Cryptocurrencies archive news by date

Cryptocurrencies archive news by date

Cryptocurrencies latest news and history organized by date that contains 1000000+ news archives. Click here to read what world was saying about cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies latest news and history organized by date that contains 1000000+ news archives. Click here to read what world was saying about cryptocurrencies. With over 80% of tokens under parity, today opens with the cryptocurrency sector down, with a clear prevalence of red signs. So-called stablecoins have been tanking in bitcoin terms lately. Should we be calling them “crypto-dollars” instead?

  • Margin Trading and Lending on the Crypto Market
  • Ternio’s ERC-20 TERN Token Listed On Global Crypto Exchange Bibox
  • New Crypto Asset Skyrockets 1,880% on Launch Day – Here’s Why Traders Are Pouncing on Project Serum
  • BSP cites many risks in crypto, says it doesn’t accept such transactions
  • Here’s what on-chain data is saying about Band Protocol’s 30% decline
  • What are the different ways of earning money through Bitcoin?
  • Fusing With Whales: Cashfusion Privacy Mixing Expands Allowing 10x Bigger Coins
  • DeFi Tokens Defying Market Dump on YAM Farming Frenzy
  • US banks may not be ready for crypto custody just yet
  • CoinMarketCap launches ‘Earn’ — a Coinbase-like education rewards program
  • Russia proposes a national tool to track your Bitcoin
  • Tron (TRX) Price Analysis: Trading Near Breakdown Zone In Uptrend
  • Indian State of Telangana Is Interested in Using Blockchain for E-Voting
  • Venezuela plans to include Petro as a means to collect payments of taxes and sanctions.
  • Market Analysis Report (12 Aug 2020)
  • Lawyer to File Crypto Class-Action Seeking Billions From Social Media ‘Cartel’
  • Chainlink, Monero, ETC Price Analysis: 12 August
  • Unpacking the Avit, Avanti Bank’s New Digital Asset Being Built With Blockstream
  • Kanye West is Vulnerable – and Kris Jenner Used Him for TV Ratings
  • 3 Reasons Why MicroStrategy Adopted Bitcoin — And Why Others Will Too
  • Is Coinbase close to becoming the first public US crypto exchange?
  • MRNA Stock Up 10% Now, Moderna Reaches Agreement with U.S. Govt for Supply of 100M Vaccine Doses
  • Asset Manager NYDIG Raises $5M for Third Bitcoin Fund in 2020
  • LocalCryptos Integrates Inbuilt Crypto-To-Crypto Exchanges, Powered by ChangeNOW
  • Ethereum’s gas fee skyrockets, what’s the DeFi link?
  • Appeals Court Backs Coinbase in Bitcoin Gold Fork ‘Breach of Contract’ Lawsuit
  • U.S. Stock Market Risks ‘Weeks’ of Stagnation After Roaring Rally
  • Grayscale Tells SEC Its Bitcoin Trust Rose $1.6B Over Six Months
  • Blockchain Firm Says Banks Need DLT to Manage Identities Better
  • CoinMarketCap is now paying you to learn about crypto
  • UK Slips into Recession as Economic Output Collapses 20% in Second Quarter
  • BNB Staking is Now Available on the Binance Chain Testnet
  • Why XRP doesn’t have smart contracts – Ex Ripple CTO
  • PumaPay Adds Crypto Buying Support on Its Mobile Wallet
  • The Southern Indian state of Telangana may develop a blockchain e-voting platform.
  • Coinbase Saved Its Clients 75% in Fees by Batching Bitcoin Transactions
  • Crypto Porn Startup Says Its New Governance System Is Better than DAOs
  • Venezeula Could Start Collecting Taxes And Sanctions in Cryptocurrencies
  • Ethereum miners’ revenue touched almost a two-year high in July
  • China has recorded over 10,000 blockchain-backed startups this year
  • What is Yam? The YFI-AMPL clone with lures of 10,000% returns
  • The Linux Foundation Wants Open-Source Tech to Address Future Pandemics
  • Microsoft Secrecy Breaks for November 6 Xbox Series X Launch
  • Lawyer to file a class-action lawsuit against social media giants that sought to kill crypto in 2018.
  • Ethereum Gas Fees Touch 200 Gwei per Transaction as DeFiers Farm Yams
  • MicroStrategy Purchases 21,454 BTC and Makes Bitcoin Its Primary Treasury Reserve Asset
  • The Babylon Project: A Blockchain Focused Hackathon with a Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion
  • Ethereum, Zcash, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 12 August
  • What Are Managed Trading Accounts?
  • Russian Financial Crime Agency Plans AI Tool to Link Crypto Transfers to Users
  • Peer-to-Peer Exchange CryptoLocally Now Offers Instant Credit Card Payment
  • BAND’s Price is Up Over 6000% Since January: What’s Driving the Bull Run?
  • IBM Plans To Help Banks Embrace The DeFi Sector
  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Ditch LA – What We Know So Far
  • Dow Futures Jumps on Biden-Harris Ticket – So Why Isn’t it Crashing?
  • Five crypto mining operators caught stealing electricity supply in Malaysia.
  • Revolut’s customers held more than $120 million worth of cryptocurrencies in 2019
  • Chainlink: Traders under zero loss, but why?
  • The Latest Bitcoin Price Crash Was Correlated With Gold and Silver’s Plunge
  • Most Bitcoin Investors Believe BTC Will Hit $100,000 By December 2021, Twitter Poll Shows
  • First Mover: How a DeFi Trader Made an 89% Profit in Minutes Slinging Stablecoins
  • Gold Price Plunges 5% Even As Treasury Yield Rises on Positive Coronavirus Vaccine Efforts
  • Tesla Announces 5:1 Stock Split, TSLA Stock Jumps 7% in Pre-market
  • Is CNY Crashing Gold?
  • What is Uniswap In Simple Words?
  • Crypto-Friendly British App Revolut Reportedly Tripled Losses in 2019
  • Lou Holtz Is a Cringe-Fest: Someone Cancel Him for His Own Good
  • Ethereum Registers Extreme Price Hikes
  • What Today’s Robinhood Rally Has in Common With the Last Crypto Boom
  • Tether Is An Accident Waiting To Happen, Says Veteran Trader Peter Brandt
  • Bitcoin’s Recent Correction Turned Support into Resistance, Suggesting Further Losses
  • Crypto Users Rally to Support Beirut Following Last Week’s Explosion
  • Grayscale Bitcoin Trust Saw Surge in Investor Interest After March
  • $400 Is Getting Away From Ethereum Following BTC’s Recent Decline (ETH Price Analysis)
  • Germany Introduces Crypto e-Stocks Bill
  • Ex-NYSE Broker Accused of Running $33M Crypto Scam Pleads Not Guilty
  • Tired Of Being On The Sidelines, This Investor Will Be Swapping A “Good Percentage” Of XRP For LINK
  • Tencent Reports Incredible Q2 Earnings Despite Trump’s Ban on Its WeChat App
  • Debate about Ethereum’s supply is no better than Roubini bashing Bitcoin: Andreas Antonopoulos
  • Ripple Partner Flare Launching New Crypto Asset for XRP Holders
  • Three Reasons Why NFT Market Is Bound to Rise and Shine
  • Is Meghan Markle & Jessica Mulroney Fall Out Really Just Fake News?
  • Next-Gen Xbox Bites Marketing Bullet with Halo Infinite Delay
  • Tesla Stock Split Ignites a Cynical Short-Term Price Pump
  • Fintech firm conducts first blockchain-based bond trade in Singapore
  • A DeFi farmer pumped $11 million into unaudited platform Yam
  • Coinbase exits crypto trade group following Binance admittance
  • Bitcoin’s Price Correlation With Gold Hits New All-Time High
  • Tezos Price Analysis: XTZ Flirts With Its All-Time High, $5 Next Or Double-Top?
  • Bitcoin, gold bounce following bullion’s biggest single-day decline in 7 years
  • Invest 3% in Bitcoin to Avoid COVID-19 Lockdown Devaluation — BitGo CEO
  • Will High Gas Fees on Ethereum [ETH] Put an End to DeFi Run?
  • Cointelegraph Launches Newsletter for Professional Investors
  • Bitcoin and Altcoins Get Worst of Market Correction As Britain Crashes Into Deep Recession
  • $4.6 Billion Under Management: Grayscale Purchased Over $100M Worth of Bitcoins Last Week
  • Bitmain spin-off’s crypto exchange launches bitcoin options as pricing competition heats up
  • Huobi COO: There Are Five Major Trends In the Blockchain Industry In 2020
  • Bitcoin Cash short-term Price Analysis: 12 August
  • Token Launches From Ethereum to Telegram: Where Do We Go From Here?
  • Championing Blockchain Education in Africa: Women Leading the Bitcoin Cause
  • PS5 Controller Battery Boost Might Not Mean What You Think
  • ChainLink bullish rally pushes it to 6th in market capitalization
  • In The Footsteps of BitMEX: Binance Launches Bitcoin-Collateralized 125x Futures Contract
  • Is the Bitcoin Bull Market in Jeopardy After Failure to Break $12,000?
  • CME Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Hits New Record High of $841 Million
  • Ethereum Defi Dexes Near Half a Billion in Daily Trading Volumes
  • Worth The Talk? Weighing up DeFi Products with the Token Price Craze
  • Ellen DeGeneres’ New DJ ‘Defended’ Her – And Yeah, It Was Awkward
  • Scaling blockchains with Layer 2 technologies
  • Litecoin price rests near $54, what to expect?
  • Blockchain Bites: Avanti’s New Money, DeFi Deepens and ‘How Much Ether?’
  • Coinbase uses BTC transaction batching system to save customers 75 percent in fees
  • Tor and Psiphon activity surges in protest-stricken Belarus
  • Sirin Labs Founder Sued Over Unpaid $20M Factory Bill for Finney Blockchain Phone
  • Crypto Price Analysis August 12:
  • Network Effect at Risk? Why 50% of DAI Locked in Compound Is a Concern
  • ChainLink (LINK) Pumps by 23%, Flippens Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on CMC
  • Ethereum’s unknown supply puts its users at risk, says Pierre Rochard
  • Global Enterprises Embrace Public Blockchains as Technology Matures
  • Deposits in ‘Monetary Experiment’ Meme Token YAM Break $460M
  • Justin Sun’s BitTorrent Confirms Over 2 Billion Installations
  • Bitfinex traders are longing Tezos (XTZ) in record numbers as price flirts with $4
  • Ethereum’s percent of total liquid supply beats Bitcoin, XRP, Cardano
  • Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 12, 2020
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    Cryptocurrencies archive news by date

    Cryptocurrencies archive news by date

  • July by the numbers: A look at crypto exchange volumes, open interest, and miner revenue
  • XRP short-term Price Analysis: 11 August
  • Chainlink Competitor Band Token Grows 300% in 7 Days Setting New ATH
  • Australian citizen sentenced to 2 years in prison for stealing $300,000 worth XRP.
  • Tezos To New ATH Above $4.4 While Bitcoin Fails at $12,000 Again
  • FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Trailer Reveals EA’s Newest Money-Grab
  • A South Korean beach wants you to pay in Ethereum
  • Indian investor lost over $3 million in Bitcoin wallet scam
  • China’s Blockchain Infrastructure Launches Website for Global Devs
  • Market Analysis Report (11 Aug 2020)
  • Bitcoin options market shows it is “open air” for BTC after $14,000
  • IOTA’s Chrysalis Upgrade Goes Live, Adding Scalability Improvements
  • Bitcoin Analyst Tone Vays Prepares to Lose Crypto Bet, Predicts Imminent BTC Breakout
  • Apple Stock Price Touches $450, Wedbush Analyst Raises Target to $515
  • Goldman Sachs is positive about the future of crypto and blockchain.
  • African Blockchain Hub: Akon partners Effect.AI
  • ETH Price Skyrockets 15% to $450 on Uniswap Following One $18-Million Transaction
  • Australian Woman Jailed for Theft of More Than 100,000 XRP
  • Canadian Amateur Meteorologist Frankie MacDonald Has This To Say About Bitcoin
  • Facebook Announces New Product Group to Step-Up Its Digital Payments
  • Litecoin short-term Price Analysis: 11 August
  • The Last of Us Part 2 Patch 1.03 is a Masochist’s Permadeath Dream
  • Bitcoin Price Is in ‘Early Main Bull Phase’ Circa Q4 2016 — Willy Woo
  • Bitrue Crypto Exchange Integrates ChainLink (LINK) Price Oracles
  • Female hacker sentenced to prison for 100,000 XRP theft
  • Blockchain to Play ‘Essential Role’ in Farming Supply Chains, Says US Government
  • Next Generation Peer-to-Peer Trading Platform, CryptoLocally, Now Supports ETH, USDT (ERC-20), and DAI
  • 1inch Exchange’s New DEX, Mooniswap, Can Improve LP Profits by 200%
  • Bitcoin Will Outperform Gold and Silver, Rich Dad, Poor Dad Author Robert Kiyosaki Predicts
  • DigiByte Reclaims 2-Year High; Trades Above $0.030
  • Russia’s New Crypto Analytics System to Track Dash and Monero
  • IOTA (MIOTA) Rallies on Chrysalis Implementation Next Week
  • So, what is the Ethereum (ETH) total supply?
  • Blockstack is transferring 100 million Stacks tokens to the Stacks Foundation to decentralize its network
  • Australian Hacker Who Stole Over 100,000 XRP Sentenced to 2 Years Behind Bars
  • Former Coinsbit Co-Owner Buys LocalTrade Exchange
  • Mitsubishi Launches Blockchain Platform for Metal Trading
  • Ben Shapiro Bragging About His Wife’s DAP is 2020’s Biggest Self-Own
  • Band token sees 300 percent growth in one week
  • How the Bitcoin Price Surge is Affecting the Crypto-casino Sector
  • Crypto Derivatives Getting Ready to “Explode”: Delta Exchange CEO Speaks
  • The Reason John McAfee Got Arrested in Europe Yesterday
  • India May Be Starting Its Biggest Bitcoin Bull Run Yet
  • Cyprus SEC Blacklists 7 Investment and Crypto-Related Websites
  • Woman jailed in Australia for stealing $400,000 in XRP
  • Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Dogecoin Price Analysis: 11 August
  • China’s BSN now features live integration of—Ethereum, EOS, Nervos, Tezos, and NEO
  • Dow Futures Runs 8-Day Streak But Analysts Fear an ‘Everything Crash’
  • Russian Intelligence claim they can partially de-anonymize crypto transactions
  • First Mover: After Falling 65% This Year in Bitcoin Terms, Do ‘Stablecoins’ Need a Rebranding?
  • 10 years ago, a man lost Bitcoin that’s now worth $100 million
  • MicroStrategy becomes first listed company to buy bitcoin as part of its capital allocation strategy
  • Paytm Freezes Indian Bank Accounts Suspected of Cryptocurrency Trading: Report
  • Russia is developing a new cryptocurrency analytics tool to trace privacy coins.
  • Money 2.0 Stuff: Common ownership
  • Swipe Introduces New Products: SXP Is Already Up Over100% In 10 Days
  • Two small token projects — NUGS and NEXE — appear to have exit scammed shortly after listing on Uniswap
  • Cardano Crosses 10 Billion ADA Staked as Network Prepares for Smart Contracts
  • Riot Blockchain Mined 508 Bitcoin in Q2
  • Bitcoin Rally Stalls as Increasingly Correlated Gold Drops Below $2K
  • From Call Centers to Cryptos: India’s Scammers Don’t Seem to Stop
  • 10 Reasons Quant Strategies for Crypto Fail
  • $1.5 Billion in Ethereum Pool on Uniswap Awaits This DeFi Token Launch
  • MicroStrategy Buys $250M in Bitcoin, Calling the Crypto ‘Superior to Cash’
  • Bitcoin’s price surge is not killing its demand
  • World’s Biggest Business Intelligence Firm Buys 21K BTC for $250M
  • Report: Regulators Reject CZ’s Application to Become Shareholder in Troubled Bank
  • Keiser: ‘Capital Flight out of Asia’ Will Take Bitcoin to New Price Highs
  • Demand Management System joins hands with Morpheus.Network
  • Average Ethereum Fees Surge to $3 on High DeFi Demand
  • Bitcoin Price Rises in Tandem With Central Banks’ Balance Sheets — Data
  • Following OCC Letter, Some US Banks Appear Open to Providing Crypto Services
  • Will Bitcoin [BTC] Price Hit $50,000 By 2028? Crypto Guru Bobby Lee Stands Firm By His Predictions
  • Caleb Pressley, American footballer who lost all his money in crypto
  • IOTA Is Preparing To Launch Its New Upgrade, Chrysalis
  • Smash Mouth Ignore COVID-19 to Infect Crowd with Terrible Music
  • Bitcoin Transaction Fees Plummet as Network Congestion Eases
  • Cardano Hits Over $10.4 Billion in Staked ADA as Staking Pools Approach 1000
  • After 35% Weekly Gains, Chainlink Plunges 15% (LINK Price Analysis)
  • Grin Price Up Over 11% as Former Developer Tests ASIC Miner
  • DEX Aggregator 1inch Raises $2.8M From Binance Labs, Galaxy Digital and More
  • The KickEX exchange will buy back KickTokens at a price of $0.00015 per token
  • Top 5 sportsbook promo code in 2020
  • Why Gold-backed Tokens Are the Perfect Hedge
  • DEX aggregator 1inch raises $2.8 million in seed funding led by Binance Labs
  • Coinbase’s Existing $8B Valuation Means It Doesn’t Need an IPO, Lawyer Says
  • Band’s (BAND) Recent Rally Points to a Return of the Coinbase Effect
  • Crypto derivatives market set to explode – Delta Exchange CEO
  • Breaking: Publicly Listed Firm MicroStrategy Purchases $250 Million Worth Of Bitcoins
  • Bitcoin rises to an all-time-high against Argentian Peso, Turkish Lira, and Brazilian Real.
  • Ex-Google hacker retrieves $300,000 in Bitcoin from encrypted file
  • MicroStrategy moves its cash into Bitcoin; shares up 9%
  • MicroStrategy announces big Bitcoin purchase and share buyback plan; shares up 9.2%
  • 1inch DeFi Protocol Secures $2.8M Funding Led by Binance Labs
  • Trader Who Called Bitcoin Crash Says This Altcoin Could Surge 22,900%, Predicts BTC Burst to $115,000
  • Top VC says that Ethereum and Bitcoin may race each other to $1 trillion valuation
  • Bison Trails Now Supports ‘Flow’ Blockchain From CryptoKitties Maker Dapper Labs
  • Chia Network Raises $5M to Rival New Crop of DeFi-Friendly Base Layers
  • EOS DeFi Project Sets Up Shop on Polkadot
  • A Blow to the Gold Rally: New Data Show Dollar’s Decline Isn’t Major
  • Danny Ryan Demos Ethereum Shard
  • How to Remain Profitable Through the Halving of Zcash
  • Bitcoin: Is this the end of the line for the S9 miner?
  • Australian Woman Jailed for Stealing Over 100,000 XRP
  • MicroStrategy makes major $250,000 investment in Bitcoin
  • Blockchain development platform Alchemy exits private beta with official public launch
  • Jay Z-backed blockchain platform Alchemy opens its doors
  • Alchemy Goes Public With Developer Platform in Bid to Grow DeFi Ecosystem
  • Out With the Old: Blockchain to Bring Transparency to Recycling Sector
  • S&P 500 Completes Comeback, Comes Within a Hair of Record High
  • Why Trevor Lawrence Could Make The Rock Look Like a Genius
  • Apple CEO, Tim Cook, Joins Billionaire Club with the Company’s $1.9T Market Cap
  • Shill Metal Jacket: Who are the Link Marines?
  • Australian woman jailed for stealing more than 100,000 XRP during its market peak in 2018
  • The Crypto Market Is Looking Like Q4 2016 All Over Again As “Early Main Bull Phase” Starts: Analyst
  • Renewed Hopes for Early COVID-19 Vaccines Reduces Appetite for Gold and Bitcoin
  • Publicly Traded Company Buys $250 Million Bitcoin
  • Who Are the Top Players for Reddit’s Great Bake-off and What Are They Building?
  • Ethereum long-term Price Analysis: 11 August
  • Tezos XTZ Follows Chainlink to Hit New High — But Is $6 Now Realistic?
  • Peru, India, Indonesia, Nigeria Among Countries With Highest Crypto Usage Increase
  • MicroStrategy Purchases $250,000,000 in Bitcoin, Says Top Crypto Can Maximize Long-Term Value for Shareholders
  • Bitcoin, Gold Prices Drop as Trump Praises ‘Big Stock Market Numbers!’
  • Kunming City Has Introduced A Digital Economy Development Policy, Which Will Subsidize Blockchain-related Project
  • PS+ Freebie Fall Guys is 2020’s Latest Gaming Phenomenon
  • If Bitcoin is the ‘fastest horse’ how far behind are gold and stocks?
  • First Of Many? NASDAQ-Listed Company Buys $250 Million in Bitcoin as Inflation Hedge
  • Grayscale: XRP Is Poised To Benefit From The $2 Trillion Global Payments Market
  • With Value Approach, Off The Chain Capital Is Changing The Bitcoin Investment Narrative
  • Bitcoin Price Crashed $900 Since Yesterday’s High: Reversal Incoming? (BTC Updated Analysis)
  • This DeFi token by FTX went up 1000% right after launching
  • Are Bitcoin And Gold Headed to The Worst Drop Ever? Covid19 Vaccine, Tax cut & More
  • CureVac Announces Proposed U.S. IPO of Common Shares to Raise $245M
  • Binance Denies Report It Was Blocked From Installing Its CEO on Board of Failing Bank
  • Litecoin price falls to $56, breakout to $80 ahead?
  • Building on Taproot: Payment Pools Could Be Bitcoin’s Next Layer Two Protocol
  • A reckoning is coming for $50 billion in “ghost” blockchains—and DeFi will benefit
  • Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 11, 2020
  • The inflation fears that have been fueling gold and bitcoin markets might be overblown
  • Coinbase exits trade group following entry of upstart rival Binance.US
  • Crypto custodian Casa enables in-app bitcoin purchasing option
  • Bitcoin Cash price falls to $279, retesting $310 next?
  • DEX Aggregator 1inch raises $2.8 million in latest funding round
  • EOS price returns to $3, what to expect?
  • Blockchain Bites: MicroStrategy’s $250M Bitcoin Bet, India Booms, Banks Open to Custody
  • Adam Back: Bitcoin is Enough, Satoshi Should Stay Out
  • Lichtenstein Regulator Rejects Binance Bidding for Union Bank
  • Elliptic Hires Former Revolut CFO as it Prepares for Asia Expansion
  • Grayscale Launches New Crypto Ad on National TV, Highlighting Bitcoin and Eight Altcoins
  • Chainlink Has Reached a New All-Time High
  • Two Token Projects Seemingly Exit Scam Shortly After Listing on Uniswap
  • Meghan Markle Won’t Let ‘Royal Protocol’ Smother Her Patriotism
  • Here’s Why the Trump TikTok Ban Should Worry Apple & Tesla Investors
  • A Zombie Stock Apocalypse Is Coming for Your Robinhood Portfolio
  • This Billion-Dollar Company Just Bought Over 20,000 BTC Amid Market Turbulence
  • Bitcoin Price Keeps Rejecting $12K — Here’s What Can Happen to BTC
  • Hackers steal Bitcoin through large-scale exploit on Tor: report
  • Curve’s CRV token distribution: Everything you need to know
  • Billion Dollar Public Company Microstrategy Moves $250 Million Into BTC, Says Bitcoin ‘Superior to Cash’
  • Nasdaq listed MicroStrategy invests in Bitcoin against inflation
  • Coinbase Exits Industry Lobbying Group in Protest Over Recent Unspecified ‘Decisions’
  • Serum token shoots up 1,000% on Binance listing
  • A case for a ‘wildly bullish’ Ethereum
  • A New DeFi Exchange Says It Has Solved An Industry-Wide Problem
  • 5 Ayda Yüzde 3.600 Artan Kripto Paranın Yükselişi Sürecek Mi?
  • Willy Woo’dan Net Cevap: Bitcoin Boğa Piyasası Başladı Mı?
  • XRP Tahminleri İle Tanınan Analistten Rekor Fiyat Açıklaması!
  • Bitcoin’in Yükselişi Bu İki Engele Takılabilir
  • Bitcoin Cash Nasıl Alınır?
  • Ethereum Nasıl Alınır?
  • Bitcoin Yorumları: BTC/USD Teknik Analizi 11/08/2020
  • Lihtenştayn, Binance’in Talebini Reddetti
  • Coinbase Yeni Hamlesi İle Rakiplerinin Bir Adım Önüne Geçti
  • O Bitcoin’leri Kaybetmeseydi Neredeyse Milyarder Olacaktı
  • Bir Günde 10 Kat Kazandırdı: Serum (SRM) Nedir?
  • Ripple Kurucusu Yine XRP Mi Satmaya Başladı?
  • Tezos (XTZ) 4 Dolar Barajını Aştı: Yeni Rekor Gelir mi?
  • Türk Kripto Para Yatırımcısı Kazancını 10’a Katladı
  • Tarihte Bir İlk! Borsada İşlem Gören Şirket Enflasyona Karşı Bitcoin Aldı
  • Eski Goldman Sachs Yöneticisinden 2 Yıllık Bitcoin Tahmini
  • Bu İsme Göre Bitcoin 2017’dekine Benzer Bir Büyüme Yaşayabilir
  • Chainlink Haftalık %35 Kazançtan Sonra, %15 Düştü – LINK Analizi
  • Here’s How Vladimir Putin Ignited a Dow Jones Feeding Frenzy Today
  • The WOM Token is Now Listed on Liquid Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • SoftBank Records Profit as Vision Fund Rebounds from Losses
  • A City in South Korea is Expanding Its Blockchain Payment Program
  • S&P 500 Aims at All-Time High as the Dow Pulls Gain over 357 Points
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum Hit Resistance, Crypto Sentiment Suggests Big Move to the Downside Brewing
  • CryptX Wallet Now Available
  • MicroStrategy Makes Massive $250 Million Bet on Bitcoin
  • Blockchain development platform Alchemy announces public launch
  • Lowdown on what, why & how Bitcoin whales will move
  • Positive Ethereum Interactions Through The Roof After ETH’s Price Surge
  • JPMorgan: Small and Midcap Stocks Have ‘Never Been Easier’ to Make Money From
  • Revolut Bank Posts Losses Worth £106.5 Million in 2019
  • Goldman Sachs Is Looking to Build Its Own Cryptocurrency
  • Joe Rogan for Fed Chair! Feat. Hugh Hendry
  • Logan Paul Amps Up the Cringe to Steal Spotlight After Jake’s FBI Raid
  • Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stumbles to $11,300; USDC Lending Rates Skyrocket
  • US banks seek additional regulatory guidance for crypto custody
  • Bitcoin SV, Monero, BAT Price Analysis: 11 August
  • Coinbase says batching bitcoin transactions has saved clients 75% in fees
  • VPN Usage Surges as Belarus Remains Offline
  • Yield farmers deposit $76M in unaudited DeFi project in less than an hour
  • Some Traders Now Taking Bets Ether Will Break $1K by December
  • Cardano Network Has The Highest Developer Activity, GitHub Data Reveals
  • WeChat and The Great Firewall of America
  • Unorthodox DeFi Project ‘DeadFish’ Launches on Ardor
  • Bitcoin mining faces no threat from China, here’s why
  • How Much Ether Is Out There? Ethereum Developers Create New Scripts for Self-Verification
  • Shroud Is ‘Coming Home’ – Exposing Why Twitch Seems Impossible to Beat
  • Analyst Predicts DeFi Growth May Push Chainlink (LINK) Price to $32
  • With Medalla, ETH 2.0 client teams move toward launch with a dress rehearsal
  • Love them or hate them: ‘personal tokens’ are booming on Uniswap
  • Market conditions for Bitcoin’s continued bull market
  • Crypto Friendly Candidate Yang Left Off DNC Speech List
  • Bitcoiners Launch Cryptocurrency Relief Fund Following Beirut Explosion
  • ‘Bitcoin Is Superior To Cash’, Says World’s Largest Business Intelligence Company
  • Three Teens Unveil Rari Capital, a New Decentralized Finance and Crypto Platform
  • Kamala Harris VP team includes crypto friendly Sacramento Kings CTO
  • Explosive DeFi growth may push Chainlink price beyond $32
  • Bitcoin reaches all-time high correlation with gold as markets sink
  • Passive Income via Digital Wealth: A Deep Dive Into Crypto Earning, Staking, Interest Bearing Accounts
  • Lightning lags, Wrapped Bitcoin booms in DeFi liquidity race
  • Crypto Asset YFI Erupts After Earning Support From Binance, Has Now Surged 18,860% Year-to-Date
  • ‘This Ad Is S***’: Bitcoiners on Grayscale’s New TV Spot
  • Why Chinese Miners Won’t Stage a 51% Attack on Bitcoin
  • Crypto investor sentiment hits “extreme greed” levels for first time since 2019
  • Bitcoin Beirut fund set up to help explosion victims
  • Beijing selects Hong Kong’s Greater Bay Area as first market to deploy DCEP
  • Defcon Speaker Discusses Liberating $300K Worth of Bitcoin From an Encrypted File
  • Institutional FOMO? CME Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Soars to $841M
  • DeFi Token Serum Surges 1500% in 12 Hours After Listing
  • DeFi Derivatives Exchange ‘Serum’ Lists on Top Exchanges Following $660,000 IEO
  • Binance Coin price completes Elliot wave, falls below $20.8
  • Bitcoin Price Forecast: BTC/USD Back To The Drawing Board? Could Retest $11,000 Before Attacking $12,000 Again
  • NEAR Token Sale Postponed After CoinList Is Overwhelmed by Demand
  • Kazakhstan Proposes 15% Tax on Bitcoin Mining to Help Combat Coronavirus
  • 3 Reasons Why Gold Just Crashed
  • No Audits, No Problem: DeFi Stablecoin YAM Attracts Over $100 Million
  • Cardano, Tezos, and Stellar Outperform Bitcoin, With BTC Dominance on the Decline: Crypto Roundup
  • Surging Interest in ‘Yam’ Yield Farming — But Is It Too risky?
  • Bitcoin price falls to $11200, crash to $9700 ahead?
  • Compound Price Analysis: COMP/USD In A bullish Phase Despite Rejection From $247 Monthly High
  • Flipstarter Campaign Launched to Create Viral BCH Videos for Normies
  • Why is Bitcoin superior over other cryptocurrencies?
  • CoinShares: ‘Bitcoin Is Like a Risky Tech Stock’’
  • How Not To Lose Everything During the Bull Run
  • 100,000 Join Cointelegraph’s Blockchain Week Event in China
  • Which is Better-Trading Via Crypto Exchange Vs. Crypto CFDs
  • Venezuela May Soon Be Collecting Taxes in Crypto
  • Things you should know about the bitcoin wallet
  • Animoca Targets Non-Crypto Gamers by Developing Big Brand Games
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    Cryptocurrencies down today, Bitcoin -5%

    Cryptocurrencies down today, Bitcoin -5%

    With over 80% of tokens under parity, today opens with the cryptocurrency sector down, with a clear prevalence of red signs.

    Declines are prevalent between yesterday and today, both in the stock market and in the cryptocurrency market, with gold falling by -5.6%, marking the worst daily decline in the last 50 years. 

    Bitcoin’s decline stops just above the 5 points of loss and in 24 hours cancels the attempts to consolidate in the $11,600 area, marking a dangerous double maximum after the attempts at the 12,000 points advanced in recent days that instead of attracting new purchases seem, at the moment, to have been exploited to make the abundant gains of recent weeks. 

    Yesterday’s downward daily closure comes just a few days (nine) after the drop of over 6%, after that Bitcoin attempted to break the $12,000.

    A similar sequence was seen at the beginning of June when prices were testing the psychological resistance of the $10,000. Breaking attempts that only took place after one month, at the end of July.

    Scrolling the list of the most capitalized, it is necessary to go down to the 27th position to find the first positive sign.

    It is that of Maker (MKR) which rises more than 14%, followed by Aave (LEND) with +12%. Compound (COMP) does better and is positioned between the two in 28th position, with a flight of almost 30%. They are the three best of the day, together with Aragon (ANT) and Ampleforth (AMPL), both up 11% from yesterday’s levels, in clear contrast to the rest of the sector.

    They are all tokens linked to projects in the DeFi ecosystem, which is now experiencing a contraction in the value locked below $4.5 billion after exceeding the $4.8 billion yesterday. 

    The drop is due to the weakness of the Ethereum price, the most used collateral in dApps and DEXs, which fell below $375 in the last few hours. In fact, with more than 4.5 million units locked, the absolute record, there is no decline from yesterday’s levels.

    The tensions of the last 24 hours have increased total trade to over $180 billion. For the second consecutive day, over $3 billion was traded in dollars for Bitcoin. The same for Ethereum with over $1 billion. Volatility also rises, returning above 2.8%, levels that had not been recorded since the end of June.

    The reasons behind Bitcoin prices dropping more than 7% in less than 48 hours are confirmation of what has been reported for several days. Since the beginning of the month, the $12,100 area has started to record, day after day, an increase in upward hedges by professional option traders. 

    This seems to be the main reason that in recent days has rejected the double bullish attack of the resistance above $12,000. 

    Defences that in the last 24 hours see a rapid increase in protections even in the $11,800 area. 

    If the trend should be confirmed today (increase in openings of Call options) it becomes important to follow the further decline in prices that currently find the first level of support, both on a technical basis and in options, between 10,450 and 10,700 dollars.

    The cross with the Euro returns to test the 9500 points, former resistance now crucial medium-long term support.

    Even for Ethereum, the $410 resistance, defended by a high number of open calls in recent days, has proved to be a level where the overlays prevailed in closing profit positions, rather than attracting new purchases. 

    The descent in the last few hours below $375, begins to raise the first levels of protection, in the event of further falls, from $305 to $345. The latter is the first real barrier that will have to reject any extension of the current drop. 


    Author: By Federico Izzi
    – 12 Aug 2020

    First Mover: After Falling 65% This Year in Bitcoin Terms, Do ‘Stablecoins’ Need a Rebranding?

    First Mover: After Falling 65% This Year in Bitcoin Terms, Do ‘Stablecoins’ Need a Rebranding?

    Imagine a future where bitcoin has taken over from the U.S. dollar as the world’s de facto reserve currency. Assuming bitcoin’s notorious price volatility continued to that day, major currencies would be considered volatile assets.

    Here’s a chart of how foreign-exchange rates would have looked over the past few months had the dollar, euro, yen and British pound been denominated in bitcoin: 

    Related: Bitcoin Rally Stalls as Increasingly Correlated Gold Drops Below $2K

    Such a mental exercise is one of the points highlighted in a recent report on “stablecoins” by Matt Walsh and Nic Carter of the cryptocurrency investment firm Castle Island Ventures. 

    In the taxonomy of digital assets, stablecoins are a category of tokens whose value is linked to dollars or other major currencies or assets. The idea is that their prices are more stable than those of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

    But Walsh and Carter refer to dollar-backed stablecoins as “crypto-dollars.” Stability, in other words, is in the eye of the beholder. 

    “Though initially dubbed ‘stablecoins,’ due to their emergence as a response to volatile ‘native’ cryptocurrencies, they are increasingly being referred to as crypto-dollars,” the report reads. 

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    Such a rebranding could gain traction as dollar-linked stablecoins grow in popularity – even though they’ve been a pretty lousy investment option in recent months compared with bitcoin.

    That’s partly a reflection of how weak the dollar has been trading in foreign-exchange markets lately, which in turn is a reflection of investors’ pessimistic views on the dollar’s value as the coronavirus-induced recession drags on. 

    The total outstanding amount of these “crypto-dollars” has more than doubled in the past four months to about $13 billion, according to Coin Metrics, a cryptocurrency data firm. 

    Crypto traders use the tokens as a form of liquidity, transferring funds easily between digital-asset exchanges.  

    The tokens are essentially privately issued digital money, and Castle Island points out that they might someday figure in a “global patchwork of crypto-dollar issuers.” Already, a group of 16 of the dollar-linked stablecoins collectively has a broad monetary base greater than that of 72 countries.

    There’s a “growing acceptance of crypto-dollars in commerce,” according to the report, as well as a “recognition that these assets are not merely tokens for inter-exchange settlement but have begun to see usage as non-bank dollar substitutes.”

    Jump Capital, an investment firm, wrote in an op-ed for The Block last week that, at least for now, “people want dollars.” 

    “Despite potential concerns about U.S. monetary policy and debt levels, for billions of people around the world, the U.S. dollar is more stable than their local currency,” according to the piece. They predicted that the market value of stablecoins could eventually outstrip that of bitcoin, currently at $218 billion. 

    “We believe U.S. dollar stablecoins, or crypto-dollars, may very well end up being the ‘killer app’ for crypto,” the authors wrote. “We may very well end up hearing calls for ‘Stablecoins not bitcoin’ in the same way we heard ‘Blockchain not bitcoin’ a few years ago.” 

    Such an outlook assumes people continue to want stability in dollar terms. After all, prices for the oldest and largest cryptocurrency are up 65% this year against the dollar.

    Which means those crypto-dollars are down 65% this year, in bitcoin terms.   

    BTC: Price: $11,764 (BPI) | 24-Hr High: $11,982 | 24-Hr Low: $11,663

    Trend: Bitcoin’s rally looks to be on pause after the bulls failed to keep gains above the $12,000 mark on Monday. 

    The leading cryptocurrency is currently trading near $11,760, representing a 1.3% decline on the day. Buyers pushed prices to a high of $12,070 on Monday,  but the breakout was again short-lived and prices printed a UTC close below $11,800. 

    Bitcoin’s failure to establish a foothold above the psychological $12K hurdle validates uptrend exhaustion signaled by lower highs on the daily chart MACD histogram, an indicator used to identify trend changes and trend strength. Further, the 10-day moving average is no longer sloping upwards – also a sign of ebbing of bullish momentum. 

    As such, some chart-driven traders may start to sell, yielding a deeper pullback. Immediate support is located near $11,670 at the ascending trendline on the 4-hour chart. A breach there would expose the higher low of $11,219 created on the 4-hour chart on Aug. 7. 

    However, if the ascending trendline holds firm, a bounce to $12,000 may be seen.

    That said, the greater short-term pressure may be to the downside, as gold has fallen back below $2,000 per ounce. Bitcoin generally rallied in tandem with gold in the second half of July. 

    • First Mover: After Falling 65% This Year in Bitcoin Terms, Do ‘Stablecoins’ Need a Rebranding?
    • First Mover: After Falling 65% This Year in Bitcoin Terms, Do ‘Stablecoins’ Need a Rebranding?


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