Cryptocurrencies archive news by date

Cryptocurrencies archive news by date

Cryptocurrencies latest news and history organized by date that contains 1000000+ news archives. Click here to read what world was saying about cryptocurrencies. CoinMarketCap ranks the top cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges based on trading volumes. What is Fiat Currency? Before getting started with digital currency and cryptocurrency, let’s first understand what fiat currency is. It is a currency that the government establishes as money. This type of payment is completely controlled and regulated by the government and does not have an intrinsic value. As long as the government maintains its…
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  • Bitcoin Cash short-term Price Analysis: 10 August
  • Lumi Wallet Web Widget: Cryptocurrency Exchange on Your Website
  • Messaging Firm LINE Makes Own Token Available to Japanese Traders for First Time
  • China’s National Blockchain Network Launches International Website
  • UAS: The First Government to Bring Blockchain Development to The Masses
  • Investors Move 10% of Their Gold From Hong Kong Amid Financial Censorship Fears
  • China Registers Over 10,000 New Blockchain Firms This Year
  • Top Trader Names Five Altcoins Set to Rally, When to Buy Ethereum and XRP, and What’s Next for Bitcoin
  • AAX Introduces a Deflationary Token With Real use Cases
  • As Ethereum DeFi craze continues, Uniswap is processing over 100,000 transactions a day
  • South Korea’s Largest Bank to Offer Digital Assets Custody Services
  • Litecoin, Tron, Synthetix Price Analysis: 10 August
  • BTC Breaks $12k on the Eve of Grayscale’s Bitcoin TV Ad Campaign
  • Bitcoin Is About To Become “The Fastest Horse,” Says Robert Kiyosaki
  • Market Analysis Report (10 Aug 2020)
  • Dai Supply Hits Record $400 Million on DeFi Momentum
  • The New York State Department of Financial Services approves 10 tokens for custody.
  • Canadian Weatherman Frankie MacDonald Is Bullish on Bitcoin
  • Black Streamer Allegations Exposes Corsair’s Diversity Failure
  • New York Financial Watchdog Approves Bitcoin and Other Cryptos for Custody and Trading
  • Dapp Platform NEAR Protocol Taps Ontology’s Expertise for Decentralized Identity Effort
  • Ethereum long-term Price Analysis: 10 August
  • unveils decentralised ratings model to bridge crypto and traditional finance
  • ChainLink (LINK) Hitting $32 is Possible but Risky – Crypto Analyst
  • Bitcoin Price Seals Best Weekly Close in 2.5 Years: 5 Things to Know
  • Bitcoin Closes on Yearly High With Return to $12K
  • Dubai’s Housing Market Bubble Still Sells During Pandemic 2020
  • Don’t Bet Against Nintendo’s Nostalgic Remasters in Next-Gen Battle
  • ‘Capital Flight out of Asia Is Taking Bitcoin Express’ Says Max Keiser
  • Ontology Breaches 5-Month Resistance & Retains Support
  • Blockchain-Based Trademark App Can Boost Australian Economy, Says Minister
  • Ethereum and DeFi Are ‘Going Mainstream’ Says Former Wall Street Trader
  • DeFi adoption booms as Uniswap processes over 100,000 transactions per day
  • Why Popular On-Chain Analyst Expects Bitcoin To Annihilate Altcoins In Coming Weeks
  • Bitcoin price hits year-to-date high above $12,000
  • Binance launches perpetual futures priced in Bitcoin
  • China: Loudi City Mayor Promotes Blockchain to Fight Crime
  • Bitcoin price finally takes out $12,000 and ready for next bull rally
  • Q&A: How Blockchain Could Transform the Art Industry
  • IP Australia and National Rugby League Use Blockchain Against Fake Products
  • Over 10,000 new blockchain firms registered in China so far this year.
  • Could inflations in the US push a $15k BTC bullish triangle?
  • Ethereum and other top altcoins could soon surge yet again: here’s why
  • Binance Futures Launches BTC-Margined Perpetual Futures Contracts
  • Dow Futures Soar as Warren Buffett Makes a Bold $5 Billion Move
  • New Xbox Controller Leak Just Confirmed Cheaper Series S Console
  • Binance launches new “COIN-margined” perpetual futures contracts priced in Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin Price Analysis: Failure To Break $12,100 Can Result In Massive Plunge
  • LINE debuts LINK token in Japanese crypto market
  • Goldman Sachs crypto development to require Facebook, JP Morgan involvement
  • Announcing The Road to Metamorphosis II and DecentralHacks
  • Huobi Global lists Chainlink rival Band Protocol’s BAND as NYDFS updates Greenlist
  • First Mover: Bitcoin Hits $12K as Trump Orders Checks for Unemployed (Voters)
  • Bitcoin Price Suddenly Drops by $500 in Seconds to Fill Futures ‘Gap’
  • A look at DeFi token exchange listings
  • China’s blockchain-based Service Network launches an international website.
  • Chasing Bitcoin: YFI Surpasses $6000 Following Binance Listing
  • Defi’s Rise Is Inevitable, and Fusion Is Driving This Evolution of Conventional Finance
  • IOST Unveils 1 Million Dollar Grant to Bootstrap Growth of DeFi Projects, Focuses on Oracle DeFi
  • Bitcoin Flirts with $12,000
  • Chainlink’s LINK Token Trading Volume Eclipses Bitcoin, Up 700% YTD
  • PoolBTC Crypto Investment Fund Helps Users to Diversify Financial Safety
  • Binance, FTX and Poloniex are most active crypto exchanges for listing DeFi tokens
  • NYDFS Approves 10 Tokens For Custody And 8 Coins For Trading
  • How Prince Harry Transformed from ‘Rebel Royal’ into Perpetual Victim
  • Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Plans Next Move Following Consolidation At $0.30?
  • yEarn Finance Token YFI Gains 50% Upon Binance Listing Announcement
  • The Fourth Era of Blockchain Governance
  • Impressive Feat: Chainlink Overtakes Bitcoin To Become The Most Traded Cryptocurrency On Major Exchanges
  • Grayscale Kicks Off National Ad Campaign to Bring Crypto to the Masses
  • Why Binance’s New Debit Card Fails to Fulfill Satoshi’s Vision
  • DeFi token YFI’s price explodes 50% on Binance listing
  • Chainlink (LINK) trading volume briefly surpassed Bitcoin on Coinbase
  • Grayscale launches ad campaign, telling investors to move to digital currencies
  • Billion-Dollar Investment Giant Bringing Bitcoin to the Masses, Launching Crypto Ad Campaign on CNBC, MSNBC and FOX
  • Bitcoin SV short-term Price Analysis: 10 August
  • Web Traffic on Global Crypto Exchanges Surged 13% in July
  • Binance launches coin margin contracts priced in Bitcoin
  • PoolBTC Crypto Investment Funds Helps Users to Diversify Financial Safely
  • Relax, AT&T’s U-Turn Shuts EA, Activision Poaching WB Game Studios
  • Market Outlook: BTC Trend Targets $15K, Bitcoin Bull Raoul Pal ‘Irresponsibly Long’
  • SEC Charges Interactive Brokers
  • Korea’s largest commercial bank to begin crypto custody service
  • Expert: Digital Currency Does Not Take the Place of Bank Deposits
  • Bitcoin Transaction Fees Dropped 58% Last Week as Congestion Eased
  • Bitcoin Reaches All Time High in Turkish Lira
  • Bitcoin is going longer by escaping exchange acquisition
  • Why Grayscale’s New Digital Currency Ad Could Bring Crypto Investing To Millions
  • Kodak Stock Meltdown Exposes the Folly of Robinhood ‘Investors’
  • RE8 Is Rumored to Be a Disaster on the PS5 – Who Should We Blame?
  • Bitcoin [BTC] Flash Drop Adds Another $500 Million to Tether [USDT] Supply
  • Ethereum Google Searches Reach Yearly High
  • Iden3 builds fast scaling solution for Ethereum
  • Researchers Find Flaws in Security Protocols Developed by Major Crypto Exchanges
  • Bitcoin may peak in 2022-2023, but it can still go wrong
  • Bitcoin could benefit from Fed-led inflation, says Diginex CEO
  • Weekly Cryptocurrency Recap: Bitcoin and Ethereum Fail to Break Above Resistance
  • Play Table Games Like Never Before at Bitcasino with Immersive New Titles from OneTouch
  • Antonio Banderas’ Birthday News Outs 2020 as a Morbid Game of Mad Libs
  • Public VC Funding: Stopgap or Future Solution for Blockchain Startups?
  • Blockchain Bites: Inside Cosmos, Bitcoin at $200B, DeFi Surges
  • Peter Schiff Bashes Bitcoin and Grayscale’s ‘Drop Gold’ Ad Campaign
  • Bitsgap Reinventing Automated Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Three Crypto Analysis Firms Advance in ‘TechSprint’ RegTech Competition
  • Defi Assets Near $5 Billion While Market Cap Crosses $12 Billion
  • South Korean Banking Giant Plans to Launch Bitcoin and Crypto Custody Services
  • Facebook Goes All-In On FinTech With Launch of New Subsidiary
  • President Macron Could Leverage Blockchain to Transform Lebanon Aid
  • Coinbase Snags Lyft Engineering Executive Manish Gupta
  • Interactive Brokers to pay more $38 million in penalties for transactional violations
  • This American firm will custody Bitcoin donations for NGOs battling COVID
  • Cardano, EOS, Dash Price Analysis: 10 August
  • Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 10, 2020
  • Prince Harry Is Now ‘Woke’ Thanks to Meghan Markle
  • Interactive Brokers to pay $38M penalty for violating federal laws
  • Russian Rail Network Could Join the Blockchain Adoption Wave
  • Huobi Global enables Band token for trading
  • Ethereum Closing Down On $400 a Matter Of Time? ETH Price Analysis
  • Grayscale’s national TV ad goes out but no mention of Bitcoin
  • Millennials and Institutions are Pushing the Bitcoin Space Forward
  • DEX protocol Uniswap added nearly 58,000 users in July
  • Xbox Quietly Abandons Monthly 20/20 Showcase Strategy
  • Goldman’s Rosy Forecast About the Economy Is Dead Wrong. Here’s Why
  • Bitcoin Teases $12K Again With $15K In Play But Major Correction Looks Imminent
  • After Tumultuous Election, Belarus Goes Offline
  • Facebook’s F2 will now oversee WhatsApp Pay, crypto wallet Novi
  • Ethereum Classic’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week
  • Bitcoin’s Hash Rate Remains Flat Despite Major Price Rally
  • Facebook launches group to oversee “all things payments” with David Marcus at the helm
  • Interactive Brokers to Pay $38M in Settlement Over AML Lapses
  • Price Analysis 8/10: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LINK, BSV, LTC, ADA, BNB, CRO
  • China’s Blockchain Service Network Releases An International Website
  • Son Günlerde Rekor Kıran 2 Altcoin’in Ortak Özelliği Tespit Edildi
  • Efsanevi Analist XRP Yatırımcılarını Yine Kızdırdı!
  • Tecrübeli Bankacıdan Ethereum ve DeFi Yorumu!
  • Uzmanlar Bu Hafta İçin Bitcoin Yatırımcılarını Uyardı!
  • Max Keiser: Bitcoin Bu Gelişme İle Yükselişe Geçecek
  • Fon Yöneticisi: Bu Altcoin Sene Sonunda Değerini İkiye Katlayabilir
  • Binance’in Yeni Listelediği Altcoin Rekor Kırdı!
  • Fransa, Lübnan’a Blockchain İle Yardım Gönderebilir
  • Diginex CEO’su: FED, Bitcoin’in Ekmeğine Yağ Sürecek
  • IOTA Ekibi Açıkladı: “Tamamıyla Yeni Bir Tecrübeye Hazır Olun”
  • Bitcoin “Ya Şimdi Ya Hiç” Seviyesine Ulaştı
  • Tether, Tron Ağını Terk Ediyor: 500 Milyon USDT Aktarıldı
  • DenizBank ve Bahçeşehir Üniversitesinden “Ses Getirecek” Blockchain Ortaklığı
  • Ripple’ın Ortağı MoneyGram Milyonlarca Yeni Kullanıcıya Uzanıyor
  • Temmuz Ayında En Çok Tıklanan 20 Borsa
  • Analist Açıkladı: Chainlink 32 Doları Görebilir
  • ABD Televizyonlarında Kripto Para Reklamı Yayınlanıyor
  • USD Karşısında Bu Hafta İzlenecek 5 Kripto: BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, XTZ
  • This Is Why the Dow Jones Exploded 350 Points Higher Today
  • Ireland Sets Sight on Policing Cryptocurrency Money Laundering Activities
  • Bitcoin’s on-chain solution has its hands full dealing with WBTC
  • Binance Launches Perpetual Futures Contracts Margined With Bitcoin
  • Federal Reserve’s Expected Inflation Ramp-Up Drives Institutional Investors to Hedge With Bitcoin
  • Mobile Crypto Scam Targets Wealthy Indian Investors
  • Binance announces listing; YFI price rockets to fresh highs
  • California Energy Commission Backs Experimental Blockchain Pilot
  • Rally Builds New Platform Allowing Content Creators to Design Their Own Digital Coins
  • Crypto OG HempCoin Relisted by Bittrex After Year in the Wilderness
  • The Latest on the Global Economy’s Most Contentious Relationship
  • Harvey Weinstein Is Begging for Mercy – But He Deserves None
  • Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $12K; DeFi Debt Outstanding Hits Record
  • Coinbase hires Lyft and Google alum to lead engineering team
  • Blockstack tokens inch closer to trading on US crypto exchanges
  • Crypto Bull Max Keiser: Capital Flight From Asia Is Taking Bitcoin ‘Express’
  • Rally Creator Coin platform gives more power to the influencers
  • Mining Stocks Are Beating Bitcoin in a Bullish Cryptocurrency Market
  • Facebook Taps David Marcus to Lead Payments Initiatives
  • Welp, Donald Trump Just Killed the College Football Season
  • California Energy Commission blockchain pilot to lower carbon footprint
  • DeFi Tokens BAND, LINK, Outpace Bitcoin Price by Gaining 100% in 10 Days
  • Report: European agency declines deal between Binance’s CZ and Union Bank
  • NOWPayments: A Non-custodial Crypto Payment Gateway With a Huge Variety of Currencies
  • ACLU, EFF come out against blockchain for COVID-19 tracking
  • Reginald Middleton Is Latest SIM-Swap Victim; Loses Millions in Crypto
  • 3 Reasons Why Sliver Prices Continue to Defy Gravity
  • Bitcoin trading soars in Argentina, Brazil as local currencies weaken
  • A dive into Omen, Kelros and blockchain-enabled court systems
  • PSF Token Invokes the First Coin-Age Staking Protocol on Bitcoin Cash
  • How a Decentralized Randomness Beacon Could Boost Cryptographic Security
  • Litecoin price returns below $57 after rising to $59.5
  • Compound decentralized oracle ready to go live
  • Ethereum Classic’s Leadership Says They Don’t Need Charles Hoskinson’s Bailout
  • Four Altcoins Could Break Out As Ethereum-Based Ecosystem Goes Parabolic, According to Messari Researcher
  • Kylie Jenner, Not COVID-19, Is to Blame for the S&P 500’s Weakest Stock
  • 1inch launches automated market maker Mooniswap
  • USDA Proposes Blockchain Ledger for Organic Product Supply Chain
  • Tezos Price Analysis: XTZ/USD Rising Wedge Pattern Prints Potential Massive Breakdown Eyeing $4.0
  • Grayscale kicks off national cryptocurrency ad campaign on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX
  • Ethereum Whale Pushed ETH Prices to $450 on Uniswap
  • What Would the Re-Election of Alexander Lukashenko Mean for Crypto?
  • Bitcoin Transaction Fees Soar 550% in a Month, BCH, Dash Transactions Much Cheaper
  • Chainlink Price Forecast: LINK/USD Upward Momentum Unstoppable, How Nigh Is $20?
  • Finoa Adds Support For NEAR Protocol Token Staking And Storage On Network
  • Bitcoin trading spikes in Brazil and Argentina
  • Australian Hacker Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for $300K XRP Theft
  • USDA to boost supply chain of organic products with blockchain
  • Chainlink Competitor Band Token Grows 300% in 7 Days Setting New ATH
  • Australian citizen sentenced to 2 years in prison for stealing $300,000 worth XRP.
  • Tezos To New ATH Above $4.4 While Bitcoin Fails at $12,000 Again
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    What are Digital Currencies and What are Cryptocurrencies

    What are Digital Currencies and What are Cryptocurrencies

    What is Fiat Currency?

    Before getting started with digital currency and cryptocurrency, let’s first understand what fiat currency is. It is a currency that the government establishes as money. This type of payment is completely controlled and regulated by the government and does not have an intrinsic value. As long as the government maintains its value, fiat money will have its value and can be used for all purposes that come under that government. Any decision or change in the regulations made by the government for Fiat money will have a massive impact on the country’s economy.

    What are digital currencies?

    Any money that exists in the digital form is called digital currency. In the real world, money has no physical equivalent. However, digital currency possesses all the characteristics that traditional money has. Similar to fiat money, one can quickly transfer or exchange it for other currencies. It can be used to purchase any goods and services from mobile and Internet communication to online stores. Transaction made using digital currencies may not remain restricted to geographical or political borders. It can be sent from any location to any other part of the world. Digital accounts or wallets are referred to as bank deposits as well.

    What are cryptocurrencies?

    One can consider cryptocurrencies a variety of digital currencies. These are assets that can be used for exchanging. As it is based on cryptography, experts believe it to be extremely reliable. This is the main reason why cryptography is used in cryptocurrencies. It produces and checks algorithms and regulations so that the recorded data can never be changed or manipulated. In simpler terms, Cryptography is a vast and complex combination of different sciences, whose basics are math’s. The math’s determines the severity and dependability of algorithms and regulations.

    Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain that is a decentralized ledger. This means there is an authority that has control over cryptocurrency in any way. There are various trading apps available online, like that are entirely safe for people to trade. Most people are switching from trading in stocks and bonds to cryptocurrencies due to the high returns.

    What are the primary differences between digital currency and cryptocurrency?

    Despite cryptocurrency being a variant of digital currency, there are a few things that differentiate them:


    Cryptocurrencies are not centralized currencies. This means, unlike digital currencies controlled by a group of people and computers, the majority of the community make the regulations in cryptocurrencies.


    While using digital currencies, user identification is required. This is a long process where one has to upload a picture and a few required documents, etc. However, this is not the case for cryptocurrencies. One can easily buy, invest, and mine cryptocurrencies without any such regulations. But, using cryptocurrencies is not anonymous. Although confidential information like name, address, etc., are not required while using cryptocurrencies, all transactions are recorded, and both the parties are publicly known, and the transaction can be tracked.


    Digital currencies do not maintain transparency. One cannot select an address of the wallet and check all the transactions that took place. The information remains completely confidential. On the other hand, all purchases made using cryptocurrencies are transparent. It is a public platform where people can check any user purchases as revenue streams are in a public chain.

    Manipulation in transactions

    There is an authority that deals with issues regarding digital currencies. If the authority wants, purchases can be canceled or frozen at any point in time. However, that is not the case with cryptocurrencies as they are community regulated. Such changes in blockchain are implausible. However, there has been one or two cases where changes were made.

    The Legal aspects

    When it comes to digital currencies, most countries have a few rules and regulations that everyone needs to follow. For instance, In the European Union, there is the Directive 2009/110/EC, or in the US, there is Article 4A of the Uniform Commercial Code. However, when it comes to cryptocurrencies, things are different. Most countries do not have a defined official status for cryptocurrencies. They are still working on a legal framework that can help in adopting the process.

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