Black Friday (shopping) – Wikipedia

Black Friday (shopping) - Wikipedia

Students in schools across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties will soon have better access to mental health services located right on campus, following a statewide push for schools to integrate health care with education. Within President Donald Trump’s campaign, some privately feared the worst heading into the national conventions. Is life passing you by? Are you standing around watching everyone you know gain all the things that you want out of life? Do you want money, love, health and happiness? All of these things are easily attainable when you use a magick spell. Magick spells have been used for thousands of years to help… Online teaching requires the teacher to be able to wear several hats in teaching online. These different hats are symbolic of the work and roles online teachers have. The following is a list of some of the main roles teachers have when teaching online Course DesignerFacilitatorManagerExpertMentor Course Designer Course designing was discussed in a prior…

DC USA shopping center in Washington, D.C. on Black Friday in 2009

High discounts at a store during Black Friday

Interior of a Target store on Black Friday

Black Friday shoppers in the morning at Walmart store in Durham, North Carolina

Thanksgiving weekend offered a strong start, especially as Black Friday sales continued to grow in popularity. For the 2nd consecutive year, Black Friday was the highest day for retail traffic during the holiday season, followed by Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. The highest year-over-year increases in visits took place on Cyber Monday and Black Friday with growth of 16% and 13%, respectively.[129]

  • “Black Friday” (South Park)
  • “Black Friday” (StarKid)
  • Black Friday Sale on the same day
  • Boxing Day
  • Buy Nothing Day on the same day
  • Cyber Monday, three days later
  • Giving Tuesday, four days later
  • Green Monday
  • Native American Heritage Day on the same day
  • Singles’ Day, also known as 11.11 (November 11), a day for unmarried people popular among Chinese youth, but promoted by Alibaba Group as an online shopping day. Alibaba reported sales of more than US$25.4 billion on 11 November 2017. It is the largest offline and online shopping day in the world.
  • Small Business Saturday on the following day
  • Super Saturday (Panic Saturday)
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    Bay Area schools awarded $12 million to launch campus-based mental health services

    Bay Area schools awarded $12 million to launch campus-based mental health services

    Students in schools across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties will soon have better access to mental health services located right on campus, thanks to a statewide push for schools to integrate health care with education.

    Last month, state officials announced that both Santa Clara and San Mateo counties would each receive $6 million to test out new ways to detect and prevent mental illness in children and adolescents. County health departments are required to ally with local schools, with a goal of reaching students before mental illness becomes a debilitating problem.

    But each county is taking a different approach: San Mateo is turning the funds around to help its neediest students with universal health screenings and by hiring in-house staff who can connect underserved families to the mental health services they need. Santa Clara is taking the long view, vowing to add mental health professionals at hundreds of schools and laying the groundwork for a mass-scale rollout of school wellness centers equipped to provide therapy on campus.

    Last year, the California Legislature set aside $50 million in the state budget for counties willing to find ways to incorporate mental health services into public schools, adding incentives to its long-standing push to get schools more involved in the mental well-being of their students. Education and health care are largely intertwined, and schools have the potential to be the first line of defense in detecting mental health conditions long before they worsen.

    “We’ve learned more and more that we cannot separate health from education,” said Santa Clara County Superintendent Mary Ann Dewan. “Education has influence on our determinants of health. They are tied together, whether our systems are ready to work cohesively and collectively or not.”

    The two Bay Area counties to score grant funding, Santa Clara and San Mateo, received a combined $12 million from the fund — about one-fourth of the pool of grant money made available to the entire state.

    Santa Clara’s grant proposal calls for the creation of wellness centers at all of the county’s 55 high schools and 68 middle schools, with a goal of later extending to the 258 elementary schools. The wellness centers would be a place for individual or group counseling as well as a supportive environment for students who are coping with anxiety, depression and other common problems afflicting students.

    The data trends are showing that more students are experiencing anxiety, Dewan said, and that the youth suicide rate among children ages 10 to 14 more than doubled between 2007 and 2014. Santa Clara County faced its own increase in youth suicides in recent years, leading to an epidemiological study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to investigate the public health issue.

    The problem is largely blamed on a lack of available and accessible mental health care, particularly prevention and early intervention to prevent illnesses from going undetected and worsening for years. Roughly 1 in 5 children in the U.S. have a mental, emotional or behavioral disorder, but only about 20% of those children actually receive care from a mental health provider.

    That’s where schools can step in. Citing a 2003 study, Dewan said kids are 21 times more likely to tap into mental health services if they are easily available on campus. The wellness centers, she said, could be a central hub for that kind of support.

    “It’s a place where student groups can meet, and for vulnerable youth on campus who feel like they have nowhere else to go. That wellness center can be that place for them,” Dewan said.

    The grant also proposes an increase in mental health staffing at schools, along with training for school staff to better integrate mental health into day-to-day academics and interactions with students. Dewan cautioned that the wellness centers are not going to be a wholesale replacement for psychiatric and psychological care.

    The $6 million is not expected to pay for all of these services, and will instead be used to tee up the county’s ambitious goals. The county is expecting to use the first year to study the existing unmet needs and pick schools to pilot wellness centers, which can act as a template for other campuses to follow suit.

    In San Mateo, the approach is more focused. Four high-needs school districts — Jefferson Elementary, Jefferson Union, Bayshore Elementary and Cabrillo Unified — will be staffed to do universal screening for all students, checking for emotional or behavioral health disorders in need of intervention. The goal is to catch symptoms early and support students before it becomes more difficult — and more expensive — to treat them.

    The mental health system at large is geared too much toward treating students too late at a time when they are experiencing severe symptoms, said Mary McGrath, executive director of safe and supportive schools at the San Mateo County Office of Education. Kids aren’t getting help until they need residential care, drug treatment and multiple hospitalizations, she said, and it’s reaching that point earlier than ever.

    “If you would do a kind of social biopsy of a case, there were signs super early,” McGrath said. “And for most kids we’re starting to see the psychiatric emergency around fifth grade, when it used to be high school.”

    The county is also planning to use the funds to contract with an organization called Care Solace, which McGrath said will be an important link between families and mental health providers in the community. They’ll be responsible for navigating the difficult and labyrinthine process of finding the right kind of care based on insurance and the illness, and do a “warm handoff” that ensures families actually get help, she said.

    San Mateo will also be using the $6 million to provide a baseline level of support for 12 participating school districts, ranging from the neediest to the most well-resourced. McGrath said the pool of districts will have access to a new social-emotional learning curriculum and training for staff to better work with students experiencing high stress and trauma.

    Some therapists have already been hired to help students in need at the four school districts, but it’s not nearly enough. Jefferson Union has four therapists for its entire student body, McGrath said, forcing them to triage.

    Though the grant was launched long before the spread of COVID-19, McGrath said the program couldn’t be launching at a better time, as families are collectively going through the trauma and economic hardship wrought by the global pandemic. Even before the spread of COVID-19, she said some of the needier communities in San Mateo County were already struggling and barely making ends meet, even while working multiple jobs.

    “We have so many families that are so stressed out and so impacted by financial situations that there are transportation issues keeping parents from even being able to get their kids — or themselves — the treatment they need.”

    Kevin Forestieri writes for the Mountain View Voice, the sister publication of


    Author: Kevin Forestieri

    Uncertainty Dominates Presidential Campaign's Final Stretch

    Uncertainty Dominates Presidential Campaign’s Final Stretch

    • Aug. 31, 2020, 12:33 a.m. ET

    NEW YORK — Within President Donald Trump’s campaign, some privately feared the worst heading into the national conventions.

    They worried a strong showing by Democrat Joe Biden, combined with an underwhelming performance by Trump, would lock in the certainty of a blowout loss that would essentially end the election by September.

    But as the candidates move beyond trouble-free conventions and into the final phase of the 2020 election season, both sides acknowledge the contest is tightening. And after months of running an almost entirely virtual campaign because of the pandemic, Biden has decided to launch a new phase of in-person events to help blunt any Trump gains.

    “This campaign has always known that it’s going to be a close race, it’s going to be a tough race,” Biden’s senior adviser Anita Dunn said, noting that no Democratic presidential candidate since 1964 has earned more than 52.9% of the vote.

    She added: “It’s a polarized nation and we expect this kind of tightening.”

    That leaves Democrats and Republicans preparing for a 64-day sprint to the finish that is widely expected to be one of the most turbulent and chaotic periods in modern American history.

    Each side cast the other as an existential threat to America’s future as they offered voters starkly different versions of reality over the last two weeks of carefully scripted conventions.

    Democrats attacked Trump as an incompetent racist with autocratic tendencies who is failing to protect the nation from the pandemic as he actively undermines democracy. Republicans largely ignored the pandemic while attacking Joe Biden as a senile lifetime politician controlled by his party’s far-left wing and incapable of protecting suburban voters from mobs of protesters.

    “America doesn’t feel like one country with all the chaos and division,” former Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg said in an interview.

    “We should be ready for literally anything in the next couple months,” he said. “2020 isn’t done serving up shocks and surprises.”

    Rarely have such dire variables loomed over the closing weeks of an election.

    A pandemic that has already killed 180,000 Americans shows little sign of slowing. A scuffling economy has pushed 28 million onto the unemployment rolls with tens of thousands of businesses feared permanently closed. Continued police violence against unarmed Black people has sparked sweeping civil rights protests and new incidents of protest-related violence on the streets.

    There are the natural disasters: A hurricane pummeled the Gulf Coast last week, massive forest fires are burning California, and powerful derecho winds slammed Iowa’s farming industry.

    And what worries government watchdogs the most: Trump is openly undermining the integrity of the election by raising unfounded concerns about voting by mail to avoid long waits at polling places during the pandemic.

    Amid the chaos, Miles Taylor, a lifetime Republican who previously served as chief of staff inside the Trump administration’s Department of Homeland Security, warned there is nothing that the Republican president will not do or say to defeat Biden.

    “Put nothing past Donald Trump,” Taylor told The Associated Press. “He will do anything to win. If that means climbing over other people, climbing over his own people, or climbing over U.S. law, he will do it. People are right to be concerned.”

    Among the many crises shaping the fall campaign, racial tensions have emerged as a critical factor that could decide Trump’s fate.

    Trump’s campaign believes it is benefiting from sometimes violent protests in Wisconsin that followed a white police officer shooting Jacob Black, a Black Man, seven times, leaving him paralyzed. The president has repeatedly cast protesters as angry mobs that threaten America’s suburbs, an argument with racist undertones aimed at strengthening Trump’s diminished standing with older voters and suburban women.

    As part of his “law and order” message, Trump has consistently sided with police over their African American victims. He plans to visit the site of the latest violent clash, Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.

    Civil rights leader Martin Luther King III likened Trump’s rhetoric on race — and his party’s efforts to make it more difficult to vote this fall — to the efforts of Republican leaders like Richard Nixon prior to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1968. It’s unclear if 2020 America will have as much tolerance for the message that resonated a half century ago.

    “It’s just straight racism,” King said of Trump’s rhetoric and record. “The hands of the clock are going backwards.”

    Meanwhile, the candidates are unleashing dramatically different campaigns upon voters as they navigate the pandemic.

    After almost completely avoiding campaign travel since early March, Biden will resume in-person campaigning on Monday in Pennsylvania. He’ll make subsequent appearances in battleground states “where it’s safe,” Dunn confirmed, noting that some states have strict limits on public gatherings. Biden himself has cited plans to campaign in at least four states: Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania, although the specific schedule remains a work in progress.

    He is expected to rely on smaller events in which attendees would adhere to strict social distancing measures and wear masks.

    “You saw all those people at the White House the other night without masks,” Dunn said. “You’re not going to see that at a Joe Biden event.”

    Biden’s team is not currently planning to resume in-person canvassing efforts, usually the lifeblood of campaigns, in which armies of paid staff and volunteers talk face-to-face with prospective supporters at their doorsteps. The campaign instead has more than 2,000 paid staff and many more volunteers making phone calls and messaging voters.

    On the other side, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel said the GOP has been actively courting voters in person for weeks and would continue to do so, despite the pandemic’s mounting death toll.

    “We’ve now ramped up to about 2 million volunteers that have been activated. We’re knocking a million doors a week,” McDaniel told The Associated Press. “Biden has chosen to forego that. They’re knocking zero doors a week.”

    Trump plans to begin a breakneck campaign schedule featuring larger events in the coming days and weeks. He’s grown fond of rallies inside airport hangars, which are arguably safer from a health perspective given they are partially open-air; they also allow the president to energize his crowds by pulling up in Air Force One.

    The president will continue to highlight the civil unrest in response to police brutality in Wisconsin and elsewhere, according to Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien, who described the Republican message against their Democratic challenger this way: “We’ll match the president’s leadership and record against Joe Biden, who is a weak puppet of the extreme left, afraid to stand up to anti-police rioters, and bowing to radicals to raise taxes and drag the country toward socialism.”

    Trump aides privately crowed about Biden’s decision to resume campaigning, believing it demonstrates concern about a tightening race that could lead to public stumbles from the gaff-prone former vice president.

    They also pointed to Biden’s plans to campaign in Minnesota, describing it as evidence of a narrowing race even in a state Trump lost four years ago. The president’s position is improving throughout the Midwest, aides believe, although Minnesota and Michigan remain much steeper climbs than Wisconsin, Ohio or, further east, Pennsylvania.

    Trump’s team believes he can afford to lose Michigan and Pennsylvania, so long as he carries Wisconsin and the rest of his 2016 states — including one Maine congressional district.

    Meanwhile, Biden is betting he can keep his party’s many disparate factions united behind his White House bid.

    Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who competed against Biden in the Democratic primary, hosted a series of online events over the weekend designed to refocus his party’s final-weeks message on health care and income inequality.

    “That’s an issue I will talk about. I think other Democrats have got to talk about that also,” Sanders said in an interview.

    The Vermont senator’s weekend appearances mark the beginning of what he described as a more active role designed to highlight progressive priorities.

    “This is not only the most important election in our lifetimes, it is the most important election in modern American history,” Sanders said. “Our job right now is to elect Biden. And the day after he is inaugurated we are going to rally the American people to make certain that we implement the most progressive agenda in modern American history.”


    Miller reported from Washington.


    Author: The Associated Press

    Why People Use Spell Casting And Magick Rituals To Make Things Work To Their Advantage

    Why People Use Spell Casting And Magick Rituals To Make Things Work To Their Advantage

     Is life passing you by? Are you standing around watching everyone you know gain all the things that you want out of life? Do you want money, love, health and happiness? All of these things are easily attainable when you use a magick spell. Magick spells have been used for thousands of years to help people gain or attract what they need out of life. Most people are scared of witchcraft, spell casting or anything to do with magick because they automatically think that it’s dark or evil.

    Why People Use Spell Casting And Magick Rituals

    People also think that they will be punished for using magick in any way to gain what the want. This isn’t always the case. If you use magick in the right way, you will not be punished. Yes, there are people in the magickal realm that use magick that’s dark in nature. Then there’s the other witches and spell casters that use their god given gift of magick powers for good. They use their magick to help others in need. If you were to read about magick and get educated on the subject you would find that it is a safe practice used to attract something you need or want in life. The work Magick can be defined as the changing of future events by rituals and procedures or spells cast by a professional spell caster. A witch or a spell caster shouldn’t be feared. She is a healer, a fortune teller and reader of dreams.

    Now that you know a little bit about magick and that it’s a safe way to attract the things you want or need in life, we can now tell you how it can help you in your every day life! Magick can help you if you feel that you haven’t reached your full potential, if you don’t have the life you always imagined, and it can help you if you aren’t fulfilling your dreams. Magick can help you achieve serenity, predict the future, gain material wealth, heal yourself, tune yourself in to Nature, gain love and protect yourself from unwanted attacks, both psychic and physical. The possibilities are endless when you use magick in your life.

    Here are the top three popular magick spell castings that witches and spell casters perform for their clients. People who aren’t familiar with how to cast their own spells usually seek out a professional to do the work for them.

    Love Spells – This is the number one type of magick spell that is requested of a spell caster to perform. People who have recently experienced a break up seek out a spell caster or a witch to help them get their ex lover to return. They want a professional to cast their love spells so that there’s no slip ups or mistakes. These spells are very detailed and take time and practice to perfect. This is why an average person will seek out a professional to do the spell work for them. Results are accurate and the spells may work faster when you have someone performing the spells that are experienced in the art of spell casting.

    Money Spells – This is the second most requested type of magick spell that is requested of a professional spell caster to perform. In today’s economy, more and more people are turning to an experienced spell caster for help in this area. People are having magick spells cast on their behalf to attract money to help them support their families, save their homes and to survive. There are many different kinds of money spells to help a person’s financial gain.

    Protection Spells – The third most requested type of magick spell casting. When you use a magick spell, you attune your mind, body and spirit psychologically and physiologically to what’s going to happen. This is especially helpful to protect yourself from potential danger that might be surrounding you on a daily basis. Protection spells are a great way to stop any harm coming to you. Protection spells are usually cast upon a person and people also like to use them for protection and cleansing of their homes.

    I hope now that you have read this article on the art of casting magick spells, it has cleared up any doubts or fears you may have had in regards to trying a magick spell casting! They are 100% safe, effective and they CAN help you get the upper hand on any situation you’re facing! You can get your ex lover back into your life today, attract a new lover if you wish and attract the money that you so desperately need right now to pay your mortgage. When you use magick spells and rituals in your every day life the possibilities are endless!

    from Blogger


    Author: spellsandpsychics

    Roles in Online Teaching

    Roles in Online Teaching

    Online teaching requires the teacher to be able to wear several hats in teaching online. These different hats are symbolic of the work and roles online teachers have. The following is a list of some of the main roles teachers have when teaching online

    • Course Designer
    • Facilitator
    • Manager
    • Expert
    • Mentor

    Course Designer

    Course designing was discussed in a prior post in this blog. For simplicity, course design is curriculum development in an online context. You must develop objectives, assessments, and learning experiences while aligning them.


    The role of the facilitator involves supporting the students in the completion of the course. This can be achieved through the use of the following strategies

    • Contacting students regularly
    • Holding office hours
    • Present in discussion forums
    • Providing timely feedback
    • Modeling online participation for students
    • Motivates

    Most of these strategies are self-explanatory. Contacting students helps to establish a connection with them which is critical in helping students to develop the resilience to complete a course. Holding office hours lets students know when you are available for impromptu communication. This will not wok all the time given the differences in time zones. However, the point of office hours in the online context is to advertise availability and not necessarily practicality.

    Showing presence in online discussions demonstrates active engagement in the course. A facilitator needs to respond to comments made in forums to show and demonstrate participation. In other words, this simply a matter of prompt communication.

    Timely feedback means that assignments are graded as quickly as possible to communicate academic progress to students. Without this feedback, students can quickly lose focus and become lost.

    Modeling online participation was already alluded to in establishing a presence in the online discussion. Teachers need to set the example of proper online behavior/participation as determined by the institution. This can mean such things as frequent logins, messaging, discussion, and providing feedback.

    Completing all these behaviors as already mentioned can help students with the motivation to complete a course. A main factor in poor performance online is the student feels isolated and alone and simply does not see any reason to finish a course.

    Course Manager

    The course manager role involves providing content for a course. Examples may include videos, text, links, etc. In this role, you maintain the maintenance of a course and make sure it functions properly.

    Over time, it is common for an online course to have a breakdown in functionality. This means that you need to check the technology employed in a course periodically in order to ensure that the course is in proper working order. This is not hard, however, if you do not enjoy the technical aspects of online teaching you could struggle with this.

    Subject Matter Expert

    Naturally, if you are teaching a course you are an authority in the field that you are teaching. This means having a deep knowledge in you and staying abreast of the latest developments. Students are coming to you to develop expertise so you must possess this first.

    Expertise can demonstrate through the development of activities, learning experiences, and assessments. If these things align, they will provide the students with a comprehensive knowledge of the field and convince them of your expertise. Expertise is not only knowledge of one’s field as it also depends on your ability to communicate efficiently.


    Mentoring involves advising students, This can involve academic and at times even personal matters. For academics, a mentor needs to advise students on studying, class selection and seeing how the current course is preparing students for the real world.

    For personal matters, it depends on the context and the openness of the students and teacher. In the online context, the willingness to give life advice is useful in establishing connections & relationships with students. These relationships are critical to making students comfortable in a distance setting.


    The many roles of online teaching can seem overwhelming. However, with practice, we can all learn to juggles these hats in a successful manager to support and help online students.


    Author: by Dr. Darrin

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