aspect of our end-to-end investment management approach.

“Our investor benefits not only from the advanced market penetration and regional network of our team. With our own unit for property development, we have the in-house resources we need to identify a property’s potential for infill development as early as the acquisition phase.”


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  • Source:

    Новости Уфы и Башкирии на английском языке | news Ufa in english | Все новости Уфы на английском языке

    Новости Уфы и Башкирии на английском языке | news Ufa in english | Все новости Уфы на английском языке

    According to the website, the peak of the epidemic has not been passed in the republic despite the fact that the daily number of new cases decreased on May 5 and 6.

    The Chishminsky sugar factory, despite the overproduction of granulated sugar in Russia, plans to stock up about 700 thousand tons of sugar beets this year. Roughly the future crop is to be processed in the first decade of September, the press service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkortostan reports.

    Since the beginning of the year, inflation amounted to 1.

    Of the 1696 people infected in the region, 466 people were discharged from hospitals, 16 died.

    “This year, the religious holiday coincides with the weekly rest day — Sunday.

    The private screening of the film took place last year during the 100th anniversary of Mustai Karim.

    In Bashkiria, the number of severe patients with the new coronavirus has significantly increased. According to the Ministry of Health RB, as of 2 pm on May 12, 46 people were in serious condition, 11 of them connected to lung ventilators. The day before, there were 27 such patients, 17 on lung ventilators.

    In Ufa, the weather pattern will not change significantly.

    In Bashkiria, the first successful plasma transfusion to a patient with COVID-19 from patients who had the new coronavirus was performed. It is reported that at the end of April, several citizens of the republic responded to the call to donate plasma. Blood sampling and plasma collecting from COVID-19 convalescence donors were carried out by the Republican Blood Transfusion Station (RSPK) together with Bashkir State Medical University.

    Russia took the second place in the world in the number of cases of COVID-19 for the entire pandemic period, overtaking Great Britain (more than 224 thousand) and Spain (more than 227 thousand), Interfax reports.

    The results of the world ranking of universities Round University Ranking (RUR) are published. USATU took 675th line in it, having risen by 25 positions compared to last year (700).

    As of May 12, over 5.8 million laboratory tests for the new coronavirus were carried out in the regions of the country. Only in the last day, 168.

    On Saturday evening May 16 — from 6 p.

    In Bashkiria, in the I quarter of this year, the volume of investment in fixed assets amounted to 118% compared to January-March 2019, the preliminary results of the statistics were announced by the Head of the Republic Radiy Khabirov at a briefing session in the government.

    According to the Minister of Health RB Maxim Zabelin, 468 people are in the hospital. 15 severe patients are connected to lung ventilators.

    Vladimir Putin announced this during a meeting with heads of regions on Monday, May 11.

    “This extraordinary measure enabled us to slow the epidemic, giving us the time we needed to substantially improve the readiness of the entire healthcare system in case the epidemiological situation took a turn for the worse.

    He examined the ships “Chaika”, “Arslan Mubaryakov” and “Bashkortostan” and got acquainted with the project to optimize the property complex of the enterprise.

    On May 11, the Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov, during a working trip to Ufa, visited the site of “Steklonit” OJSC, which is implementing a large-scale investment project to upgrade its facilities. The Ufa textile fiberglass plant, established in 1961, became a primary location for the company.

    According to the publication, assistance was provided to the Infectious Clinical Hospital No.

    409 people were discharged from hospitals as recovered (+48 per day). No new lethal cases in the region from the coronavirus infection have been reported (14 people for the entire period).

    Over the past day, 184.2 thousand tests for the coronavirus were performed. As of May 8, 292 thousand 469 people remain under the supervision of medical professionals in Russia.

    In Bashkiria, projects to create roadside service facilities can be included in the list of priority investment projects of the republic with an investment volume of 50 million rubles (or earlier, a requirement was established of 100 million rubles), and for regions of the Trans-Urals and the north-east of the republic, from 10 million rubles.

    On Thursday, May 7, a Yakutia airline plane landed at Ufa airport, which took 133 shift workers from the Chayandinskoye field to their homeland. All passengers on the Talakan — Ufa flight had their temperature measured, then transferred to buses and transported to the observation center.

    “On March 28, there was a flat field at this place. Now an Infectious Disease Hospital is being erected here.

    The Russians appreciated the opportunity to work remotely: 42% of respondents said that this opportunity should remain for office workers even after the epidemic would be over.

    The Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov still takes the “very strong influence” line in the influence rating of the leaders of Russian constituent entities compiled by the Agency for Political and Economic Communications for April. Compared to the previous month, he strengthened his position in this rating, having moved from ninth to sixth place.

    Rospotrebnadzor named the Top 15 subjects of Russia by the absolute number of tests for the new coronavirus infection. Bashkortostan in the ranking took seventh place with an indicator of 96,890 tests, after Moscow (1 225 123), St. Petersburg (324 613), Moscow (301 729), Sverdlovsk (125 084), Nizhny Novgorod regions (110 588) and Krasnodar Territory ( 106 558).

    Compositions based on the Bashkir folk songs “Khan Kyzy” and “Ural” of the National Orchestra of Folk Instruments were included in the European collections “Savoring the Silence Chill Out” and “Oriental Magic Lounge”. They were released by the AFARIN Records publishing house, the press service of the Bashkir Philharmonic Society informs.

    391 people undergo treatment in hospitals of the republic. In percentage terms, the occupancy of beds is 39-40%.

    No new lethal cases were reported from the coronavirus in the region (14 people for the entire period).

    The Monotown Development Fund compiled the list in conjunction with the state-owned corporation VEB.

    The Ufa Clinic of Intellectual Neurosurgery was the first in Russia to have a unique, painless, bloodless surgery without anesthesia for the treatment of tremor. Doctors prepared for it for two years and managed to carry it out using focused ultrasound under the control of MRI.

    The Head of Bashkiria Radiy Khabirov began to publish a series of stories in his social media about doctors of the republic, who work on the frontline combatting the new coronavirus infection. The Head of the Region began with the 42-year-old Alexander Shishigin, head of the radiology department at the Kuvatov’s Republican Clinical Hospital.

    Naufal Zagidullin, Doctor of Medicine, expert of the mathematical modeling and forecasting office of Bashkir State Medical University and Ufa State Aviation Technical University, predicted the further development of the situation with COVID-19 in Bashkiria. According to the scientist, the republic has almost reached a peak of incidence.

    The governors of Russian regions will be able to decide on a phased lifting the self-isolation regime after consultation with the chief sanitary doctors of the country’s subjects, based on the growth rate of new cases of the coronavirus infection, free bed capacity for treating patients with COVID-19, and test coverage indicators.

    Today, the first immune, Amotosalen and ultraviolet A pathogen-reduced plasma from a donor who recovered from COVID-19 was prepared in Ufa. The Republican Blood Transfusion Station, together with Bashkir State Medical University, began work on creating a database of COVID-19 convalescent donors who had the new coronavirus infection, the press service of the Ministry of Health of the region reports.

    The “Salavat Yulaev” Hockey Club and the defender Mikhail Pashnin failed to agree on an extension of the contract and parted each other’s company. One of the league’s best defenders could remain in the Ufa team; however, according to sources, the new terms did not suit the parties.

    On May 6, in Bashkiria, the diagnosis of the new coronavirus infection was confirmed in 1160 people. According to the press service of the regional Ministry of Health, today 440 people undergo treatment in hospitals of the republic. Of these, 292 are in satisfactory condition, 114 patients are in a state of moderate severity, 34 are in serious condition, and 18 are of them are connected to lung ventilators.

    Over the past 24 hours, 10 559 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus infection were registered nationwide.

    According to the head of the Ministry of Finance, Lira Igtisamova, 38 billion rubles were received in the budget for the first quarter of the year — by 4.

    Over the past day, 173.3 thousand tests for coronavirus were performed. Today, 227 thousand 792 people remain under medical supervision in the regions of the country.

    It is supposed to expand production in several directions at once.

    All tourists who arrived at the Ufa airport with the support of the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan were provided with hot meals and cold drinks.

    By May 9, a new celebratory composition appeared in Ufa, which complemented the existing complex of illuminated letters “Ufa”. The structure in the form of a star and commemorative inscriptions of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War was installed on the site between the pedestrian overpass and the Shkolnaya public transport stop towards the city entrance.

    In Bashkiria, COVID-19 infection among workers is expected to increase. It was announced at an online briefing of the regional Ministry of Health on May 5 by the deputy head of the department Irina Kononova. According to her, in the republic, the appearance of morbidity foci associated with places of work is possible.


    “Krasnoyarsk Territory Presents BRICS its Best Investment Projects”

    Yenisei Siberia presented the investment potential of Krasnoyarsk Territory in another round of its online roadshow. Roscongress Foundation jointly with its investment branch RK-Investments in collaboration with the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation and holding MKR-Media are the promoters of this online project are. 

    Vladislav Polunin, head of the Corporation’s investment proposal initiatives, described the key projects and support measures designed to create a business-friendly environment for investors. These projects include Lime Production Development, Amorphous Graphite Production Development based on the Graphite Plant in Krasnoyarsk, and Development of Specialty Chemicals Production. All these initiatives are part of the Yenisei Siberia Megaproject.

    “The Krasnoyarsk Territory offers numerous opportunities and is rich in minerals that can be used in various ways. It is worth mentioning a certain focus on non-ferrous metals: besides gold, this includes various metals of platinum and copper-nickel groups. Furthermore, speaking of something more universal, our coal-mining sector has seen also extensive development. And both coal mining and the coal chemical industry are now exploring new development opportunities. This could also contribute to new export potential for us in the future”, noted Vladislav Polunin. 

    Stressing that all the investment projects were approved by the regional government, he also pointed out that investors would be offered flexible investment tools, preferences and government incentives.

    The presentation will be available on YouTube channels of the Roscongress Foundation, Russian Regions Investment Platform, and BRICS TV. At 5 p.m., Moscow time, the show will be aired on BRICS TV.

    “Helping the regions to improve the investment climate is an important line of activity of the Roscongress Foundation. This roadshow aims to demonstrate to foreign and Russian investors the opportunities that exist in the Siberian regions, and to establish good relationships between the stakeholders”, said Roscongress Foundation’s Chairman of the Board Aleksandr Stuglev. “Previously, with the same goal, we launched a special project together with our subsidiary, the RK-Investments foundation, to attract investments to Russian regions. The investment platform is a unique information space and communication environment where the interests of the regions, project initiators, and investors meet.” 

    Round One of the roadshow with Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation General Director Sergei Ladyzhenko was held on April 30, 2020. 

    Speakers in the next roadshow will include Deputy General Director and Head of the Yenisei Siberia Development Corporation’ Representation in the Khakas Republic Mr. Mikhail Krutskikh, and Head of the Corporation’s Representation in Tyva Ms. Yevgeniya Khertek. They are going to present business opportunities in their regions.

    Professor Dr. Maurice “Tony” Ewing, Cambridge University, the renowned management consultant, behavioural data scientist, and public speaker, moderated the discussions.

    The multi-sectoral investment project Yenisei Siberia covers three regions sharing a common culture, history, and nature. The economies and infrastructures of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakas Republic, and the Republic of Tyva are connected, which offers an opportunity to develop across various sectors, improve the standards of living and promote the well-being of their residents. The Yenisei Siberia project was initiated by Heads of these regions and supported by the President and Government of the Russian Federation.

    Video summaries of all online roadshows will be available in the Roscongress analytics system.


    Author: Russia–Africa Economic Forum

    Deutsche Investment expands German residential portfolio

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