Best Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2021 – Investing

With the pandemic starting in 2020, cryptocurrency stocks have seen a new interest as the world has started to see a larger appeal in digital currency and Bitcoin has been at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the start of the new year, cryptocurrency stocks have gained a lot more traction and reached past the $20,000 and $40,000 marks in a short amount of time. Earlier, an investment of $1.5 billion was made by Tesla into Bitcoin, which once again gave it the boost it needed with it breaking its $50,000 high mark. Some of the best cryptocurrency stocks expected to keep rising this year are:

It’s hard to talk about cryptocurrency without mentioning the cryptocurrency giant Bitcoin which has been dominating the market since the start of 2009. BTC suffered in 2018 but it proved itself strong to recover and surge higher than $40,000 in the start of this year with a market cap larger than $1 trillion. Bitcoin also has the edge with being the biggest known name in the world of cryptocurrency which makes it attractive to new buyers. Bitcoin has also been the inspiration for Bitcoin creators to introduce new features like Bitcoin Cash.

Like Bitcoin, Stellar (XLM) has also made a big comeback this year after its previous struggles and has come through with new and interesting projects such as its most recent $5 million investment in Wyre, a dominant blockchain payment provider which let Stellar access to new currency pairs. XLM has even been preferred as the blockchain for Ukraine’s central bank. With the way Stellar has been dealing with savings and compliance accounts such as Wyre, it has seen 260 per cent more growth of its users and this could lead to it becoming a new Pay Pal company.

Chainlink is an Ethereum platform which works between two parties engaging in a blockchain network and records the transaction into data blacks. While a lot of other platforms working these transactions need to use real data to execute smart contracts, Chainlink has come up with the innovative solution of using oracles to revive the needed data for the network while ensuring that the data stays safe for the smart contracts. With the confidence the platform has been gaining, it is become a top choice for cryptocurrency and decentralized finance is also contributing to this.


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